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  1. Unclebenny

    Yamaha F150 or F200?

    According to Chap's site, the 21 H20 is 2800 lbs for the sport and 3050 lbs for the S&F. The 21 Suncoast is listed as 3000 lbs. So you're talking about a 6.6% weight difference at most. The Suncoast has a 10 gallon larger fuel tank and 10 gallon water tank, which may add weight, depending on how Chap rates them. I was in the same boat when we purchased our H20 earlier this year. I read a lot of things saying the performance difference between the two was marginal. The performance sheet for the H20 21 OB lists top speed of the F150 @ 48 mph and the F200 as 51.30 mph. Ultimately, we were buying a boat we plan to keep for the long haul, so we went with the F200. Our 21 H20 S&F with an F200 has added weight (larger trolling motor, added 2 additional batteries for a total of 5, along with some stereo equipment) and I have hit 49 on GPS with 1/2 tank of fuel, 3 people, gear, and a full live well. We typically hit mid 40's depending on load and waves. I can't speak to the differences between the 150 and 200 as we never test drove a 150. The 200 does what I need, is quick enough, tows a tube and 300 lb rider (sasquatch friend) fine, and is still fuel efficient. Depending on where you're buying fuel (marina/gas station) the fuel cost difference between the 2 motors can be negligible. You're likely to buy premium just to get ethanol free fuel from a gas station. Resale value is also likely to be higher with the larger motor if that's a concern. Hope this helps some!
  2. Unclebenny

    Looking for input on bow riders

    The quality control issues were evident upon taking a closer look at just about anything on my boat. The screwed in snaps for cushions weren't even close to being level/even for instance. 1 snap would be 1/2" lower than the adjacent one. The console storage doors weren't aligned well, and would rub. We had 1 snap on the carpet that didn't work from the get go. We had some scratches on the exterior of the boat as well as a few dings and chipped paint on the interior. Quite a few fasteners missing/loose; I found masking tape and about 8 nuts and screws rolling around in the bottom of the boat when we received it. A clamp for the fuel hose not attached to anything. The pump for our live well didn't work straight away, but the dealer has resolved that already. We have lots of areas inside the boat that weren't painted, so you can see the raw wood and fiberglass. The scuppers in our transom aren't even close to being flush mounted, they stick out a 1/4 of an inch and hardly have any caulk behind them. I could go on, but I think you get the picture. It's clear they are slapping these things together as fast as possible with little attention to detail. Again, none of these are major issues by any means, just disappointing and things that I'll now have to rely on the dealer to hopefully remedy. Overall it's a fantastic boat, we enjoy it and get a lot of compliments. It's only when you take a closer look, the kind you take when you own something, that you notice these little things. I think a lot of folks would advise against spending the $400 or whatever it was to upgrade the stereo from Chap. I specifically didn't do so because I knew my $400 would do more for me if I put it towards higher quality aftermarket equipment. The factory Panasonic speakers are pretty poor. I've also found that with Bluetooth, I never wish I had the transom controls since my phone is always with me or on the back of the boat(waterproof iPhone).
  3. Unclebenny

    Looking for input on bow riders

    My .02: My father and I purchase a 2018 21' H20 S&F with the Yamaha F200 OB at the end of May. We are both really happy with our purchase, despite it being a lot of money to us. I was in favor of looking at used boats, but my father could not be convinced. I will say that the quality control on our boat was severely lacking; lots of minor things left undone or half-assed. Overall we love the boat however. We wanted something large enough to take a few people on for relaxing days on the water but still convenient for fishing inland lakes, and this does both well. We have taken it on a week long trip to Eagle Lake in Ontario already this summer in addition to plenty of time on our local lakes. I've performed the 20 hour maintenance myself, and we've had zero issues with the boat aside from the initial quality control items, which we plan to have addressed by the dealer in the off season. I can confirm the factory stereo is rubbish; I've installed some JL Audio gear to address that. The glove box is laughable as well, and we plan on replacing that with a larger unit at some point in the future. We have the bow door which we honestly don't use that much, but may use more towards the end/beginning of the season. We have rarely used the bow filler cushion either. We opted for the deluxe package without the tower and are pleased with the upgrades. The F200 OB provides plenty of power imho; we hit 49 on the GPS with the motor trimmed up. The OB is also very economical on fuel. I've only had 4 people on it thus far, but I think 6-8 could be done depending on how much gear they bring (we also have one console completely full of batteries and a charger for the trolling motor which you wouldn't have in the sport). We get compliments everywhere we take the boat, and are certainly pleased with it. I am jealous of some of the things it looks like they're changing for 2019 though! - Eric
  4. Unclebenny

    Chaparral's quality going downhill

    While I'm a lowly H20 peasant, I find myself in the same boat concerning the quality control. We recently purchased our first ever new boat, a 21' H20 S&F. While inexpensive compared to some other Chaps, the $48K we paid for our H20 is a lot of money to us. We were impressed with the quality in the showroom. Upon receiving our boat, I found about 10 fasteners, screws, etc. in the bottom of the boat along with masking tape. We have a bonus hole under a console, the steering rubs and is difficult, the live well pump didn't run (fixed by dealer), carpet snap broken, scratches on the gel coat on the side of the boat, lots of uncovered wood and fiberglass that they didn't even bother to paint. There's a chunk of fiberglass missing under a hinge for a compartment, compartment doors not mount level, broken wood under the gunnel, hose clamps not mounted to anything, missing and stripped/cross threaded screws, etc. I have typed up a list of about 16 items for the dealer already. Who ever is in charge of QC'ing things over at Chaparral is clearly not doing their job very well.
  5. Unclebenny

    Transom mount transducer in SSi or H2O

    We plan on doing lots of fishing with her (21' H20 Ski & Fish).
  6. Unclebenny

    Transom mount transducer in SSi or H2O

    We are going to be installing 2 transducers for our Lowrance HDS unit in the coming weeks (we get our 21' H2O tomorrow). The cut out in the rear is pretty small (we have an outboard motor in the way) and already pretty busy. Is everyone just gluing the transducer on to the hull, screwing it in, or through bolting it? We went with the 3D version so we have 2 seperate transducers to mount and the less holes we put in the brand new boat the better.
  7. Unclebenny

    Brand new boat, what to check

    Sounds good, will do. I appreciate the recommendation.
  8. Unclebenny

    Brand new boat, what to check

  9. Unclebenny

    Brand new boat, what to check

    Thanks for the suggestions. When it comes to money and purchases, I'm a detailed oriented person. I do tons of research before making any decision. I plan to go over this boat with a fine tooth comb when it arrives and have everything annotated. The dealer will be taking us on a ride prior to our accepting the boat. I plan to get pictures and written descriptions of anything/everything that might possibly come back to bite us.
  10. Unclebenny

    Brand new boat, what to check

    So we ordered a 21' H20 S&F which we are set to receive on May 18th. I was hoping some of you with more experience could let me know what I should be looking for. If there are items that maybe aren't obvious. I want to make sure we don't accept delivery with any hidden issues. I apologize if something similar has been posted previously; the search feature on this forum leaves a lot to be desired. Thanks in advance!
  11. Unclebenny


    I've been doing a little research and there are a lot of recommendations for Hamby's.
  12. Unclebenny


    Interested in hearing the feedback here as well. We were considering this for our H20. We will be taking it fishing in Canada and will need to go ashore for lunch/etc. Everything is very rocky up there and I'd rather not scuff the gel coat immediately on our new boat.
  13. Unclebenny

    21 H2O OB Sport

    We just ordered a 21' S&F with the F200. The performance bulletin has it at 51.X mph top speed I believe. 48 with the F150.
  14. Unclebenny

    Potential 21 H20 Sport purchase ??

    Our 2018 21' Ski & Fish is being built. I did a lot of comparisons/research into the power options. I too thought that based on power-to-weight the boat would struggle or be slow. That doesn't seem to be the case from what owners are saying. We ended up going with the F200 outboard, which I think will be close in performance to the higher end I/O's due to the reduced weight. The performance tests/ratings have them all hitting around 49-51 mph.
  15. Unclebenny

    Trailer Adjustment?

    That seems a bit heavier than I was anticipating. Stock dry weight according to chap is 3050 lbs with the OB, trolling motor, etc. You're saying the dry weight of just the boat is 700 lbs more than that? We just bought a 16 F150 5L V8 w/max tow package (3.55 e-locking rear 9100 lb tow cap) for towing the 18 21' H20 we have being built. I thought this was going to be plenty of truck to tow this boat. I was figuring between 4500-5000 lbs for boat and trailer....we got the steel/standard trailer though as well.