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  1. terrapinjam99

    New H2O sport

    Beautiful Blue and white ! Love that color combo . I purchased my new 2018 H20 21 Sport in April of 2018 . We put over 60 hours on the boat during the summer of 2018 . I would love to attach a pic of my rig , but how are you all posting/adding pictures on this sight when they limit the photo size to .49Mb size pics !!! Who takes pics these days that are that small of a file size ?? I cant even add a profile picture . I have had a few issues with the boat , and am not totally happy with some aspects of it ( while other aspects are great ) , but wont comment on the negatives on this thread unless specifically asked . I was going to author a comprehensive review of my boat ( after 1 year and 60 hours of use ) , in the near future under another thread . We have had a massive amount of fun in the thing , so looking forward to this upcoming boating season !
  2. terrapinjam99

    Indoor Storage Cost?

    In the St. Louis area , I am storing my 21 footer indoors at a commercial Boat/RV Storage facility for $350 for 6 months .
  3. terrapinjam99

    23 H2O ski and fish

    Look hard at the quality ! I purchased a 2018 21 H2O Sport in April 2018 ........ And I have not been to happy with the quality ! I am working on posting a full review in the coming weeks with details . But I will tell you - I am not happy with the gel coat quality on this thing at all !! Sometimes I think that the whole H2O line may be lacking the quality of other Chap boats
  4. terrapinjam99

    Indoor Storage Cost?

    I pay $400.00 for 6 months of indoor storage ( not climate controlled ) . Oct. 1 to April 1 . St. Louis metro area
  5. terrapinjam99

    Faria Depth gauge has red lights ??

    Thank You . Yeah , I sure thought that there would be mention on this in the depth gauge's manual . Actually , I am finding all the support literature for this boat very poor . First off , no proper printed manual for the boat itself !!! just a link to a very poor online manual for the H20 Sport . I think Chaparrel could have done better than that . And what is in that manual is not very good - very lacking for the first time boat owner . What is your overall opinion of your boat so far ??? I have to tell you ..... I was expecting better quality from a Chaparral . I have several flaws in my gel coat. I wish I would have looked better , and noticed these upon delivery - or I would have never taken delivery of it .
  6. terrapinjam99

    Faria Depth gauge has red lights ??

    My depth gauge has red lights on ( below and above the digital LCD numeric readout ) on my Faria Depth Gauge . The manual for this gauge (that came with the boat) says NOTHING about these red lights . I am not violating either of my set depth limits ( upper or lower ) . Looking for any info. I have turned the gauge off and on - red lights still on . Red lights are on at a stand still and when going any speed . Thanks for any input . 2018 H20 21 Sport 22 hours
  7. terrapinjam99

    Potential 21 H20 Sport purchase ??

    Well I removed " potential " to this ............. I pick up my new 2018 H2O 21 Sport on Friday !!! 4.5 250 hp , Wake Tower , Purchased from Yachts to Sea in Nashville , IL.
  8. terrapinjam99

    Potential 21 H20 Sport purchase ??

    Thanks again ! Great info - really helps . Could you possibly attach a pic of that " mooring cover " ? As , I also , am intrigued with going that route over having all the snaps on the boat !! But just need to make sure that its good for traveling . Does it fit tightly around the legs of the tower ? Seems like rain water might get through there while traveling . Man , that had to be a ton of work to " template" the boat for the GatorStep --- but it looks great ! One more question : what do you think of your trailer ? Those plastic fender assemblies , in particular ?? I could actually see a positive there , if they are constructed well . Can you stand on them ?
  9. terrapinjam99

    Potential 21 H20 Sport purchase ??

    Have you seen this 21 H20 model with an additional swim platform ? It has a very nice back area , but wondering if you could even make it better by adding one ?
  10. terrapinjam99

    Potential 21 H20 Sport purchase ??

    Thanks TNBrett for the info . That Gator Step looks like it fit perfect !!! Were all the pieces cut that perfectly , or did you have to do any trimming ? So , this boat with the 250 hp version of the 4.5 will get me up to 50 mph !!!!! If so , then that is what I want !! What exact " canvas covers" did you get ? There seems to be different choices . Is the bimini on the tower difficult to put up and down ?
  11. terrapinjam99

    Potential 21 H20 Sport purchase ??

    Looking hard at purchasing one of the 2018 21 H20 Sport w/ wake tower . Looking for any input / user experience comments about this model. I have ruled out the 4.5 200 HP version because I think that it will just be under powered as we will be doing water sports on medium size lakes . Will the 4.5 250 HP version be enough ? And there are even still some of these 2018 models with the old school Merc . 4.3 220 HP engine available. I have never owned , or spent much time in a open bow boat larger than 18 ft. . Thank you , in advance , for any and all info .