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  1. WaterDR

    Please stop

    So THIS is your first post? Talk about the pot calling the kettle.....
  2. WaterDR

    Top Speed Loss

    Fuel won’t do that. No way. Unless it was junk and it would run like #$^%. Have Rpms Changed? dirty bottom could do this! If it’s slipped it will likely need anti fouling paint. If mine wasn’t coated I would have to pull it three times a summer and clean it. my experience has been been that as it get fouled it will run fine and then BAM suddenly slow down. Have you checked the bildge?
  3. WaterDR

    Window molding issues

    Hey guys, 2002 Sunesta. Rubber molding has fallen off that sits under the window. It’s the soft, thin rubbery stuff. Is there a replacement material and where do I find it? Is that stuff glued in? Or should I just use clear silicone?
  4. WaterDR

    Beep when starting

    Checked on it tonight....started with no beep. Hooked up a charger for good measure. But ran the boat last night for about 12 miles. So should be charged anyway. tester showed batteries at 95%. i have another theory..... we had heavy $^& rains a few days ago. I think the bolder pump may have gotten stuck running and then stopped. Then when the bulge levels came back up, it didn’t come on due to a problem with the float. When I checked the bilge the water was up over the pump and up to the what appears to be a separate level sensor. i wonder if the beep was due to bilge water level. Anyway, I need a new bilge float switch for sure. It will works manually but doesn’t seem to work on its own. i am gonna pull it out and inspect. yes...chasing theories
  5. WaterDR

    Beep when starting

    just to be clear. When the key is turned to the first position, I get a test beep. It has always done that. This is not what I am talking about. When I start the motor, I get a long beep. Maybe three seconds and it stops. it seems to correlate with battery voltage. I have a digital meter on the dash. Boat is a 2002 Sunesta with a 350
  6. WaterDR

    Beep when starting

    I have put many hours on this boat...first time it has ever done this.
  7. WaterDR

    Beep when starting

    Right away. Only a few seconds. And does seem to correlate to voltage.
  8. WaterDR

    Beep when starting

    What voltage should a battery read? I am running in the low 12s, but shows high 13s when running. seems a little low.
  9. WaterDR

    Beep when starting

    I get the everything is working beep. But then I get a long beep after it starts. The beep stops. i think it might be low battery
  10. WaterDR

    Beep when starting

    So, I have a beep when starting the boat. Just a beep. Fluids good. Any guesses?
  11. WaterDR

    Anyone ever swapped a drain plug....in the water?

    Funny to read all these posts The WHY doesn’t matter....it really doesn’t. but since everyone has asked.... I lack a trailer. But I have a very bright led light drain plug. Anyway, it is blown due to a wiring issue. I have a replacement. Need to swap it. And no...it doesn’t leak. trying to borrow a trailer....
  12. WaterDR

    Anyone ever swapped a drain plug....in the water?

    The reason doesn’t matter....trust me. The need does.
  13. Asking for a friend....:)
  14. WaterDR

    Kuuma Grill Install

    I have one. Works great! We love it and use it all the time.
  15. WaterDR

    Rpm dropping and stalling when going into forward

    Not likely. Boat really hasn’t gone anywhere. Entire river is at slow no wake. But next time I am out I’ll trim it up and take a gander. It’s been in the water for four weeks and hasn’t been above 5 mph.