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  1. Dave37

    Vibrating boat

    Volvo Penta
  2. Dave37

    Vibrating boat

    Took our 2007 ssi 190 out this weekend and after about the 3rd run I noticed the boat started to subtly vibrate right between 2200 and 2800 rpms. Checked the prop for damage so that wasn’t it....what else could it be? After I get the boat on plane it goes away... Also, when I hit the trim switch it takes about a 30 second delay to react. Is this an electrical problem? Thanks!
  3. Dave37

    New Owner

    New to the forum and new boat owner here. I recently purchased a 2007 ssi 190. Any “do’s” and “dont’s“ on the forum would be appreciated. Also, any guidance the forum could provide into the world of boat ownership would be great. When I say “new boat owner”....I mean I basically know how to turn it on!!!