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  1. HOLY COW! Thanks a bunch for taking the time to post all that detailed information. I’ll share my experience here after completion.
  2. Just trying to prepare my mind for the day of #$^% that’s to come.
  3. Hey guys...so I’m finally ready to get this done. Where are most of you mounting amps at? I want to avoid the engine compartment and anywhere else which may be moist/hot.
  4. AWESOME! Thats exactly what I needed...THANKS a bunch!
  5. Would that compartment be inside the head in front of the helm? I haven’t looked there. I’m not seeing anything fuse/breaker panel looking behind the helm/dash.
  6. Perfect! I’ll take another look first thing tomorrow. THANKS
  7. Old thread...I know. My docking lights are not working and I want to check the fuse on that circuit. I’m having trouble locating the fuse box / breaker panel...My manual says it’s near the helm but it does not indicate its exact location nor does it show an illustration of it. An image would be great but any info would be much appreciated.
  8. Good point...I’ll report back after my first run in two weeks. Thanks fellas
  9. Good to know...the guy I bought the boat from said he never felt like it needed tabs. It may have been his first boat.
  10. I haven’t had the boat out yet so I’m not sure how it will handle and act underway with a load...seems odd to me that the boat didn’t come from the factory with tabs as my last two boats did. I’m hoping that means this hull is designed to keep itself level. Any thoughts?
  11. Great idea...that should work perfectly Yes, the N2K system is awesome...I have many components connected via N2K on my ocean boat. It’s the only way to go.
  12. True...but with one remote at the bow, the head unit midship and a remote at the stern, I’ll want to “Y” at the head unit...right?
  13. Thanks again for the help fellas. I’ve almost got all my new audio equipment ordered up. I’ll report back on the install later.
  14. Perfect! I’m bringing the boat home tomorrow so I’ll get a chance to look everything over and get started. Thanks for the help.
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