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  1. Hi All! I own a 2007 256 SSX (no arch) and the ski pole in the swim deck does not come out or push in easily at all. I've done a lot of research and can't find any replacement so I'm considering putting tow hook in the fiberglass underneither the rear seat/storage. Has anyone ever done this or would you recommend something different? Thanks! Mitch
  2. There is no transom hook. The only places to tow anything is from the tie down hooks under the swim platform. That works okay, but the tubers are constantly getting sprayed from the rope dragging in the water.
  3. Hi, I currently have a 2007 256 SSI and I'm wondering if there is a way to add the pop-up tow hook in the swim platform. My buddy has a 256 SSX that has one. It looks like my swim platform has the same features and it could possibly just be swapped out.
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