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  1. Our 2018 21' Ski & Fish is being built. I did a lot of comparisons/research into the power options. I too thought that based on power-to-weight the boat would struggle or be slow. That doesn't seem to be the case from what owners are saying. We ended up going with the F200 outboard, which I think will be close in performance to the higher end I/O's due to the reduced weight. The performance tests/ratings have them all hitting around 49-51 mph.
  2. That seems a bit heavier than I was anticipating. Stock dry weight according to chap is 3050 lbs with the OB, trolling motor, etc. You're saying the dry weight of just the boat is 700 lbs more than that? We just bought a 16 F150 5L V8 w/max tow package (3.55 e-locking rear 9100 lb tow cap) for towing the 18 21' H20 we have being built. I thought this was going to be plenty of truck to tow this boat. I was figuring between 4500-5000 lbs for boat and trailer....we got the steel/standard trailer though as well.
  3. I know....I'm just trying to kill the 10 weeks or so until the boat arrives!
  4. I just want to make sure everything is getting adequate power. Think JL and Wet Sounds are recommending 70-125w to each channel depending on the speaker/size, plus a couple hundred for the sub.
  5. I'm definitely doing a sub either way. The issue is I'd need a 800/8 amp if I went 6 speakers vs the 600/6 for 4 speakers and the sub. I need to find someplace to listen to all of these brands in person before making any decision I think. I really appreciate your input though!
  6. How do you like the setup? Do you have tower speakers additionally, or just the 4?
  7. Thanks for the feedback. 1. I'm fairly sure I'll just replace the Jensen unit with a Fusion so I can have NMEA 2000 compatibility for controls on the Lowrance HDS fish finder we are putting in. I'll take a look at what it comes with and go from there. 2. I was hoping to avoid this, but if that's how it has to be. This means I'll end up with 5 batteries in the boat....that's a lot of weight! 3. I was leaning towards either MX650 or MX770 plus a 10" sub in the port console. I get built in blue LED's which match the factory LED's. To go RGB I'd need rings or to go the Wet Sounds route. I'm personally not a huge fan of the Wet Sounds grills/appearance. I think the JL with the sport grills look nice. 4. I think I can probably fit the 7.7" speakers, but will have to measure once the boat arrives.I'm not sure if going 6 x 6.5" (adding 2 in the stern) vs the 4 stock locations with 7.7" would work better. I just think the stock speaker placement is a bit odd due to not having thing in the stern. 6. I'll likely start with the speakers with LED's built in, and see if that's enough. Possibly add strips/underwater/cup holder lighting down the road if necessary/desired.
  8. Hello everyone. We just ordered a 21' H20 Ski & Fish which will arrive in May. This will be our 2nd boat; the 1st was a 17' Crestliner with a 115HP Evinrude that was older than I am. So this is our first new/nice boat. We wanted something with enough room to host a few friends on the lake for swimming/tubing that would still work well for fishing. We thought the H20 S&F was the ticket. Intro aside, I'm well aware that the factory stereo leaves a lot to be desired. We chose not to pay for the upgraded option from Chaparral as we were planning on going aftermarket anyway. I'm looking for any advice/experience/recommendations you all may have concerning stereo components and LED lighting as I may add some lights as well. Items of note: Budget of $2K or less, preferably less We opted for the Yamaha F200 outboard, which has a 50 amp alternator/stator We chose NOT to get a tower, so tower speakers are not an option We are upgrading to a larger 36V trolling motor w/3 size 31 AGM batteries in addition to the starting battery Optimally would like high SQ and decent volume within the boat and nearby while swimming. We don't need someone being towed on a tube/skis to hear the music. I've looked at JL and Wet Sounds Questions: Is the stock head unit sufficient (I think the base is a Jensen) considering power will be coming from an external Amp? Can one of the trolling motor batteries be easily used for both trolling motor and stereo (not simultaneously, but via a battery selector/switch)? Personal recommendations on JL vs Wet Sounds? Stick with 6.5" replacements, or move up to 7.7"? Add another pair of speakers in the stern? Stock it only comes with 2 in the bow and 2 by driver/passenger. Can people seated in the stern hear the music given this placement? LED lighting recommendations? Speaker rings or behind tweeter, cup holder rings, or strips? RGB vs matching the factory 4 blue LED's that come with the boat? Underwater? Thanks in advance!
  9. We just ordered one to be delivered in May. We chose not to get the tower, but went with the F200. Although $46K seems incredibly expensive to me....it seems that everything is very expensive. When compared against other manufacturers, we felt the H20 was built well and had features we appreciated.
  10. We just ordered a 21' H20 Ski & Fish w/o the tower. Our reasons for avoiding it: cost, garage storage height, and feeling it would interfere in traversing the boat with fish rods. Time will tell if this was a poor decision or not I suppose.