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  1. I am a combat vet and have some hearing loss. I am also a competitive pistol shooter. I double up on hearing protection and have pretty much given up talking at the range. At work, I often wear plugs too but not a lot of times. I used the molded ones I use when shooting.
  2. WaterDR

    The Lighting Thread

    Ha ha...funny. I honestly love them and have added a few. But like good music cranked up....too much can be too much. My boat annoyance are loud exhaust boats. Dumb and serves no point.
  3. WaterDR

    CRAParral Never buy!

    If you SAY you paid $500 for something that is normally worth $5,000 and you actually paid $5k for it you will likely get a love note from the state asking for proof. If you can’t prove what you really paid and/or give a reason with proof (salvage title, smashed up etc...) you may likely find yourself on the hook. Lying is fraud. I know when I pay my sales tax online, I have to click boxes that states I am being honest and truthful otherwise warned that I am breaking the law. Your insurance company will allow you to state any value you want, but even they will only pay you what it’s worth. You can insure anything, but you can’t insure a sheet of paper, state value at 10K, have it stolen and get 10k for it....you will get three pennies.
  4. WaterDR

    CRAParral Never buy!

    People lie all the time. If you get caught you are screwed here. The state knows what things should be worth and they will ask for photos and docs. i know a guy that paid 10k for something and he paid tax on only 3k value. He got caught. They even contacted his insurance company and his stated value was 12k. Moron. he paid tax on 12k plus penalties.
  5. WaterDR

    CRAParral Never buy!

    Bought a new pontoon boat in 2012. Tubes leaked. End of season, I dropped off boat at dealer Yo be shoooed back to manufacturer. All covered under warranty. Boat was delivered back to me not only damaged, but there were signs that it had been previously repaired. long story short....when manufacturerrr got it...it was damaged. Thy repaired it. When it got back to me....damaged again. Dealer blamed wrapper. Wrapper blamed shipper. No one ever owned any of it. So I sued the dealer with my insurance company. Been 6 years now and still not settled.
  6. WaterDR

    So this guy says to me...

    “This is the Bender Channel 16 Radio Check.” Me-“Bender this is pleasure craft read you Lima Charlie” Bender “How do you read me Bender, over”. Me “I read you Lima Charlie over” Bender “I am a new boater, I don’t know what you mean Bender, over.” Me “you might want to change name of your boat Bender, over”. Bender “I like Bender, Over” At this point we are all cracking up and the guy has no clue why....
  7. WaterDR

    Boat and Dog

    Oh man....sooooooooooo dam true
  8. WaterDR


    A cuddy has a cabin only big enough for stabin. Hence, “stabin cabin”
  9. WaterDR

    Anyone have these?

    Why the heck would they line the entire dock with those? Space those puppies out and they would be great.
  10. WaterDR

    CRAParral Never buy!

    There are consumer protection laws you can look into. You may be able to lemon law the boat. I did that with a car. It’s a long, drawn out process though. The dealer will NEVER give you another boat! That will NOT happen in a million years. So don’t plan on that at all. You are entitled to be made WHOLE. And an attorney can help. This is what I would do if this were me: 1 - Find another dealer. The dealer should be your advocate. 2 - Get an attorney and have them help write a letter. In the letter be honest, non threatening but determined. Get personal...not towards Chap but explain how important this purchase was to you, how you feel let down and how you have been embarrassed. Remind them that you chose to buy new to avoid these vary issues and chose Chap because you believe they would stand behind their product. Ask them if you think your experience would be acceptable to one of them? - 3 Ask for resolution. Insist that a factory representative inspect the boat, make all corrections, thoroughly test and that they stand behind the product. Give them a reasonable amount of time to correct...maybe four weeks. Entertain the notion that maybe this boat is just a lemon and that you would consider a factory replacement. Remind them that you believe in Chap but you are losing patience and set a time limit to correct. Make note that if they can’t correct in time frame that boat should be replaced or that you will need to find another path of resolution (they will know what that means)
  11. WaterDR

    Boat and Dog

    My dogs all boat with us. They are part of my family. My labradoodle goes with me almost every time. Never had issue with pocking a hole in vinyl. He gets the run of the boat. I jump in the river....he follows me in. When piloting, he sits at my feet....usually all 60lbs of him on my feet i also have a lab and a golden doodle. One is 15 and the other 14. They have slowed down a ton. The lab still swims and loves the water.
  12. WaterDR

    CRAParral Never buy!

    You shouldn’t have to be a mechanic on a new boat. No way in #$^% they will take the boat back without a legal battle though. What you want is to be made right.
  13. WaterDR

    Boat and Dog

    I have four dogs. As they age their swimming ability declines. I put human jackets on them all the time.
  14. WaterDR

    CRAParral Never buy!

    You should contact BBB and consumer affairs. Hire an attorney and have them write a letter demanding corrections to your satisfaction or that they take th boat back at full price. You are owed for your aggrevation at this point.
  15. WaterDR

    Rudeness on the lake -- How to handle it?

    IMO....Wake Board owners next to those with Formulas are the biggest A Holes on the water. But the wake boats are a distant first place. It’s usually some jackhole 20 something with someone else’s money too.....all amped up on booze and testosterone. You can’t fix ignorant so it’s usually best to move.