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  1. Fellow panhandle boaters. Just purchased a 2006 Sig 290, with 2x 5.0l Mer and Bravo 3's. This thing has been stored in dry dock when not in use, but that dry dock is too far for me to drive every time I want to go out, so I'm moving it to the military base (Tyndall AFB) that is much closer to me. The thing is they only offer wet slips or trailer spots, and because this boat does not have a trailer (see my other posts) I'm waiting for my new one to be built, which will take 3 weeks. So it brings me to my question - Could I leave the boat on the slip for a couple weeks? Keep in mind, this boat has no bottom paint - pretty much when it's not in the water, it's sitting on a shelve. Does anyone think I would have any issues by leaving it in the [salt] water for that long? Thanks for any help
  2. I'm fortunate that the trailer manufacturer is right here in town, only a few miles from the house. So any issues they will take care of it. Now I just have to wait 3 weeks as they build it -- trying to figure out if I would be ok to leave the boat in a wet slip for that long. I guess I'll start a new topic on this
  3. Thank you all for the replies So I tried to save a few thousand deer and pick up a decent used trailer. After much searching, I found one about 2hrs away rated for 18k#. The guy told me he had just got it on some kind of deal, and the trailer was in "GOOD" shape, the only thing he did was replace two wheels/tires, and all else was in great shape. Met him near his house, started looking at it, at first glance it looked really nice. Took a look at the brakes, only had one set on the front axle, closer inspection there were no brake pads, the rotors were trash...and this axle is the one the guy replaced the wheels/tires.. WTF, my BS meter started jumping. Then I notice that the axles are painted black, he says it was something the previous owner did. "Some sort of ship paint" looked and felt very fresh, and the paint was only on top and sides..he didn't even bother to paint the under side of the axles, which showed a bit of rust. The he proceeds to explain that he added some new hardware to the front bunks, when in previous conversation he said the only thing he did was install new wheels. When asked if the brake mechanism in the tongue worked, he assured me it did. So I mentioned, how did he know it worked if the calipers didn't have any pads... got the "Deer in the headlights" look So I just drove back 2 hrs without the trailer and called the trailer shop here in town and paid the deposit down for a brand new 15K# tri axle with brakes on ALL axles. The only thing is now I have to wait 3 weeks, hopefully one of the guys at the marina that has a trailer and keeps their boat on the wet slip can let me borrow or rent theirs. Good thing with a brand new trailer, is piece of mind, plus if anything needs adjusting on the trailer the local shop will take care of it. I should have done that right from the beginning and avoided all this crap. So between the Craigslist scammers and then liars like this guy trying to sell me a crap trailer, I have had enough wheeling and dealing for a while. Again, thank you all for the input...I'm sure as I get started with this new boat [to me] I'll be asking for more advise
  4. I agree, the actual dry weight on the 2006 Sig 290 is 8500#, but fuel, water extra gear will be close to 10000# -- it does not leave much for safety factor Looks like I'll be getting the 18000# trailer. So that should be more than enough. Because I'm retired military I really want to use our base marina - not only because it's safe, but it has great low angle ramps that are grooved for nice traction and less than 2 years old... and you can't beat the price to store your boat right next to the ramp in a gated video monitored area. So now instead of getting rid of my nice truck which can't handle that weight, I'm looking for a nicely used diesel truck. This way on the off season I can bring it home and tinker around.
  5. Thanks dsmacey I'll use that to set up the trailer
  6. I agree, but from what i understand, I would need to paint the bottom, and the outdrives are not meant for prolonged periods of salt water. Are these correct assumptions?
  7. Thank you all for the responses The PDF links helped Now lets hope i can get this trailer Take care
  8. New here, this is my second post Just purchased the boat today - finalize paperwork next week. Need to get a trailer for it. Looking at a used one which is 2 hrs away, and the owner just asked me what is the length on the boat from the eye hook on the bow where you hook the winch strap/safety chain to the back corner (not the swim platform) -- measured in a straight line not using the contour of the boat. The problem is until I finalize the paperwork (mainly the check to clear) the boat is in indoor storage and I can't access it. I was supposed to go pick up this trailer tomorrow if the measurements workout. Anyone either has done this before, or happen to have their boat near by on the driveway... that could give me those measurements ...oh ya, it's a 2006 Signature 290 Or maybe there's a web link with such information Any help would be much appreciated.
  9. Have been lurking on this board for a little while, as I was trying to make up my mind about which used Chaparral to get I knew I wanted a Cruiser, but then all the questions about trailer or slip, if I trailer than will my current truck handle it...bla bla Then someone here in town was selling their 2006 Signature 290, so I didn't need to deal wit the broker, and hopefully a better deal. Today had the Survey done, and everything went well - So I handed the current owner the big check. Now she's mine, well right after the check clears. So here is my dilemma, and I'm not sure if I should post the question here or start a new Topic. IF I'm breaking protocol here, please let me know. The boat is currently dry docked indoors at a marina about 45-50 min away, they put the boat in/out of the water . I want to move it to a marina that is closer and MUCH cheaper, but all they have is wet slips or parking spaces, which means I will need a trailer. I have the following options in regards to the trailer; 1. Brand new, but it will take 3 weeks to build - $7K - Torsion axles and brakes on all axles 15000# 2. Used trailer - Tri axle but the current owner tells me the axles are rated at 3500# each = Total 10500#, brakes on 2 axles will take $4K 3. Another used trailer, owner says it's rated at 18000#, 6 lug wheels - brakes on 2 axles -- wants $4.2K Because I need to get the boat out of the current marina by end of month option 1 is not going to workout unless I can figure out something else Option 3 the owner has been difficult to get in touch with and along with option 2 owner; they are about 2hr drive away. Although option 2 owner is ready to sell and has called me back So here is the main question -- is option 2 trailer good enough with the 10500# rating? Thank you