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  1. Hodge71

    Factory tour

    We used to be on C dock at Ledgedale up until about 4 years ago. I doubt we will be getting a seasonal slip for this year. We will be just renting one on the weekends. Plans are to camp up there every weekend we can
  2. Hodge71

    Factory tour

    Thats awesome. Were looking for used now but someday I hope we can take a tour while our boat is being made. Maybe I'll get lucky and meet you up The Pack this summer! Good luck with the new boat. What did you get by chance?
  3. Hodge71

    Trailer questions HELP!

    The 1930 ss I had came from Dinbokowitz. Great people for sure. Has no used bow riders though...only Chappy cuddy cabins used. Bummer for me. I'd deal with them again too!
  4. Hodge71

    Trailer questions HELP!

    Pa state law requires brakes on all axles
  5. Hodge71

    Trailer questions HELP!

    So I'm back with more questions on things. I'm looking at buying a couple different boats. Boat one is a 2001 Chappy 220 5.7 Alpha 1, ESP and a trailer. The boat has around 600 very well maintained hours. Boat two is a 2001 Crownline 230 that is nice as well. Colored gel coat isn't quite as nice as the Chappy but its considerably cheaper, has a head and a ton of freeboard new bow and cockpit covers and they told me they'd buff the very small amount of oxidation off the green to get it shining, put new graphics on it and clean and detail the interior along with wax the whole boat before we picked it up. Boat 2 has a complete maintenance record book with receipts of work performed from the day it showed up at the dealer in July of 2001. It currently has 177.6 hours on the 5.7 EFI and Bravo 3 drive no ESP and no trailer. Thats were my problem lies. I know boats but not really trailers. The 2 boats I've owned came with trailers and I always just maintained them. The dealer speed them with the boat so it was never even a thought for me. The dealer is telling me the trailer is a Load-Rite aluminum Elite roller with tandem axles and is rated for 6000 pounds. The trailer price is $4900 additional. I have had 1 roller trailer and 1 bunk trailer and had no problems with either. I'd like a galvanized bunk trailer rated for 6000 pounds. He's telling me that aluminum is superior to steel in every way. Im not a metallurgist but I do machining and welding and have a fairly deep knowledge of metals. I would never take aluminum where I could get steel. Normally aluminum is more expensive, less durable and more malleable (bendy). All things I dont want on my trailer. Weight is not an issue... I'm pulling with a 2014 Power Wagon rated for 10,680. It will yank the 5000 pound Crowline around very easily. So aluminum or steel? Why do I NEED and Elite with LED lights, radial tires, and composite rollers? Whats wrong with a 5 star with carpeted pressure treated bunks with standard lights and bias ply tires rated for 6000 pounds? I really can't find a reason to justify an $1200 or more difference in price unless wiser minds tell me why. The axles and disc brakes on both trailers are the same so its apples to apples there.
  6. It will have a brand new 2018 Load-right galvanized tandem bunk trailer with disc brakes on both axles...not for $15,900 though. They're also going to buff the boat from top to bottom and clean and detail the interior and seats..... if we decide that we would want it. I may want the factory graphics put back on too....Not sure yet
  7. Youre getting creepy Tom...lol...You have aerial photos of my house yet? ...lol... Yes its the one in Tafton. I was on it Saturday
  8. No ESP but I would be adding it if we got the boat .... now that you guys convinced me you cant have a boat without one....lol....hours...400 or a little more
  9. Told me 300 horse 350 mag. I forgot to open the hatch. I did get to see all the maintenance records since new as well. It was bought at and maintained by the same marina since new. Just had new bellows and gimble bearing done last fall along with trim senders too
  10. How do we feel about a 2001 Crownline 230BR 350 mag and Bravo 3? It needs a buffing but all in all its really nice and I can't believe the depth. Tons of freeboard
  11. What is this patience thing you guys refer to so often? I'm not sure I ever heard of it. Is it an ancient religion or belief system like the Jedi? How do I come to a knowledge of it? Seriously though, I know its early but the early bird gets the worm..the second bird goes hungry...lol.... I dont want to be in this same boat so to speak halfway through May. Slips up Wallenpaupack are like hens teeth once Memorial day comes and the summer starts rolling. Chaparral tower this is hodge 71 heavy asking for permission to enter a holding pattern and begin a fuel dump....
  12. Well decided to keep it, then flip flopped and said they'd sell it. Then decided to keep it, then flip flopped again and decided to sell it when I told him 16k instead of the 15k he was asking. He gave me his word the boat was mine. I was supposed to go for it yesterday and I hadn't heard back as of Friday afternoon so I emailed and texted them again. He said it was very bad day. Everyone up in arms lots of problems...they need time. I wasn't sure what that meant considering he gave me his word and as silly as it is...that still means something to me. As a Freemason my handshake and word are all that we have. Its a bond with my Brethren that should never be broken. My grandpa was a coal miner with a 6th grade education but taught me all you have in this world is your name. When you tell a man something, you follow through because its hard to keep your reputation and its 10 times easier to lose it, and it takes 100 times more work to get it back where it was. I had left the bank 30 minutes before and closed on the loan so here I am with a wad of money. I found a Sea Ray 230 in Delaware on craigslist. Called the guy Friday night and told him I'd be down to Delaware in the morning. He said ok. I'm cruising down the Northeast extension with the woman and our GSP in the Power Wagon. Almost to philly and the phone rings.....A guy bought the boat 10 minutes ago....paid him cash and he wanted to let me know before I drove further.....So I wasted 4 hours $10 in tolls and $140 in gas....Power Wagons are thirsty...... to be still here looking for a used 220. I never saw a boat with such a cult following... Maybe thats why I want one so bad....maybe I need to offer $16,500 on the yeller one. Maybe I should settle for a 210 even though it doesn't have the wrap around seating we like....Maybe I should call the guy with the Sea Ray 210 and hope he didn't sell that.... maybe we'll just circle the wagons and drop anchor here. The family is getting restless though...they want to be on the water by May. I think it'd be easier to buy the Queen Mary and put it in Lake Wallenpaupack than it is to find a Chaparral in the 21 to 23 foot range under 20K. I have lead on a 2008 Crownline 220 with 189 hours for 20k....its not the same as a Chap though
  13. So the unthinkable happened today. I got a text at 7 tonight from the 220 Ssi owner backing out of the deal for the second time. This time he gave me his word the boat was mine on Monday. Told the fiancé and kids on Tuesday and they were all happy we got the 220. My son got online and took his boaters course between Monday and Thursday night after school (about 4 hours a night) and passed with a 97%. At 12 he's an official licensed operator in PA.... without a boat..... He's crushed and heartbroken. I missed out on the Sea Ray because I told him I didnt want the boat on Tuesday. I called him after I got he news at 7 and he has somebody coming to look at it tomorrow. To top it off I have $17,000 in my bank account because I closed on the loan today for the Chappy 220. I dont even think I can buy anything because the bank is expecting a Chappy Hull number Monday morning. I'm at my wits end with this crap. I never would have thought it could be this hard. It's been a crappy start to the weekend to say the least. Had somebody contact me about a 2008 Crownline 220 yesterday with a 5.0 Mercruiser but its not what we wanted and he wants $26,000 for it. UGH
  14. This site is brutal. Wont let me post pics and I have no links for pics. I'm not a photobucket or googlecloud guy....I may have posted a picture or 4 on FB...lol
  15. Whats the difference between the two? Fuel mapping, computer programming...camshaft.... Can you turn a 5.7 into a 350 mag easily? I'm a MoPar guy...dont shoot me for asking the question. I dont know much about gm, let alone marine GM