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  1. Cleaver

    1st New Boat purchase Advice - H20 Surf

    See if there is a boat shop in your area that has demo ride events like this: https://www.boulderboats.com/default.asp?page=xListEvents&id=413505 So you can check out the surf waves.
  2. Cleaver

    Bravo 3 side to side slop

    I have done the steering ring repair both ways, by pulling the motor or with the mercury plug kit. The plug kit is the easiest way to go, in my opinion (at least if you have the right tools). If the transom seal is also leaking water into the boat, the engine removal and transom seal repair can be done at the same time as the steering ring replacement, saving some time doing both repairs. When using the plug repair kit method, do yourself a favor and thread the nylock nut onto the steering shaft once when it is removed before installing the shaft. It makes it a lot easier to put it back on using a drift during the final install.
  3. Cleaver

    The Boatyard

    Mistakes like that usually end up with someone needing a wheelchair or a tombstone.
  4. Cleaver

    Wetsounds WS-MC1 - Screen Mounting Question

    The backside of the helm may be easier to access if you go into the helm storage area at the walk through and remove the nuts and washers from the studs that hold the helm shroud at the top of the compartment, then lift up the shroud to get to the back of the gauge area.
  5. Cleaver

    check engine code SPN-1386 FMI-15 CNT-4

    It is possible that the alarm is being caused by a faulty exhaust temperature sensor. Volvo did have a bulletin about replacing faulty sensors on some models (check with your dealer). Many late model volvos with catalyst exhaust have thermostats on the exhaust manifolds to warm up and regulate the manifold coolant temperature to reduce condensation and increase cat and O2 sensor efficiency. You may have an exhaust t-stat that is stuck or fouled with debris.
  6. Cleaver

    IAC Muffler

    Earlier mercruiser stern drive models have the IAC muffler in a small air inlet cavity at the rear of the throttle body near the throttle plate. The flame arrestor needs to be removed to get to it.
  7. If you need to replace a missing stud, a new machine threaded screw, a washer and some plexus will usually do the trick. Just hold it in place with some tape until the epoxy cures. Plexus is the best two part epoxy I have ever used. Many builders use it during boat assembly. When installing the panel, use a fender washer and nut then dab some silicone sealant on the stud threads behind the nut to keep it from backing off (instead of using a nylock nut which might pull the stud loose).
  8. Cleaver

    Vortex Issues

    I don't know what type of transducer you have in your boat, but they are normally black, plastic and located on the hull in the engine compartment with a wire attached to it. If you have the Airmar P79, it does use mineral oil or propylene glycol coolant as a medium for the sonar signal to travel through. The housing is filled to about an inch below the top, then the transducer is installed on the housing. Here is a link for the P79 spec sheet with a picture that may help you identify the transducer if that is what you have in your boat. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.airmar.com/uploads/Brochures/p79.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwjCwauYt6rcAhVLllQKHWIrDKEQFjAAegQIBBAB&usg=AOvVaw1XgC0F3yeiQwiv1Xs2yGhJ
  9. Cleaver

    Updated tower advise.

    Check out Samson Sports, they make very nice towers. https://samsonsports.com/wakeboard-towers/
  10. Cleaver

    Engine add ons

    You could get something like this. Just under 41k. https://jayaoutboard.com/2016-mercury-600sci-w-bravoxr-sportmaster.html
  11. Cleaver

    5.0 MPI misfire

    I would still recommend blowing out both the hoses connected to the IAC to see if there is a clog. It is not as likely, but possible, that a faulty harness or a circuit on the ECM could prevent the IAC from working, but If you can easily hear it opening and closing (sucking sound gets louder and quieter), I doubt there is any reason to think the IAC valve is not moving.
  12. Cleaver

    5.0 MPI misfire

    The only reason I can see that Mercruiser uses an IAC filter is to make it more quiet (it is pretty noisy without it). Otherwise, why would they have a filter covering an inlet the size of your pinky nail right next to an unfiltered throttle body nearly the size of your fist, and both are covered by the flame arrestor anyhow (except on the black scorpion inboard motors, which definitely needs the filters to keep all the belt dust I've seen on them out of the motor). I've never seen an IAC filter on a Volvo Penta, Indmar, PCM, Marine Power, or any other I/O or inboard that uses an IAC that I know of. I'm no engineer, but I don't see how an IAC filter would help protect anything other than the operator being annoyed by the sucking sound. I don't know how much dirt an enclosed marine engine sees, but I bet it is not a lot.
  13. Cleaver

    Vortex Issues

    A lot of misfire fault codes are caused by worn spark plugs. Have they been replaced since you got the boat? They should be checked or changed every session.
  14. Cleaver

    5.0 MPI misfire

    Check the hoses on the IAC that go to the throttle body and to the intake manifold and make sure they are clear. I've also seen a clogged IAC filter in the throttle body cause idle problems, so try replacing that filter too.
  15. Cleaver

    Chaparral's quality going downhill

    Boat owners are very different today than they were in the past. Most can't figure out how to reset a circuit breaker and just want everything to work when you turn it on, just like their phone does. The use of networked and complex electrical systems doesn't help either. Most issues in boats today are caused by poor electrical connections and corrosion on systems that rely on low voltage to begin with. Sorry, just had to rant a little.