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  1. I did not cut the dash. I ordered the navigation surround from my dealer. (2018 model came with the Garmin 742xs for the factory) They did have to call someone at the factory to get the correct part #. But it is literally plug and play. If you can't get you dealer to work with you call the dealer in Mooresville NC. They are the largest in the world and have good customer service.
  2. Yes. I setup just like you described and the way the factory installs when you buy navigation. Left=Tach Center=Navigation Right=Multigauge (fuel/water/trim)
  3. I plugged the Yacht Devices gateway in at the engine. It plugs directly into the engines diagnostic port. No adapter is required. It then runs to the console where it plugs into the mnea2000 network. I never tie anything into my gauges or leave hidden gauges like someone else mentioned. Engine to network, then plotter to network. As far as the transducer, just buy one that its compatible with your chartplotter and plug it directly into the chartplotter, no need to connect to the network.
  4. I'll have to go back and look, but I didn't hide a gauge in the dash or buy a harness to get it working on mine.
  5. Garmin GT15M is what I used. No issues. Acurite depth under full power.
  6. I was in the exact same situation. I had to have engine data if I was losing 2 gauges. I setup a basic nmea2000 network with a basic starter kit. I used the Yacht Devices gateway for Volvo. It plugs into the engines diagnostic port on one end and the network on the other. It provides a ton of data to the network. Then you connect the chartplotter to the network. Once the two are talking it allows you to built custom digital gauge displays.
  7. Garmin is what the factory uses, so the grey wood grain surround bolts right in. Also, I mostly use it for navigation and in my opinion Garmin is great for navigation. For instance, if we are taking a 50 mile trip. I just click the marina/restaurant that we are going to and it calculates the route. Not in a straight line, but curves around islands, shallow areas etc. But gets you there in the shortest distance based on my preferences. I tell it that I want a minimum of 10ft and I don't want to go closer that 20ft to the shore and it does the rest. Also I have a Garmin Virb camera (gopro b
  8. Yeah I was able to getting it installed and it was well worth the effort. It's a nice touchscreen unit. I was able to connect the engine data to Garmin this give me full digital gauges.
  9. High rev, high RPM jet drive vs torque and lower RPM's. Also consider resale and fuel effecincy. 226 hands down.
  10. I called the dealer to purchase the factory table and the price was $975. After some internet research I was able to find the manufacture and order the parts garelick 75337-01. Total cost after shipping was $319 for the complete table assembly from Autoplicity. I also purchased an additional side mount base for $51 from Wholesale Marine. There is an aluminum table leg option too. It is less expensive but I chose to stick with SS like the factory. The last things I need are the table leg storage clips and determine where and how the table top is stored. If someone who has the table option
  11. Thanks for you input. I have used the garmin 7 series in another boat for several years. I would totally agree that trying to display all the information on a single display would be too much. I mostly will use the map display with engine info around the edges just like you are describing. I will be removing 2 3-way digital gauges. So I know their is a data source coming from the engine. I'm just not sure if it's a NMEA 2000 hub or some other source and what connectors will be necessary. Thanks again.
  12. I am preparing to install the factory option Garmin 742xs in my 2016 226. I have ordered the unit, transducer, and woodgrain bezel. The dealer is not showing any additional parts required to the install. It seems like there would be a harness to go from the digital gauges to the unit. Does anyone know if there is an existing Nmea 2000 network from the factory or what is required to tie the engine data to the GPS unit?
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