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  1. Curt

    VP Impeller removal tool?

    Nothing special needed. Needle nose pliers work well. Grab the base/root of a vane and pull it out.
  2. Curt

    VP DPS trim sender questions

    Bummer. Three potential causes. The sender was hit/damaged. Water intrusion. Hinky wiring. Find the connection and verify all is good, then pop the sender off and look at it, then run your fingers up the wires from the sender to the transom (feeling for breaks, bulges, cuts). Best wishes.
  3. Curt

    VP DPS trim sender questions

    Not serviceable. Assume you've confirmed the drive hasn't moved when the gauge randomly pegs. Considering it's a 2014, EVC equipped? If EVC, there is a calibration mode to execute as well. If the trim sender is ultimately confirmed, the connection is inside the transom. The wires pull through a grommet, the grommet plugs the hole. No need to pull the drive, but if you haven't in a year or two, now's the time because it makes this job about a 5-minute cake walk. With the drive on, in addition to small hands, another set of hands in the engine bay is helpful. Inside pulls while outside guides the wire and grommet.
  4. Curt

    New motor wont start- need advise.

    If it starts (or catches), then coughs and quits it sounds like timing. Please remember, timing has to be calibrated and this can only be completed through the ECM (this is deeper than reading codes, although knowing if a code has been set is helpful but keep in mind unless codes were cleared from the prior engine, this information may not be helpful now). The only way to calibrate timing, assuming base timing is set and the distributor installed correctly, is Volvo Penta's software or Rinda's Diacom. Rinda's Tech Mate is a scan tool, and cannot perform the necessary calibration. No matter what you do, you'll need the calibration done otherwise the engine won't perform correctly. Now, that being said, some engines can be put into calibration mode (a.k.a. start-up mode) by jumping two particular pins. However this mode is accessed, either through the ECM or by jumpering, it's necessary to get the motor to initially start and then calibrate timing. Without knowing the year, serial number, etc. of the original engine can't say if jumpering is an option for your particular set-up. I don't believe it is, but it's always best not to assume. PM your email and I'll send a PDF containing what you need.
  5. They “self correct” if put in wrong. No idea if the added strain/stress has an effect. Since this is a foreseeable installation issue, the designer/engineer probably took this into account. From what I’ve seen of the splines and bearings, no issue. But, tearing a vane or hanging one could happen.
  6. Curt

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    One owner, excellent condition. No trailer.
  7. Curt

    Dumb question #28

    If you have a carb with an electric choke, 15-30 seconds is very wise for a cold engine. The spring moves when heated with an electrical current. This doesn't happen instantaneously. If you don’t wait, it’s hard to start and tends to flood. If you wait the approximate 15-30 seconds, it pops right off. A throttle pump or two/three is good as well (like you are doing). Can’t answer your question/statement about fuel pump without knowing year and motor. Go boat, all is normal.
  8. Volvo Penta discontinued the tube of grease. It’s not needed. Just dip it in water after putting a wire tie on the inner third or so. Once about 3/4 inch of the impeller is in, slide the tie off and push her home. A helpful tip, bend the vanes so they lag rotation.
  9. Curt

    Dumb question #28

    It’s not an alarm. It’s just telling you the key is in, and ignition live.
  10. Curt

    Need suggestions/help

    Sounds like a float. The Edelbrock 1409 is a vast improvement and Chris is spot on about it and the long troubled TKS carb. A few suggestions. Be sure to get the electric choke, and wire it correctly. And, get the intake/carb spacer. Really helps prevent vapor lock. FWIW. The 1409 carb is somewhat often posted on eBay and reasonable.
  11. Curt

    Lower unit oil change

    Glad you found it. An ounce of prevention is worth...
  12. Yes. The same can be done with the Volvo Penta’s as well. Volvo’s were not over-sprayed though; fully coated by design. So, it takes a bit more effort to remove and clean, but they clean up great.
  13. Curt

    VP DP-S drive service

    Great job. That’s why I said if you have a DP-S. As you’ve leaned, the -B’s are sealed and without zerks. With Volvo Penta there are so many varieties, knowing the exact model and serial number is helpful and important. Again, great job. She’s going to purr and you’ll notice how much smother she feels straight and in the turns. Volvo Penta’s telltale sign that the drive hasn’t been off in awhile is “grumbling” in the turn.
  14. Curt

    Updating Carpet

    The current product is called Beach Weave. I’ve not heard of Seagrass. If Beach Weave is what’s meant, the mill is Infinity Woven/Infinity Fabrics. Infinity does not cut and sew or make the final product, so you’ll have to go through a retailer/dealer to purchase a bolt and then have someone finish. No backing.