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  1. I use an aqua stack mat. My dog can swim onto it, and then climb onto the swim platform. I only use the forward anchor mat, not the whole thing. https://aquastackmat.com/INDIVIDUAL-MATS_c_7.html
  2. Some guy posts that he sold his boat, and Hatem (appropriately named) spews his bull@#$%@#, and you attack me for calling him out? By the way, 10,612 posts in 7.5 years? That's about 4 posts per day every day for 7.5 years. Get a life. I'll go the way of PerthWA. GFY! "I'm outa here."
  3. Hatem, I would imagine that you are reasonably wealthy given that you own a rather expensive boat. If you are a true liberal progressive democrat socialist, you should donate it to the government so that the government can redistribute it to someone else who should have it, perhaps a minority as reparations for slavery. You should also donate all of your income over $15 per hour, because of your white privilege. My guess is that you are an ivory tower elitist, and you feel that you deserve your wealth, but everyone else should have to pay higher taxes. Put your money where your mouth is and give it all back. WFB
  4. wfbacker

    Swim Platform

    Get an Aqua Stack Mat. You will only need one of the sections, but you can use as many as you want. I tie mine up to the swim platform and my dog can climb onto the mat and then onto the swim platform. He is 110 lbs. https://aquastackmat.com Do I get a commission for this?
  5. Gatorstep has the template for my boat, but SeaDek does not. And, Gatorstep will send their "paper" template for me to put on my boat before I place my order to make sure it is a perfect fit. I guess with SeaDek, I would have to make my own template. I would hate to screw it up.
  6. I am looking to add Seadek or Gatorstep to my swim platform. Opinions?
  7. I need to replace my trailer winch strap. Replacement straps are rated for working load and maximum weight. My Sunesta is 4000 lbs. How much working load strength do I need?
  8. wfbacker

    Sunesta 224

    My 2010 Sunesta 224 depth finder has scared me a few times.
  9. My "new to me" 2010 Sunesta 224 does not have the rear support pole. Can you photograph how it attaches to the bimini frame?
  10. I made a skirt for my last boat, and I am planning to make another one for my new-to-me boat. On the top of the skirt, it had three ropes which tied to tie to the cleats. On the bottoms, I installed grommets every three or four feet. I used Nite Ize twist ties to secure the bottom to the trailer. It was very easy to put on and take off. I also waxed it a few times.
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