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  1. Well, I guess I can’t add anymore pictures. I compressed the last two pics down but it won’t let me add any of the battery pictures or speakers.
  2. Here is the amps installed on the panel I made.
  3. I recently upgraded the stereo in my 2017 H20 21 sport. I also installed a Blue Sea Systems add a battery kit. (#7650) I couldn’t find any good ideas online for inspiration so I thought I would share my project in case there is anyone interested in a similar setup. I chose to go with 2 Infinity Marine amplifiers, (one 4 channel & one 5 channel) Infinity Marine speakers with LED lights. I simply swapped the 6” speakers in the bow & by the front seats & then I added a pair of 8” speakers under the backseats on the sides of the cooler. I stuck with the original head unit. A
  4. Thanks Marc. Luckily only one is mine. The other is her roommate.
  5. Congrats on your boat @Iraq 69 I like that the seats have grey on the sides. Mine are white & I end up with a lot of kids on my boat that can’t go more than 30 minutes without having to eat & spill stuff everywhere lol. Needless to say something got between the cushions & left a stain. I got my 21 sport in May & have about 50 hrs with no issues so far except an issue with it taking gas slow when filling. Thanks for your service & have a safe yet fun time.
  6. @One Loud Boat how did you like the subwoofer in your port locker? I’ve got a ‘17 h2o sport 21’ that I want to add a subwoofer to. I’ve changed my factory speakers out & going to add some 8” speakers under the back seats but I can’t decide if I’d rather put the sub in the locker or one of the rear compartments. Maybe even mounted under the helm but I think that might be too much while at the wheel.
  7. I’m not a battery expert but I work for Johnson Controls & they are the largest battery manufacturer in the world. Optimas are their showpiece & from personal experience they are a superior battery to almost everything out there. There is some specialty batteries that probably outperform the Optimas but I haven’t seen any for a lesser price. Only getting 4 years out of them isn’t very good. I bought two for my father in law’s fishing boat & he got 7 years out of them using a $20 trickle charger in the winter when the boat was in storage. I would verify that your batteries are actua
  8. Sacandaga, It was a couple nerve wracking months waiting to take delivery since I bought it sight unseen & while waiting I kept scouring the internet & kept finding used ones for more than what I paid. It’d be nice if you could fit more than one phone in the glovebox at least lol!
  9. Thanks JeffL, It didn’t give me any issues the first couple times we took it out & It only did it twice after long days out on the water. I haven’t had time to check the hose but going to do that before we go out again.
  10. I bought a ‘17 H2O 21 with everything but a tower. It was brand new but a holdover so I got it for $35k. It’s my first experience owning a boat so I didn’t want to spend a lot & end up not enjoying it. 30 hrs & a few rookie mistakes later I’m really happy with my purchasete. Mine has the 4.3 Volvo & it has plenty of power for me & although I like the sound of it it is pretty loud when cruising along around 20-30 mph. For those that say it's not enough power I kept up just fine with my cousin’s Tige that has a twin turbo Ford V8 out of a Raptor. His parents like riding on my boa
  11. Hello to anyone listening (I’m going to rant so third paragraph begins my questions) I purchased a 2017 H2O sport back in February. It was a holdover model & it is my first experience with owning a boat. I’ve already put 30 hrs on it & so far it’s treated me well besides an anchor issue that will cost me a new seat cushion this winter. I am experiencing an issue with trying to put gas in it that I already read up about. Water is getting into the vent that is in the side of the hull & when I fuel up it pushes the water out but kicks the pump off b/c it’s not venting. I knew from rea
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