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  1. Sorry, I did not see your message until now Does you letter match these on the photo If so I would be interested
  2. Just wondering if anyone has any of the "old" chrome letters for a 2006 Sig 290 -- Not sure how I lost them, but I'm in need of "R" and "A" I've searched around the net, can't find style used then, and from what I understand, they have been discontinued. I know some folks have run into my situation and have either removed all the lettering, replaced with newer font or replaced with vinyl. So I was wondering if anyone would have some of these that they would like to sell Thank you
  3. We're watching DELTA now, as this is the exact 2 year anniversary of Michael. If the forecast and the models are for the most part correct we will be ok. I feel sorry for those in LA, they have had more than enough this season. The waters for some reason are much cooler this time of year than previous, so that should diminish the strength . I sent you PM, take a look when you have a minute
  4. LOL, I'm in the panhandle, and so it does get a bit chilly...for our boating standards air temps in the low 60s and water temps in the upper 50s is considered Non boating I'm sure some of you are laughing, but boating for most of us, means at least mid 70s for air and water temp
  5. W. Another piece of information I wish I had known, especially after I installed the VesselView system...who knows, that could have prevented the port engine from developing the hot spots that lead to the warping of couple of the exhaust valves. But the thing is, after all these set backs, I feel a lot more comfortable with this boat and all it's systems. I'm sure I can still learn a few more things, but I sure know a lot [lots] more from being "forced" to tackle these issues. A lot of boat owners (like myself) don't go an dismantle parts just to learn how things work....usually they break or
  6. I'm happy to report that my engine(s) overheating issues seem to be fixed....right at the end of the season First I want to thank everyone, and specially Wingnut for your advice. One thing I learned, when dealing with hoses, having a small container of dish soap and water (50/50) and a brush to apply to hose connections is your best friend. The reason the main quick (red) hose did not connect correctly was because the O ring was a bit dry and because I was in such a tight spot trying to connect it...and the clip "Clicked" I assumed it was fully connected, I tried to move it, but it
  7. Another update... This thing is trying to hold me for ever getting in the water this season... I was able to get between both engines, by removing the Exhaust Manifold/riser, and move the remote oil filter and brackets over so I could squeeze in. It was a real PITA x10 I took care of the repair, installed new trim sender/limits as I did on port engine, put the engine back together and started on the outdrive, after installing the Bell housing I torqueing the nut on the shift cable, and the end of the cable SNAPPED.. Luckily, I had a spare that I ordered a couple years ago when t
  8. Just ordered the tubes, getting ready to start working on the starboard engine today...hopefully I can get it done before the weekend, but it's too efing hot! Anything else I should do in this regard? I replaced the impellor and polished the raw water pump back plate. Sweet, I hope that is going to me my situation, I already have to remove too many things to gain access to the rear of the engine. Super appreciative on your comments and wealth of knowledge --- Thank you
  9. Here is an update on my water restrictions (Sorry for the VERY long post). It was a PITA to get behind the port engine, but while I was there I also replaced the Trim sending and limiting units. On the outdrive everything came out without much issue. Luckily, I did not break much except for a grounding screw. I was even able to remove the ring from the U-Joint Bellows intact . Punched out the crushed hose expander from the transom wall, and the corrosion came out very easy using a screwdriver as a scraper and a stiff pipe metal brush to clean it up. Took a little bit to get the new hose kit i
  10. Ya, I wish I would have know about this issue back when I did the manifolds, or when I rebuilt the engines. Also when I rebuilt the Starboard engine, I had to replace the coupler, so I had the engine out, and had all the room to do that repair... Now I have to rely on my lacking "Gumby" skills to get myself in there. The plan is to take care of the Port engine first, take out on the water and make sure everything works. then tackle the Starboard engine. I was planning on doing all the bellows in the off season, as I don't know how old they are...but due to this water restriction, I will b
  11. Tom, thanks for the tips. I sure hope this is not too far gone to where the new hose rubber piece will not seal... I tried to clear it from the inside, but there isn't much room to use tools. Having 2 engines in the bay, I feel like gumby squeezing myself over the batteries to access the back of the engine. I ordered all the parts to replace all the bellows, hose kit, oil hose and tools to get the job done. Once everything arrives, I will be removing the drive. I hope I can "punch" the mangled hose and tapered fitting from the outside-in. Then as you suggested, use a wire brush and vinegar t
  12. Just wanted to post an update on this issue. drewm3i was right, there's a restriction on the intake hose, and it's the worst case scenario, it's the transom connection. I was able to squeeze on top of the batteries to reach the transom wall on the inside, and removed the quick connect for the raw water (red) hose. Once I removed the elbow connector I was able to see how bad this was. Now looking back on previous overheating issues, I can see how this was a culprit to those issues. So my plan was to replace the bellows during the upcoming season, but now I will have to take care of it
  13. Thanks for the reply, I plan on put her in the water this weekend and doing a flow test to see what is going on. In the mean time I will pull the water hose from the Power Steering cooler and see if there's anything in there... I don't have an oil cooler, Any chance you can make that circulation diagram larger??? Thank you
  14. I was under the impression that piece was upgraded to a plastic connection on mid to late 2000 models....not 100% sure. Can I check that by just raising the outdrive???
  15. You're correct, I completely forgot about the power steering, I have to double check for the cooler in the back of the Port engine. The starboard engine is the one that powers the power steering, although both engines have a power steering pump... it's gong to be a PITA to get to it, with both engines in such a tight bay, I can barely reach behind either engine. Thank you...if anyone has any other suggestions, let me know
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