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  1. People are too sensitive. I said I don’t know why I bought a boat. That is a typical joke.........get it.......again, like I said I will defer to a professional....Sheesh
  2. Dude, I have no friggin clue what you just said. I put people to sleep for a living and that is just not something I am familiar with. I appreciate the help but I am gonna have to call someone on that business. Why did I buy a boat? F-Me
  3. I chacked as many connections as I could reach. Pulled batteries and had them tested, they were 8 years old and had bad cells. Changed both of them and when I run the boat in my slip it idles fine..12.6v engine off 14.6 engine on (testing at the battery) When i run it with the “throttle only button” depressed it does fine for a minute until I give it more gas—-It then emits a “beep-beep-beep warning. Temperature 175, oil pressure 40psi and jumps to 50psi before the warning. As soon as I back off the throttle it runs fine. Any ideas? Is it OK to test like this in “throttle only”
  4. what is the “clam shell” function in this situation. Is that just to pack with 4200?
  5. Nobody said the boat wasn’t tested. I am looking for constructive help and advice from those who know more than me about boats, not assumptive criticism.
  6. Thanks. Check these readings at the battery terminals? or at another site?
  7. Hello, new to boating. 1st time out with a 2006 Chap 210SSI 5.0 Merc 160 hrs. Dual batteries with the 1/2/both/off switch system. Started fine and idled fine—-out of marina and when any throttle given, the dash battery gauge jumps around erratically and the boat loses power. If I then back off on the throttle , down to barely in gear) it would run fine. I tried switching from batt 2–batt2-both and the same problem. After 15 min of this, it finally shut off and would not even attempt to start-totally dead. I got a tow into my slip and when I hooked up the on board charger at the dock and turned the key I had power. Any ideas? Thanks for the help in advance
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