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  1. Thanks gentleman for the advise. I did check the hull and no breakthrough. I didn’t want to screw with this problem in the first place. It’s a brand new boat and under. 5 year warranty. I expressed this to gem from the beginning but they insisted that it was an easy fix DIY. They told me the wall hole was a design flaw so they changed it to the floor. When you tell me to drill a hole I’m assuming you have the blueprints or the engineer available to give that move a blessing. Now I have compromised the integrity of the fiberglass and have to figure something out to patch that. I attempted to mo
  2. Here is what chaparral sent me to do
  3. you can see my drain hole is on the wall. I used a 1/2” drill bit. I’m trying to upload the pics from Chaparall but it says I have reached my limit of file size...
  4. I have a 2016 H20 sport 21' and in the ski storage locker located between the captain and passenger seat will not drain. There is a drain in the aft wall however the problem is that the fuel tank is pushed up so close to the drain hole that it prevents any water from exiting into the bilge. I have contacted Chaparral about this and they sent me an email with pictures of how to fix. They show to drill a hole in the locker floor board just in front of the hole on the wall and that should do it. However, I have drilled into the floor 3 1/2" and it did not open up. I did not want to drill any deep
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