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  1. Hi Richard W, We have not purchased the boat YET!. Deposit only, only after sea trial, review of maintenance records will we make the offer. I trust our salesman thoroughly.
  2. Being new to boating we were faced with the decision to use our marina sales manager, or find a boat through private sale. We let our salesman search for us trusting his knowledge and experience and on the side my wife and I scoured the web. As it turns out, our salesman rocks. We found plenty of boats ourselves but he pointed out everything to avoid on each one. Then he found our boat, or what is about to become our boat. I thought I knew what to look for in a boat, but quickly was schooled by "Will" on the pit falls of private sale. Not only did he find us our boat but also arranged for its transport to our marina. He also worked with the other marina to have the owners repair gimbal bearings and bellows before the sale is complete. All experience, knowledge, and expertise used to make our boating experience the best it can be.
  3. Update on this journey of entering the boating world. Last Wednesday the salesman brought my wife, close friend, and I to NH to inspect the boat. 2 hour drive from where we are in Maine but a nice drive. Keeping in mind the boat was shrink wrapped all winter, the boat was in really nice condition. Its a 2002 280 Sig so I expected some wear and tear. Minimal pin striping missing, gelcoat looks amazing (well kept). Engine compartment clean as a whistle, galley, births, bathroom and storage areas all dry and clean. one small piece of molding missing, carpets in good condition. There is some pitting on the outdrives and the magnesium may need to be replaced. Unfortunately Lake Winnipesauke is still packed with ice so no sea trial. Yesterday I received all maintenance records beginning from 2011 to present. Our sales man noted there was no work done to gimbal bearings and called the service manager in NH. He found that the now owners were advised that both bearings needed replacing. So our sales man told them to contact the owners of the boat and advise them that work has to be completed at their cost or we are not purchasing the boat. The owners were contacted and agreed to complete everything. This brings me to the next thread I will start. To be continued. lol Thank you to everyone who has responded back to my questions. ken
  4. Update on our purchase. The Salesman drove my wife, friend and I to New Hampshire to put eyes and hands on our future purchase. Knowing its a 2002, a 2 owner boat, and its just been uncovered from shrink wrap, my expectations were not outlandish. To much of our surprise the boat was in really great condition. The engine compartment was immaculate. There was a bit of wear on the carpet at the stern entrance as to be expected but the rest of the snap in was really good. All vinyl was perfect and well kept. Our sales man started to chuckle as he reached under the floor access and stated "watch this". He pulled a key from under the floor and said "I put this key here the day I sold this boat to the original owner" That was obviously back in 2002. He knew this boat inside and out and began checking every inch of the vessel. Besides the normal wear and tear on the boat, he highly recommended this boat. It did make us feel better about this purchase. We put a deposit down on the boat and the purchase is pending after sea trial. The Signature 280 is deceivingly large with huge living space below. I am so excited to be finally on the water. It is powered by Fuel injected 5.0L Volvo Penta engines.
  5. My wife and I are getting in to the boating world after 20 years of camping. We have great friends that have shown us the way of enjoying Spring, Summer and Fall that just makes sense. We were paying for a camper that we only used 1 week a year. (foolish) We are heading out this week with a great sale's person from a marina to look at a Chaparral 280 Signature. 2002. Any helpful advise would be encouraged.