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  1. Stretch79

    Chaps for Sale?

    What model or size are you looking for? Where are you located?
  2. Stretch79

    Chaps for Sale?

    There is a facebook page called Chaparral Marketplace that is pretty active
  3. Look into the mercury vesselview setup. If you wanted, you could get rid of all those gauges and run the vessel view on a fish finder unit or an ipad.
  4. So what is a safe distance to be swimming from a marina? I see people swimming at ours all the time so I never really thought about the safety factor.
  5. I have a 2008 Sunesta 284 with the 496 mag ho 425hp. Mine will consistently hit 50 mph on gps with two people on board and 100 gallons of fuel. That 277 is a 1000 lbs lighter, shorter and a narrower beam than my 284 so you'll likely get a few more mph. Fuel consumption: Your'e gonna get to know the marina fuel kid real well!!!! lol
  6. I towed my 2018 H2O with the bimini open several times at 75-80 mph down the highway. Be it right or wrong, if that tower had been installed correctly this wouldnt be an issue. I have to think those flimsy thin tubes that support the bimini would have collapsed before that tower got ripped off.
  7. Could the two batteries in the ski locker go to an aftermarket stereo system? Because that is where I located mine and my amplifiers are in the hatch under the driver's helm.
  8. I installed the smart tabs on my 21' H2O and loved them. Got rid of the porpoising and helped with the holeshot a little.
  9. Anybody ever used this motor to rebuild a lenco tab that isnt working? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Replacement-12V-Actuator-Motor-w-O-Rings-for-Lenco-Trim-Tabs-and-Hatch-Lifts/143614824742?hash=item21701c5126:g:2W0AAOSwOIxclkjn
  10. Cool project to do with the kids. Turned out nice.
  11. I had a 2018 21' fish and ski h2o, same boat. It had the motorguide 24volt 75lb thrust trolling motor. In my opinion its not enough for that heavy and large of a boat. I was gonna upgrade but sold it before I had the chance. I believe it was the 54" shaft but don't qoute me.
  12. Looks like a power steering reservoir. I'd use whatever fluid the manufacturer recommends for that engine setup.
  13. No, it had a 3 blade and was from the factory like that.
  14. Stretch79

    Trim tabs

    Double check to make sure a 12 x 12 will fit and allow you to still strap the boat to the trailer. My smart tabs were only 10" wide and close to touching the strap iirc.
  15. My 21' H2O with the 4.5L 250hp hit 47 on gps. My 28' Sunesta with a 8.1L 425hp hits 50 on gps. So considering that your boat is in the middle of those with weight and horsepower I'm gonna guess 52 on gps.
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