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  1. This is awesome info/advice, thank you...I’ll Be ordering an outdrive install jack and those parts from both tonight... $800 in parts sounds so much better than the 5K estimate!
  2. Thank you! I’ll check that off my hopeful list...I just got my first estimate, I know I’m not ready to tackle this job but $5K for a new transom assembly since I haven’t even gotten the boat in the water, but on a positive note nobody was injured or killed by taking it out and snapping the lever doing 20...
  3. Hey brick, when I bought the boat last month it went straight to being stored on a rack so It’s always dry, but that’s a good idea to test out out, maybe with a water hose....thank you
  4. Thank you soldier4402 for chiming in. I just went to JRmarine and watched the videos, very good info and an awesome kit! Do you think there is anyway to not have to remove the drive and bell housing by using the kit to loosen the lever nut and bolt along with the nut on top of the lever, then remove the lever pin inside the engine compartment? Thank you in advance!
  5. Hey Mi3sons, Thank you for the link to JRmarine, Ron’s recorder says he is out of the country till Apr 15...I watched his videos on gimbals rings, pins etc using the kit where you cut into your outdrive to gain access....I think I’ll wait till I speak to Ron to see if it’s possible...especially after today’s $5000 quote to replace the $275 steering arm...
  6. Thank you very much Mi3sons, I’ll be calling tomorrow...I’m hearing it’s a full engine and outdrive to replace so I’m stressed out...thanks again
  7. That would awesome, thank you!
  8. Thank you paulswagelock, When I found this yesterday I started having doubts as to the freshwater selling point, initial inspection “which did not include crawling in the bilge looked great” I was hoping this was just a part replacement ordeal for a power steering mount and/or etc...reality of an engine pull bites big time... thanks again
  9. Hey guys, I’m a old school diesel guy and new here on the forum...Can anyone identify this part and what I’m up against to get replaced? I could really use some advice on this...I was crawling around in the engine compartment replacing bilge vent hose when I saw thiis rusted out arm on my newly purchased 2001 freshwater 260 Signature with 5.7 L efi and Bravo lll w 245 hrs, it’s the only place I’ve seen any significant rust...I was just fixing to have the 300 hr service...Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I’m guessing my maiden voyage this week is canceled....
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