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  1. My 2018 21' H2O with the 4.5L hits about 48-50 gps (52 on speedo) depending on conditions.
  2. Sorry but I had to lol @ "buy the vrx as a second boat". $45k isn't chump change for most people. I'm guessing if he is looking at buying a used boat then owning two boats is probably not an option. That's twice as much insurance, storage fee's, maintenance and the note itself.
  3. Another thing, the H2O comes with a tiny glovebox so here is how we dealt with that, works great and cost $10, that would fix your only concern with the vortex. You might have to join the "chaparral boat owners club" on facebook to see my pics. There is also a "chaparral vortex owners club" on facebook that has a lot of happy owners on it.
  4. Not perfect comparison but I recently bought a 21' h2o fish & ski model, my daughter is 11 and loves to hang out with family/friends as well as watersports and fishing with me. If we didnt want the fishing options it came with I would have bought a VORTEX for the following reasons...more power, safer without prop for kids & sports car like handling. I think our next boat will be a vortex 243 and I'll just have to figure out how to put a trolling motor and fishing seats in it.
  5. Finally someone that agrees with me. Sandwiches are the only way you are eating on my boat. I don't want burger grease all over my interior nor do I want to deal with paper plates and the condiments.
  6. Good to hear. Thanks for the installation directions. Looking forward to keeping ice longer than 45 minutes, lol
  7. still around? How is the insulation holding up after a couple years use? What did you to attach the dynamat to the bottom? Did you pull the factory insulation off the sides or leave it and add to it?
  8. No confidence, downtime for repairs and repair cost are good justification for a new boat in my opinion. Recently we bought a brand new 21' H2O against the advice of several friends (they all said buy an older boat with low hours, you'll get a longer boat and more horsepower for same price). We only have so many weekends during summer to enjoy, we wanted a new reliable option. Anything can go wrong, new or old but we wanted the odds in our favor.
  9. I know you aren't interested in driving to Texas but any idea what it costs to ship a boat from here to there? This one seems like a great price for what you get.
  10. That sucks!!! I have had that happen numerous times on Jeep parts. One more reason we just bit the bullet and bought a new boat...I hate dealing with people.
  11. Supercharge that 5.7 and call it a day!!!
  12. keelgard

  13. True, but for the right deal I'd make the drive if I wanted a boat bad enough.
  14. I'd buy this with a 5.0 before I bought anything with a 4.3 or this
  15. That 4.3 is gonna be under powered imo. We rented a 19' boat last summer with the 4.3 and with 4 adults and 2 kids it sucked on take off and top speed.