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  1. Thank you for the serial number. EPM is a very good thing. Setting that aside, when you turn the key on, your boat should sound 3 beeps. Low oil pressure is the only constant/continuous alarm. High temperature is a beep every five seconds, or, if severe, a beep every second. You have an SX drive, not OceanX. Nothing to cause the “Transmission Service Required” message. But, I’m not familiar with this Chaparral gauge and wonder if it’s simply an annual service reminder since there are no sensors to alarm (in your drive/transmission). I doubt the temperature gauge is faulty, but I’m not there to
  2. Please post the serial number of the motor and drive, and a picture of the alarm message. This will help the community guide resolution. Volvo Penta has a number of configurations, and in this scenario, drilling down requires additional information. P.S. Please explain exactly what was done “reseal sea pump that had a small leak”.
  3. Unless overfilled, remove the cap. There’s a singe use o-ring on the dipstick, and it sounds like it’s missing and was over tightened. If threads actually broke off (aluminum), they’re down in the gears/gear case now. Two schools of thought since aluminum. Run it because the gears, pinions and bearings are hardened steel or pull the drive, tear it down, get the contamination out and prevent major/catastrophic damage. Safest and best route is the latter. If small chunks/pieces, you might get away with kerosene flushing. If the cap is damaged and you replace, measure old and new and adjust shim
  4. Unrelated, what the heck is up with all the spam?
  5. The Chaparral website includes an owners section. The manual, in English, is posted. These are owners manuals, not maintenance manuals for the power package. www.chaparralboats.com.
  6. Something isn’t right. Genuine Volvo Penta parts purchased directly from an authorized Volvo Penta dealer have a 12 month warranty. If also installed by the authorized Volvo Penta dealer, the warranty is 24 months. There is fine print though. Please tell us the specifics. As to the black paint issue, long, long in the rearview mirror. Not the reason why two supposed brand new genuine Volvo Penta pumps failed in 2020/2021.
  7. @Wirewheels OceanX. Again, 1:95:1 ratio. If still curious, kneel down, look at the face of each drive and you’ll see a silver tag. Serial number and ratio are embossed into each. The changeover was dealer completed. Time to move to maintenance history since replacement, last time each was removed (should be annually), engine history/maintenance, manifold condition and last replacement, etc. Each of these individually, and in total, are more relevant to your wallet, reliability and enjoyment considering how the boat is currently configured. The XDP drives are long gone.
  8. If the serial numbers are correct, which seems to be the case, this boat doesn't have XDP’s. The work was completed by a Volvo Penta authorized dealer. OceanX drives are (essentially) time proven DPS-A’s with two wonderful sensors and an excellent corrosion resistant coating. Not sure how to say this, so I apologize in advance... There are things to worry about, but whether this boat had, or wondering if it currently has, XDP’s doesn’t make the list. These other things include maintenance history since replacement, last time each was removed, manifolds, etc... Given the XDP’s were removed and
  9. As currently configured, unless there is a serial number mix-up, the unit doesn't have XDP drives any longer. The drive serial numbers tell us everything we need to know (P.S. the installed ratio is 1.95:1). For proof, look and feel each. If 100% black, have a curved radius and feel like a composite (a plastic) compared to metal (aluminum), there's an issue. Tap on each, you'll know immediately (no different than the sound a composite bat makes compared to aluminum). OceanX drives are a distinct silver with a black band where the logo is. They also include the word/phrase OceanX. They don't lo
  10. Cools hydraulic fluid. Suggest doing a Google or Yahoo search on OceanX, or visiting Volvo Penta's web (www.volvopenta.com/en-us/). Lot's of excellent information to review, and learn about. In short, OceanX is a durable coating that protects the outdrive from saltwater corrosion, and a sensor for each water in bellows and water in oil. Regards.
  11. There is a heat exchanger; it’s the approximate 4.0-inch diameter cylinder with hoses to/from, but this isn’t for closed cooling. These engines are fully seawater cooled, single pass. Positively, they and the drives include the OceanX package. The starboard serial no. is 4012202801 (port serial no. Is 4012202802), product no. 3869380, engine designation is 5.7OSXi-G, registered June 2008. Best, Curt
  12. Part number 81630SS. Amazon. Reading two reviews, the housing is different size but lens is the same and can be swapped. Cecil Marine also has the current version, but notes new holes are required. Cecil’s part number is 25.00054. https://www.amazon.com/ITC-81631SS-BR-DB-Red-Navigation-Light/dp/B00K779N2C http://www.cecilmarineonline.com/bow-light-2-3-8-wide-x-3-long-led-with-connectors/
  13. Curt

    SPN 926 FMI 5

    If the issue isn't solved, are you getting an audible alarm, message or both? Not related to the impeller.
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