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  1. jetkit

    1999 Signature 29 Radar Arch

    Yep. 2 part fiberglass. The picture below is from someone else's boat. Ouch.
  2. jetkit

    1999 Signature 29 Radar Arch

    Crazy it is. I saw a video where someone was opening an arch just that way, in 2 halves. I need to get the URL for it. At first look, seems to be fiberglass, not aluminum. Will know more tomorrow. Thanks for the support, Hatem.
  3. jetkit

    1999 Signature 29 Radar Arch

    Thank you. Looks like the newer Chaps are easier to access the arch wiring. I do not have the round access panel as you do. Most likely I will be able to send a snake over the speaker hole in the gunwale. As I will create openings for lights and speakers, it should work at the end. The metal frames I refer to do not exist in newer boats. It is separated from the plastic c channels that carry the zipper thing. I will try not to find out if those actually hold the arch together...
  4. jetkit

    CRAParral Never buy!

    3 week turnaround is absurd for those repairs. The boating industry absolutely got us brainwashed on what we should expect as normal. The last time my car was 3 weeks in the shop, they paid two months of my loan out. And the auto industry has pathetic margins compared to the boating folks. In South Florida I see boat mechanics with such low skill set that they should not be working in lawnmowers, and yet they charge an absurd hourly rate. We should perhaps have a strong Boat Owners Association that brings incompetency to court until they are bankrupt, working for boat owners, not the boating industry.
  5. jetkit

    1999 Signature 29 Radar Arch

    Any insights on how to rewire the radar arch on this chap? We'll add radar, GPS, lights and speakers. Also need to replace the TV antenna.The radar arch has metal trims all along the front and back edges. Are those to hold the top & bottom of the arch? They can't be just for decoration with 30+ screws each. Cheers