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  1. It's your money, spend it how you want. But I'll say this, we bought our used 284 Sunesta last year with the 496 MAG HO and captains call. I love the way it sounds when it fires up and idles, and even going across the water at 5100 rpms, it sounds great. But, it doesn't take long for the new to wear off and then you enjoy the silence at the touch of a button. Since we bought used it was already on the boat and I'm glad it was but I'm not sure I'd throw a few thousand dollars in the boat to achieve that sound. If you decide to do it, make sure you can mount the exhaust above the water line or you will lose a lot of the sound until youre on plane. Probably not an issue on your lighter boat, but our Sunesta is heavy and the exhaust sits about 60% under water. Luckily I can fire it up while its on the lift just before the exhaust goes under.
  2. That straight pickup tube has a small screen inside of it. It doesnt take much to junk it up and cut the flow of fuel.
  3. I missed that part reading through all of the posts. I'm curious, do you have the part# for the pre-filter? Also, did you remove the screen in the pickup line inside the fuel tank since you installed that pre-filter? I might do this to mine since I did not clean out my tank 100%.
  4. @Buckeye94 last summer I bought a 2008 Sunesta 284 that sat for 6+ years on a lift. Long story short, I spent weeks and a ton of hours fighting a similar problem, but mine would just cut out for no apparent reason at higher rpm's and stutter at lower rpm's. We put a fuel gauge on the rail and it was showing 40-45psi and would just drop to 0. After pulling apart the fuel system, replacing filters, using mechanics laptop to track sensor potential issues (we got a random camshaft sensor error once). It turns out I had "trash" in my fuel tank that would get sucked up in the pickup line that is inside the fuel tank because there is a little metal screen on it. We pulled that things several times before we finally found something stuck to it...the trash would get sucked onto that screen and then fall off. If you have trash, sediment in your fuel filter then I'd bet you have more in that tank still.
  5. @Spatera good to hear!!!
  6. It appears you have the same issue I did, a little drop here and there at 10 different spots adds up to a gallon or two every trip out. So frustrating!!! Get you some 4200 and start sealing things up, you'll slowly start seeing progress like I did.
  7. I know you told me to just ignore him, but I can't. LOL
  8. If it's cooling fine then I'll probably go the same route as you (unless mine just looks horrible) and save that extra $$$. I like to be thrifty when I can but don't mind spending the extra $400 if its truly needed.
  9. I'm getting ready to do mine this fall and we are also in sandy shallow water every outing. Did you inspect the inner portion of the housing for gouging as well? I'm trying to decide if I buy the plastic outer housing like you or the more expensive Hardin marine stainless unit. Or do I wait until I pull it all apart and see how the inside looks?
  10. huh? Surely I'm not the only person that has no idea what you just tried to say!!!
  11. I changed the gimbal bearing in my 2008 Sunesta this spring...it was tough to get that bearing to break loose with a slide hammer. I had the same thoughts as you but kept hammering away and it finally broke loose and came out smooth after that.
  12. That water drives me crazy in there. Also glad I'm not the only one vacuuming it out every single time, lol.
  13. People bought those 270-280 hp boats cause that was the cheapest way to get into a boat. I gaurantee they regretted it since day 1.
  14. Our 2008 284 Sunesta has the 425hp big block and it weighs 6400 lbs dry. My buddy has a 2010 256 SSX that weighs 5400 lbs dry and he has the 380hp volvo. His boat accelerates good and hits 53mph on GPS. My boat hits 51mph on gps just to give you an idea but is much slower on the hole shot than his. For a 257 SSX I'd want no less than 320-350 hp imo. Anything less and I think you'll be slow on the hole shot and if you have a few people on board and trying to do some water sports thats a lot of weight that is gonna eat up hp quick. You'll never complain or be unhappy with too much hp. But an underpowered boat can make a day on the water miserable. Buy once, cry once! Get the right size boat for your family, especially if you plan to keep it 10 years. We bought a 2018 brand new 21' H2O because the price was right and it was new with warranty. Biggest mistake we ever made, we used it one season and decided it was time for a bigger boat with better quality and better features. Cost us $10k to trade up out of that one.
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