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  1. Volvo Penta means no way for me. Theres not enough good support in my area, its costs twice as much to fix and I'm a Merc guy anyhow
  2. I trailer too so the bottom coating is pretty close to being a deal breaker. Theres not much left but I wonder how hard it is to get the last bit of it off?
  3. So the Rinker spent its first 3 years in saltwater. I asked once I saw remnants of bottom paint on the hull. I thought something was up. It now lives at Lake Wallenpaupack and has been Maintained by Ist Klas Marina since 2007. Should I be alarmed at the fact it spent its first 3 years on the bay? It has had a bellows job done 2 years ago and has a little less than 300 hours on it. Its the 5.7 and Bravo 3 outdrive. He doesn't remember if its TBI or MPI. He claims it runs upper 50s but I've learned now about the analog liar called a speedometer on boats and how accurate they are compared to GPS thanks to you guys on here. Going up the big lake to look at it Sunday
  4. Looks like Im looking at Rinker now....lol. I gotta learn more about their deadrise and ride quality. I do like the wraparound seating though
  5. My lake is Wallenpauapck in PA so I bet it is...lol....and I have looked at Rinkers. Almost bought one before I ordered the Chaparral I couldn't take due to my sons birth. I couldn't find too much about them on par with a Chaparral but you guys are much smarter than I am...... also roller trailers are bad?
  6. That's the only thing that makes me leary of the Sea Ray 210....no wrap around seating like on the 230 Sea Ray and the Chaparral 230/220. I've also restructured our budget to roughly $20,000 if the absolutely drop dead must have boat pops up. I still can't find anything..lol
  7. Funny you say that....found a 2005 Sea Ray 230 that I think is a scam because of the price and it disappeared from CL rather quickly when I started questioning things that didnt make sense and a really nice 2001 Sea Ray 210 with 350 hours. Its immaculate with a 5.7 MPI and an interior and carpet you can eat from...Actually the hull is the same way too. At least the guys has at least returned my emails on that one. I knew better than mention sea ray on the Chap forum....
  8. So the 220 sold Saturday morning and the 210 was rougher than I would pay 15,500 for even with the extended swim platform. The 5 liter makes me think it'd be underpowered too. I need all of you on speed dial...lol. Too many questions
  9. Risers.....I thought that was an issue with a saltwater boat. I was told by more than 1 dealer Ive looked at boats in the riser failure is a saltwater boat issue and only then if they dont flush them after running them. I feel like nobody is telling me the truth. they just want a sale
  10. So I'm looking at used boats and the thought of hours now popped into my head as a concern. How many is too many? is 200 hours on a 2005 ok but 600 is not? What about extremely low hours. 100 hours on a 98 means bad things? To me it means somebody didnt have time to enjoy a really nice boat. When is it time to overhaul/replace an engine 1000 hours...1500 hours? Do you put a new outdrive in at the same time? What is the lifespan of bellows. My uncles 1996 1930 had them done once in 2010. but the boat had less than 10 hours a year on it. If a freshwater boat has them done within 3 or 4 years am I good or should I replace them just to do it after I buy. What can I do to extend their lifespan? I'm sure they're dumb questions to such an experienced group but I want to make sure if I look at a boat whether its 2005 with 600 hours or a 1998 with 100 hours I have an idea of what I'm getting into. Thank you for any wise guidance you can provide Jeff
  11. So I shouldn't be looking at anything older than 2005? They're junk because they have wood? I thought all plywood Chappy used in that era was an exceptional grade of pressure treated plywood. Even better than most marine plywood which was then fiberglassed in and all voids filled with closed cell foam to eliminate water absorption? This adds a whole new spectrum of problems if what you're saying is true. I guess I shouldn't waste the 3 hours to look at the boats this weekend because they are 2001. I now have concerns of being underpowered because the 220 is only a 5.7 MPI. Seems like I should be looking for a much bigger engine in a boat that size if the 2330 is underpowered with the 350mag and Bravo 3. There's so much information to wade through and try to make an educated decision. I naively thought it wouldn't be this hard. I guess that the difference between new boat buying and used boat buying.
  12. Dont apologize. I wasn't insulted or anything.The NADA lists it at $33,013 new and its current worth with trailer at $12,500. I definitely want going to pay 22k for it. I would offer 15 and see where it went. The dealer told me hes been trying to sell the boat for over a year and has come down on the price from 26,000. Again I'm smart enough to know that patience is a virtue and soon the weather should break and the market will be full with used boats if I don't come to a price we can be satisfied in. Theres plenty of other options. I curious about the 210 and 220 were going to look at Saturday
  13. Can you explain to me why I don't know what I want? I thought I did, I guess I was wrong. I was asking for guidance about some boats I wasn't familiar with. I know the 1930 inside out and upside down from using/taking care of my uncles boat from 2010 to 2015. I know that boat hit 52 mph with me and my son on a glassy early morning lake with the 5.0 alpha and stainless prop. Top speed isn't important to me as dry ride, room for family and fishing. I guess water sports is up there too as the kids love to tube. Thats why I was leaning toward the 2330. I figured 300hp and a bravo 3 was a good combination for our needs. The 2330 is absolutely immaculate inside and out. You could eat off the engine and not be scared. The powder coat on the outdrive is like the day it came out of the showroom. I know enough to compare my uncles boat that sat in the water 5 months of the year to this one and see that the drive on the 2330 has no signs of flaking like other drives I've seen on boats. The prop is perfect too. Maybe I trust too much. The seats and floor are just as nice. I do believe 91 hours is possible because for 12+ years when I had my own boat, my uncles was put on Wallenpaupack in May, run for about 4 hours on the Memorial day weekend, a couple hours on July 4th and 4 hours or so on Labor day and then taken off and winterized again. He didnt have time and I didnt need a boat until my divorce. Now I knew the 2330 was overpriced but didnt realize it was almost twice what its supposedly worth. I also think price and "worth" are subjective. NADA puts its value at a little under 13k. I think some on here said its not worth 10. With its condition I wouldn't be afraid to offer 15 or 16k. You guys are saying its not worth that so Im taking that into consideration. I dont mind spending a little more for the right combo. Im going to Ithaca NY this Saturday to check out a 210 with a 5.0 MPI and a second gen alpha 1 no ESP, and also a 220 with a 5.7 MPI with a second gen alpha 1 and an ESP. I think both boats are 2001s, both around 15k with a trailer. Hours I'm unsure on..... Or maybe I'm not going... I'm sure that you all will chip in and let me know any problems with those combinations and that will possibly save me a 3 hour trip one way for nothing. Another question....Is Cecil Marine a good company?
  14. The 2330 is a 350 mag MPI 300 horsepower with a Bravo 3. I've been around old muscle and race cars forever, mostly MoPARs, but I still know that horsepower sells cars and torque wins races. So my question is the 300 Hp from the 350 mag doesn't have enough torque as the 300 horsepower from the 7.4? Big block has more torque correct? Or don't they rate boat motors by torque? I don't understand why Merc would offer 2 motors with the same horsepower, 1 small block with EFI and 1 carbed if there wasn't an advantage somewhere
  15. I'll be patient and keep bouncing stuff off you guys....THANK YOU!