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  1. Todd tank,no mounting kit,instructions,etc.I am going to use #8 ss sheet metal screws with marine silicone in holes.good enough !
  2. I bought plastic tank from Defender marine outfitter,best price I could find.I will be installing back in same place as old tank.I ordered 1x1 King StarBoard from TAPPlastics to keep tank from moving (4 pcs ) 1 for each side of tank.Should I use sheet metal or wood screws to fasten 1x1's to mounting surface.
  3. I am going plastic,any ideas on mounting to flat surface?tanks don't come with mounting flange.
  4. Thanks for all the input,I now have a few options to look at (this job stinks !)In more ways than one
  5. Makes sense,I wish putting a plastic tank in would be a option but I really did not want to replace the three plumbing lines at this time,they would not reach a different tank config.on a non oem tank.Boat is in marina and dont want major overhaul at this time.I found a used one,any thoughts on this.ebay 54866 in Green Bay.I would be able to look at.
  6. Sorry,I pulled tank and found 2 small holes,one on bottom of fitting weld and one on bottom of tank, on radius.Can not upload pics,wont let me
  7. I am looking for a OEM waste tank for my 1998 sig 240,any help finding one would be great.Chaparral has been no help to me with this or other issues I have inquired about.Thank You
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