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  1. Boater71

    Chaparral 270 Sig

    Thanks for the tip on the batteries. how is the balance of the boat considering its a single engine? does it tilt a lot and do the trim tabs correct the problem? It does not have a generator. Do you have one? how often do you use it? This boat also does not have the windlass anchor, do you think i can install one?
  2. Boater71

    Chaparral 270 Sig

    The boat i'm looking at is used in fresh water with raw water cooling, however planning on using it salt water. the boat will be docked on the river in fresh water and about .25 miles i have the locks that get me into the ocean. Any thoughts? should i just be looking for fresh/closed water cooling engine or raw water cooling is fine with regular maintenance and flush in water after every use?
  3. Boater71

    Chaparral 270 Sig

    Looking at buying a 2011 or newer Chaparral 270 sig. Any advice and what to look for? I'm looking for feedback on the Volvo Penta 5.7 Gi engine with raw water cooling. Also can that engine be converted to Fresh/closed water cooling. Thanks.
  4. Boater71

    Thoughts on a windlass anchor

    looking for sig 270 to help answer as i have not acquired the boat yet
  5. Boater71

    Thoughts on a windlass anchor

    can I add a windlass anchor to sig 270?