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  1. Rush0024

    Why is it so hard to find gas grill on 224 sunesta?

    I know, I just really want one with the gas grill from the factory. I know I'm weird, I just want the clean built in look. I'm not big on adding stuff like this as it can be a little tacky for me.
  2. I recently started looking into getting a boat. Chaparral caught my eye as I saw that you could get a gas grill on some of their bowrider boats. I would love to have that option if I do get a Chaparral boat. I went to build and saw you can get the gas grill as a option on the 224. However when I search for 224's on the internet for sale I can't find a single one that has that option. Why is that? On the 224 page there isn't even a picture of it. Why isn't this a bigger selling point? Why are there no 224's out there with this option? I am new to the boating thing but for me having a grill built into the boat is a great feature and nice selling point to be able to entertain friends and cook up a meal while on the water. What am I missing?