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  1. DianeFromWisco

    Drilling Fender Holder Help Please!

    Wing nut you saved the day. Wing nut you are a GENIUS! The drilling went smooth (WHEW), the adhesive is amazing, the fender clips are literally the best I have had in 30 years of boating. Trust me, we have tried everything. I know drilling into your boat is scary, but sometimes it makes life better. We had 25 MPH winds, our boat tied to the dock this weekend at a bar, and the fenders did not move even with getting slammed nonstop. Wingnut, I owe you a beer!
  2. DianeFromWisco

    Drilling Fender Holder Help Please!

    By God you are RIGHT! Small panels come off to allow access. YOU ROCK WINGNUT! 3M - 5200.....Is this caulk? This goes on the backside of the flat clip like glue?
  3. DianeFromWisco

    Drilling Fender Holder Help Please!

    Wingnut - Problem. Cannot get to the "backside" to put on a washer. Anyone? HELP! Still have not drilled (I am playing typist while hubby continues to stare at the boat with a scowl)
  4. DianeFromWisco

    Drilling Fender Holder Help Please!

    Thank you Wingnut! So no need to worry about finding something solid to drill through? We only get one chance to do this, and we are screwed if this does not work. "How do you like our new boat with holes in it?!"
  5. DianeFromWisco

    Drilling Fender Holder Help Please!

    Putting some new metal fender clips on our 2012 226 SSI today. What do we need to know when drilling into the gelcoat (I am sick just typing that!) Are there "solid" areas that a screw can bite? Help for this newbie appreciated!! ASAP!
  6. DianeFromWisco

    Happy Chappy Owner!

    After losing a larger Chaparral in a divorce, I am a happy Chappy owner once again! Just picked up a 2012 226 ssi. Beyond thrilled to be back in the land of Chaparral! This happy Chappy (nameless as of now) will be kept on Lake Winnebago in WI. Excited to have found this forum!
  7. DianeFromWisco

    2012 226 ssi anchor missing

    I am a newbie to this board - lost a big Chap in a divorce and am starting small again with the 226 that I picked up this spring. Looking for a replacement anchor for a 2012 226 ssi. It fits in a locker so I need the exact anchor size that came with the boat. Any help is appreciated.