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    277 SSX Owners and others, please chime in.

    Hatem, I'm thinking about adding an underbow windlass anchor system to my 287 SSX. I believe our boats are similar. Any help with parts, especially the SS bow piece to receive the anchor would be helpful. Good luck with yours!

    2019 277ssx purchase

    Paid off the note within 3 months, so not much damage there

    2019 277ssx purchase

    I bought a used 287SSX this year and had to put 10% down for the loan. The dealer and finance company helped me by allowing me to finance the taxes which were a big chunk of the 10%, so it helped. Then they gave me a check for the value of the taxes that I took to my state registration office to pay the taxes and registration. This way I didn't need both the 10% AND the money for the taxes.
  4. Guys, these posts are super helpful. Special thanks for the pictures and all of the advice. It took time to respond and it is most appreciated!!
  5. Thanks for the info. Only had a few minutes to look at it. Yes the plastic covers over the stainless round vent holes. I didn't see bolts, but I'll look again in a couple of weeks when I'm back where the boat is. Might be hard to get to from the inside. Maybe from the ice chest holder if I remove it. I'll update progress or questions in a couple of weeks. Thanks for the input!!
  6. On my 287 SSX, the air vent plastic covers are coming loose. I don't know how to re secure them. It seems there is a hole in the fiberglass below the vent, and some sort of plug was glued to the back of the plastic. Has anyone had this issue and fixed it?
  7. I added lights just to use for quick verification. It was a curved LED light bar, marine rated. 109 deer. Note, with the curve of the arch 1-1/2"-2" spacers for the mounts will be needed. I used wood, waiting on 316 S.S. to be machined. In the bay there are crab trap floats, poles sticking up, and for docking in the boathouse. Just for an extra measure of safety. Don't run them constantly as I don't want to screw up night vision of others, which would be unsafe.

    Box Anchor

    I have a 287SSX and I bought a number 11 Fortress. Didn't hook up on hard bay sand. So I did the adjustment to achieve a larger angle and it dug right in. It said this setting was for soft sand only, but it worked great in hard bay sand bottom. so far so good.

    Cooler recommendations

    I use an RTIC 40 qt soft cooler. (Cool blue water look too on the outside) I'm near Galveston, TX and in a 95 degree day, holds ice well. Due to heavy use, we just close the top once we start the party, without zipping. Keeps everything cold all day. Just for day trips. Don't know how an extended trip would hold up

    2014 287SSX engine flush-multiple failures-help!

    Well last weekend it flushed perfectly. For information, I have the two part Mercury flushing attachment as well as the Mercury low water inlet blocker. However, I was running the water through the saltaway attachment between my hose and the suction cups. I believe that might have been restricting the flow. Worked with the saltaway dispenser removed. Boat will be in a boat lift next year so I'm real curious about the valve technique rather than flushing with suction cups for the future, as the outdrive will be very difficult to access. So far I like this suggestion, the Quick Flush Valve system, where I can do this from the engine compartment. Any thoughts? Will it flush properly? Is it ok even if the engine isn't running (seems the impellor needs to move to clean it out good-maybe the water does that)?

    Wanted, Freshwater 276ssx

    I just bought a 2014 287SSX (from what I hear the model you want changed names to 287, but is the same boat-maybe I'm wrong about that?). It was freshwater and low hours and a good deal. I too wanted the dual seat so my wife can finally sit by me. It is an awesome boat.

    2014 287SSX engine flush-multiple failures-help!

    I start at idle then go up to 1200-1300 rpm as people have written to get the thermostat to open
  13. I bought a used 287SSX with 45 hours recently. I use it in saltwater. I have the 8.2 liter engine with Bravo 3 outdrive. I have tried flushing 4 times and have received a "critical overheat" warning each time, and have shut it off immediately. I have the Mercury low water pickup flushing attachment to block the holes, as well as trying 3 types of earmuffs, including the two part Mercury ones. I noticed once that the water was blasting out of the suction cup on the Mercury ones, so I've even turned the water down some to avoid blow-by on the pickups. Still each way, the same result. I have never had a flushing problem on boats, so I'm stumped. When I run the boat in the bay, it works perfectly at all speeds and rpms with no warnings. I'm afraid I'm going to quickly mess something up but don't know what I might be doing wrong. Please help!