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  1. Stretch79

    prop selection help

    I ordered the vortex 14 x 20 4 blade...it will be here Friday. We'll have 8 people on our boat Saturday so I'll report back with the results. Thanks for all the advice and help.
  2. Stretch79

    prop selection help

    You have my interest on that vortex 20p...have you run one before on a similar size boat/motor?
  3. Stretch79

    prop selection help

    Not sure if it has a rev limiter, the cowling on the engine says 4800-5200 max rpm's. According to the build sheet it has a 1.62 gear ratio alpha one drive.
  4. Stretch79

    prop selection help

    Current max rpm is 5200 doing 46mph with only two people on board. Max rpm with 6 people is 5000 rpm and about 43mph. Both on GPS not the speedo. I would be ok with 40 mph top speed if I could achieve an amazing hole shot and mid range power which is where we spend most of our time.
  5. Stretch79

    Help me make the right boat choice

    My 250hp 21' H2O with 6 people on board gets the job done but there is no extra power to spare. I'm already wishing I had bought a boat with a bigger engine and I've only had this one since February.
  6. Stretch79

    prop selection help

    Looks like they only make a 14 x 19 and 14 x 21...What would happen if I go with the 19?
  7. Stretch79

    prop selection help

    I have a 2018 21' H2O with the 250hp 4.5L mercruiser with alpha one drive. It has the factory 3 blade 14.25" x 21p prop on it. It runs pretty good with two people on board and a full tank of fuel but once you get 6 people on board plus trying to pull a tube with 3 kids there is a very noticeable difference. I'm interested in the turning point hustler which is a 4 blade prop that claims better hole shot, mid range and not as much loss on top end due to design of the blades. When I asked the tech which prop he would recommend he suggested the 14" x 21p, I'm slightly confused because everything I've read says to go down in pitch size when going from 3 blade to 4 blade. Curious on ya'lls thoughts?
  8. Stretch79

    VORTEX 203: Medallion Not Responding

    FiveRings, you might try the Chaparral Vortex Boat Owners group on Facebook, they seem to be helpful and knowledgable.
  9. Stretch79

    JL Audio M vs MX series?

    This was actually about the 10" sub. I went the MX since it comes with the LED ring.
  10. Stretch79

    JL Audio M vs MX series?

    Just stopped at car toys and picked up the MX model with the LED, was on sale for $219. Figure if it doesnt do the trick I'll grab another one.
  11. Stretch79

    JL Audio M vs MX series?

    Anyone have experience with both series? Other than the price difference is there a huge sound difference? The MX series comes with a LED ring and is $50 cheaper than the M series.
  12. Stretch79

    Should I install Trim tabs?

    I've seen a lot of people praising the smart tabs on facebook groups. Thoughts? I like the idea of them because you dont have to operate them, they act more like a shock absorber on an automobile according to the video's I've seen.
  13. Stretch79

    New 21 H2O

    We have a 2018 21' H2O with the 4.5 250 (no cats) and love it. GPS top speed is 48 with two people and full tank. 45mph with 6 people and full tank. Pulls a tube and kneeboard just fine.
  14. Stretch79

    Mercury showing off new MerCruiser 4.5L 250hp

    So...how bout that supercharger for the 4.5L? I'd love to add that on my new 21' H2O
  15. Stretch79

    I know I said I wouldn't use the head but....

    I was actually curious about this subject for our next boat in a few years. My thought was take a dump before you leave the shore because if you do drop a load in there you are cleaning it, NOT ME!!! LOL