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  1. They never had a template for my model either/ Now they do and don't acknowledge the fact that they will be using it in the future
  2. If anyone is interested, I just sent SeaDek a complete template for every floor area in my boat, plus the swim platform. A 2012 287 SSX I went through two sets of "Dri Fit" templates with them and got it to fit perfectly. They now have that template in their system for anyone interested.
  3. Thanks, Will have to recruit someone a lot smaller than me. Ha
  5. New development: My Volvo Penta DPS A 1.78 outdrive, was taken off by a mechanic to find that a seal was broken causing salt water to enter the transom and upper unit. This caused the cone clutch to seize, making it fell like I hit something and over rev the engine so the belt to shear off. (according to my mechanic) So the new dilemma is that Volvo was aware of this design flaw and discontinued the DPS A and replaced it with the DPS B. The older unit is available in upper and lower units individually for about $2,000 more than the assembled DPS-B. Following me? I was told the same thing by a few suppliers who can't get the DPS-A anymore. Anyone have any knowledge of this? I read online that it is a common problem.
  6. I did not see any metal in the burnt fluid. No damage to the skeg or prop I have a sea strainer that catches most foreign objects, even mud. I have already submitted a claim and spoken to the surveyor. One mechanic thinks either the cone clutch is gone or a linkage within the drive is broken or drive shaft itself broke. I have heard everything form linkage to outdrive. Should be splitting the housing tomorrow. Don't want to touch it until the surveyor takes a look. Stay tuned... Definitely need a blessing after this one
  7. No metal chips in drive fluid, just burnt smell. Odd because props are pristine. Not even a burr
  8. Let me preface by saying that you all have been so helpful in the past, and it is greatly appreciated. I love this forum. Excuse the long paragraph, but I am trying to give all the details to something that no one has been able to figure out: I own a 2012 287 SSX with a Volvo 8.1 GI=J Dual prop. Just hit 200 hours. Bought the boat from The Boat Rack in NC in mint condition in November. My boating is East coast southern NJ salt water. Got caught in a thunderstorm last weekend and on the way in at about 45 mph, I hear a grinding noise, and small thump. Not a noise like I hit anything. I shut down almost immediately and look at the props, nothing. I open the hatch and the belt is mangled. The next day I install a new belt and just in case, a new impeller. Engine starts, cool temp, no problem, I THOUGHT. Leaving the dock, no Forward, no Reverse. Could it be coincidence that this happened simultaneously with the belt breaking? Get boat up on the lift and take off outdrive housing to find cable ok. At that point I disconnected the cable, ran the engine and manually tried to shift gears manually by turning the gear disc. NOTHING. Had a local mechanic look at it and tell me that I need a new outdrive?!? I am shocked at 200 hours?! The fluid in the drive was black and obviously not maintained, although the dealer told me that they prepped the boat. My bad for not double checking, but it doesn't seem like dirty drive fluid would cause this problem? But a coincidence?? Anybody?? I
  9. I have been using Cecil marine all year. They are great. Fast and courteous, if you have a question. cecilmarine.com
  10. I purchased a 2012 287 SSX this year and love every second on it. I recently had all Rockville 2600 Watt amp, 1000 watt 10" subwoofer, four new 6.5" 1000 watt speakers and two 6.5" wakeboard speaker installed on the arch. I am now told by the tech. that I need to install a third battery to run the system. I am not familiar with the hook up and was told it can't just loop off the house battery. (Which is what I would have done) Anyone familiar with this wiring configuration?
  11. It did not come with an inverter or battery charger. I am only looking to keep batteries charged and keep fridge cool, so I don't have to empty it every weekend. Thanks
  12. I have a 2012 287 SSX and I am interested in installing shore power. I have the outlet at my lift, just not familiar with how to outfit boat with converter nor where to locate it on the boat?


    The question mark is meant to stress the surprise that the company (Rockville) does not make flat arch mount, not ask if they do. Sorry if that was confusing. My problem is not the method of how to attach o the arch, (there are no holes, but I have no problem drilling them), it is what do i attach to the arch, since the speakers only came with tubular mounts? I though someone out there with an 287 SSX might have done this before.


    I just want to say thanks to all for answering my questions. You guys have been right on with every answer and have helped tremendously. Thant being said, I just bought wake-board speakers for my 2012 287 SSX. The mounting brackets are for a tubular arch and mine is flat. The speaker company does not make a mount for the flat arch? Anyone with any experience with this situation? I am all ears.
  15. I have a 2012 287 SSX. I was a Sea Ray owner/enthusiast for years, and now I am fully converted, and loving everything about my Chaparral. Both blower motors are not working and switch stays lit? I checked the breakers and they seem ok? Is there a fuse anywhere? It is odd that they would both stop working simultaneously?
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