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  1. Closing this thread out. From the bow eye to the drain plug is 28 feet. If the winch roller is set to 28 feet on the Venture VATB-12625 trailer, the transom (drain plug) sits 6-inches in from the end of the main bunks. In this position, the boat's weight is evenly distributed over the three axles and the transom is fully supported (doesn't overhang). The trailer I purchased included electric/hydraulic brakes instead of surge. I highly recommend this option given all of the weight. While it added about $600 to the trailer's price, the trailer is much safer to operate and very stable even in heavy traffic. $600 compared to safety is priceless; to the value of the boat, about one tank of fuel - miniscule. The 29 foot dimension the dealer referenced is incorrect. FYI I too called Chaparral with no response. This dimension should not be secret on any boat. To help any future owner of a 307 SSX, if you prefer a Road King trailer, the model number is RKAV 26-28TRB3 10700 LB Net. A reference VIN is 5KZVBB2838JA053120. With this information, Road King can build a trailer to the exact dimensions of the 307 SSX. Please note though, your transom will overhang the bunks and the bunks are approximately 18 inches longer than the rear most supporting cross member. Happy boating.
  2. You live a beautiful part of the country. A long time back I lived in Rochester. Love the Finger Lakes, Thousand Islands and Adirondack regions. Please recall, the trailer question and the Venture VATB-12625 I bought is for a 307 SSX (2016). Our first Chaparral is the 264 Sunesta (2009) that I mentioned. The Sunesta doesn't have a trailer. It was delivered on the lake we reside on, by the Chaparral dealer located on the lake. Winter storage this year was on a yard trailer, while previous years was in a rack. Thank you again.
  3. Thank you. The dealer confirmed 29 +/- a bit. I bought a new tri-axle Venture VATB 12625 Friday. The winch/bow stop is adjustable between 27 and 30 feet, so the transom will be on the bunks and not overhand. Preferred the VATB 10625 overall length, but the transom will overhang and I'm not a fan of that. Two disappointments: (a) Really like the Loadmaster given fit and their responsiveness, but lead-time was greater than my available time, (b) rims, hubs, bearings and radial tires are all Chinese. After the initial relocation, I'll probably change bearings to Timken (U.S.A.) and tires to Goodyear Endurance (U.S.A). Once relocated, the trailer will only be used twice per year - to launch in the Spring and remove in the Fall. This is our second Chaparral (264 Sunesta with Arch), and third boat (205 Sea Ray). In our opinion, the quality of Chaparral open bows is far better than the others. Looking forward to a great Summer.
  4. We just purchased a 2016 Chaparral 307 SSX. Looking to purchase a trailer. Does anyone know the measurement from the bow-eye to the drain-plug? Thank you.