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  1. When you get condensation, you create carbonic acid. That’s a chemical truth. But all modern oils have additive packages designed to deal with these issues including buffering agents.
  2. Where do you live and how much?
  3. How do the size of the homes compare?
  4. And many a boater has been left with a dead battery a time or two as a result.....
  5. Nothing brings on more debate than what’s sexier, blonds, brunettes or red heads other than dam Oil. anyway....I guess I’ll weigh in.... i am an industrial chemist by trade and specialize in metallurgy and water based systems. 25 years. I work with almost every auto maker. Things I believe to be true.... - Boats are not cars even if they use car engines. Conditions are different and the way people use them are different especially in the north vs south. - marine engines don’t drain. You will never get all the oil out. Don’t even try. The muck and sludge at the bottom will remain there to be removed by the filter later. - unless you have taken an oil analysis there is never really any way to know if a change is needed or not...Car or boat. - as such, we relly on accepted norms and recommendations. - as part of these norms, people believe them to be true and it matters with resale. - changing in the fall is generally believed to be better than the spring. But I personally don’t think it’s the end of the world. - what do I do? I can change mine in the fall whether is needs it or not. - this is either overkill or enough, because when is the last time you have heard of a motor seizing?
  6. The 7.4L is a about 130 lbs heavier than a 5.7. The weight difference is small.
  7. I wouldn’t touch a truck if I knew it had been used for plowing. I know you are not concerned about resale because you keep your stuff, but you really can never plan for that. Life happens.
  8. Yea...as I said before, if it were me, there is no way in #$^% I would put a plow on a new truck. That old puppy is perfect to keep for crap duty. 100 acres....you have plenty of room to park it. Keeping that old truck is a money saver my friend.
  9. How much is your old truck worth? maybe give it away to someone and in return get your plotting done for free.
  10. Oh man. I can relate. My daughter’s softball schedule this summer is 8 weekends on the road...Illinois, Indiana, MN, Nevada, California, Nebraska..... Her practices are 12 months a year and 45 min drive 4 days a week. i just picked up a Lincoln MKZ Hybrid yesterday
  11. I would never buy a new truck and stick a plow on it. Keep the old one for plowing duties...and buy the new one for all the other stuff. No one will want to buy a truck that someone has used to plow either....warranty? Heck, the resale will be toast. IMO, the only reason to justify a diesel is if you are towing a lot and especially on the highway. The fuel savings will more than make up for it. Other than that, there is no reason to buy a diesel truck. 1/2 ton will cut it 100% especially for shorter distances. The 1/2 ton trucks that are close to base models you can really get a deal on. RAM 1/2 ton with a Hemi and you will make hay all day.
  12. Thanks iggy. That link not working though.
  13. This is what I need....just don’t know what else. Boat currently does not have fittings or a tank.
  14. Just a portable. A pump out was available as an upgrade.
  15. I am actually a water engineer and consultant....always surprised at the amount of misinformation when it comes to this topic. A water softener removes calcium and magnesium....that’s all it does. It’s an ion exchange process that will remove those two ions and replace it with sodium. NOT SALT...but sodium. Water softeners typically don’t impart a bad taste. Sea water has a lot of contaminants in it and I can’t image a softener working very well. To do this correctly you have two options, either run a multiple stage system that includes filtration, softener, and then a membrane like an RO, or run an evaporative concentrator. You could run the sea water directly to the RO but the capacity will be terrible. IF, you are planning on softening potable well water at the shore or any water from a tap, a softener will work very well! If you want to add an RO, it will work even better depending on how many grains of hardness you have. If you know the grains, I can tell you what will work. As long as you are not going to drink the water, you can add a little jet dry to your tank and you will not get any spots. Heck, you can try that with the hard water too. Jet dry contains wetting agents which causes the water to run off. Its not the hard water that causes spots, it’s the combination of hardness, droplets that don’t run off, and evaporation to driness. Eliminate the hardness? No spots. Eliminate the water drops? No spots. Elimated drops evaporating? No spots.