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  1. Are you on the chaparral facebook page? There was a guy in Lewisville, Tx that had one with the blue 525 merc in it for sale a few months ago. I believe it was red and black too.
  2. I had a lowrance elite 7 ti on my 21' H2O and it worked perfect on a RAM mount. I'm 99% sure the dash is identical on the 19 and 21 but you might double check.
  3. Thanks @MonkeySeaII and @Hatem for the info. I found @watson524 solution and pictures, unfortunately my tower is the solid version so can't really make a leg warmer like they did. But, I'm gonna snap some pics and stop by my local upholstery shop and see if they can think of something based off that idea. I'm almost thinking if there was enough extra material on that loose flap portion of my cover to wrap tightly around my tower it would cut the amount of water getting in by a huge %. @cyclops2 I just recently but the bought so I can only assume these are the correct factory covers as they fit perfectly everywhere except around the arch. It's just a poor design from Chaparral imo.
  4. Our 2008 Sunesta 284 has the snap on bow and cockpit covers, they work great except where the cover meets the tower, so basically all the water that hits the cover runs right into the boat which floods the kitchenette on the starboard side and the "dry" storage under the seats on the port side. Has anyone come up with an easy solution for this?
  5. You'll need to see if any water is in the sink freshwater tank and the waste tank. Even if you never used them they might have put some water in there from the factory or the dealer. If so, youll need to winterize those with the pink rv antifreeze for sure. I'd follow the manufacturers directions on the engine winterizing just to be safe. I dont know anything about ballast bags but that is a great question.
  6. Just curious, is it normal/legal to dump raw sewage in the ocean? I live in north Texas so honest question, not trying to start any s*it.
  7. I believe I have the vacuflush @Phillbo but I'll verify next week when I run back up there. Sure is a lot of schit talking going on in this thread about a schitter. LMFAO
  8. I'll have to look and see exactly which one I have, I'll also look for those instructions on the toilet seat.
  9. On my 2008 Sunesta 284 it has a switch in the head with some LED's, one says power, one says 3/4 and one says full. I assume that if the full light is on that means the waste tank needs to be pumped out?
  10. @montypolk what model is your boat?
  11. @rpmurray I'd call and talk to Ashley or Sara, they seem to be pretty awesome to work with. You might get lucky and still get some kind of discount. I would imagine this is their slow time of year and would be willing to cut some deals.
  12. My opinion is buy the biggest motor they offer in a particular boat. No one ever says they have too much power. With that being said, will it get the job done, sure, but an extra 50-100 hp is always more fun.
  13. Youre spot on with that analysis. It looks cool, but not $13k cool. I like the new offering from Yamaha myself, two simple seats that attach under the platform. The boat is ugly as sin but the seats are cool. https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=images&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwiziv68muDkAhWxna0KHRhND-sQjRx6BAgBEAQ&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.boats.com%2Freviews%2Fyamaha-275sd-review%2F&psig=AOvVaw3nDs0TQaZ3ppgURO4EF46k&ust=1569096598150939
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