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  1. Been looking all over the place for a replacement AC Lockout Slide for my electric panel on 2006, 290 SIg. like on the photo below. I'm missing the Tab, the bar is still there. I purchased this one on Amazon and it works, I had to remove the old Slide, because this one actually uses the breaker screws on the right side of the switches. I would like to use an exact replacement, if it can be found anywhere.... any help would be much appreciated, I like to keep as much of the boat as original as possible. Thank you
  2. Had the boat for a few years, have done a lot of work on it, including fixing the leaks from the floor drains into the engine compartment. Obviously those leaks caused some rust not only to the fireboy but also to some other parts. So a couple days ago I removed the stand and the fireboy bottle. The front of the bottle did not look that bad -- it looked like surface rust, I was going to wire brush it and paint the bottom. But the back side was literally falling apart. The bottom rim of the bottle was gone all the way to the edge of the dome at the bottom of the bottle. It was so bad, I just le
  3. You can also take clear silicone, dissolve it in paint thinner and brush it on the canvas. The paint thinner evaporates and leaves a flexible coating that will seal it up. Had a custom cover for a smaller boat, and did that every year, it lasted about 8-10 years longer.
  4. I have a 2006 Sig 290 with Bravo IIIs I had to take care of a water flow issue (Bravoitis) which required me to remove the outdrive and bell housing. So since I had no record of when mine were replaced, I took advantage of having everything out of the way and take care of it I had to purchase the Bellow Ring Installation Tool (about 20 deer), Bravo Water Hose INSERT TOOL and Hinge Pin Tool . Already had the engine alignment tool, which I also took care of. The shift cable is a pain, instead of removing the cable, I was able to insert the bellow over the end of the cable assembly
  5. The blower was making a squeaking noise, so I removed the entire unit. Fortunately did not have to replace anything
  6. Not sure about the layout of your 310. My 290 the A/C unit is located under the cabinet and seating on the Port side next to the steps as you come into the cabin. In mine it was not too bad. You have to disconnect the wires from the control board (take a few photos first) remove the water hose, and disconnect the duct hoses...if I remember correctly the duct "Y" split that connects to the blower has to come out first, so that you can them pull the unit through where the sit cushion sits. In mine there are a few large "C" clips attached to the floor where you store some of the Table legs,
  7. Nice, we own a 290 also...the plan is to do the same in a few years Good luck on your new land yacht
  8. How much? Are you selling all or individual letters I would like to take them all
  9. How much? Are you selling all or individual letters I would like to take them all
  10. Just topping the bottle does not require bleeding, just when you change out the antifreeze
  11. First of all, I probably would not currently own this boat if it wasn’t for some folks on this forum that have helped me tremendously – one of the main ones being Wingnut – otherwise I would have given up and sold it....but I'm glad I have not, and have learned so much from dealing with all the following issues. This is not a post asking for help, but instead maybe to help someone else with some LESSONS LEARNED. Sorry for the long read, but it’s been a long journey. I purchased this boat in April of 2018 with 266hrs on the engines, it now has 370hrs. That first summer I had issues wi
  12. Follow the fuel line. Also fuel filter(s) -- have you changed them? Water in the fuel????
  13. I have a 2006 290 Signature , there are lights on the control panel next to the toilet and I believe the red light means its full. Do you have a Vacuflush button that may be turned off? The vacuflush system uses very little water so no need for another through-hull fitting
  14. Sorry, I did not see your message until now Does you letter match these on the photo If so I would be interested
  15. Just wondering if anyone has any of the "old" chrome letters for a 2006 Sig 290 -- Not sure how I lost them, but I'm in need of "R" and "A" I've searched around the net, can't find style used then, and from what I understand, they have been discontinued. I know some folks have run into my situation and have either removed all the lettering, replaced with newer font or replaced with vinyl. So I was wondering if anyone would have some of these that they would like to sell Thank you
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