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  1. If you have a set of mics, no need to go to a shop. Straightforward.
  2. I didn’t make the comparison to the car, but that work is more straightforward and easier than drilling an accurate hole on an angle (including concepting and building the jig). That seal is shot. The picture kind of leads me to believe the rod is worn as well. Might just be the angle or an optical illusion though. You’ll determine when it’s miced, or if not measuring, if she leaks after new seals. Be careful not to dry run the pump.
  3. Hatem, the kit includes seals and o-rings. It doesn’t include rods, pistons, housings or bushings/pins. If your rods aren’t worn (undersized, scored or gouged) or pistons damaged, you ordered what’s needed. FWIW, it’s likely this is all you need but micing each rod and bore is best practice. When measuring the bore, three places (near end of travel on both ends and middle). We’re checking to make sure the bore is round and not oval. Since these are small bore cylinders, a telescoping I.D. mic or fixed length rod is best. Honestly, most don’t check this and it’s almost always fine. (This habit is carried over from a different day.) Regarding rods, were verifying they’re not significantly undersized over the seal riding length. Square up the seals with a drift or cup-follower when installing. Wetting the bore with some hydraulic fluid makes installation easier. Likewise, put some on the new seal lips also. Remember to flush, fill and bleed the system. Not much different than disc brakes. Scotch-Brite is to carefully and not excessively clean rods and bores. Don’t sand or use abrasives. Drilling the flag mounting hole and windlass is harder than this job.
  4. Curt

    Pa4a bluetooth

    We too have an unstable Polk Ultramarine PA4A BT. Never lost power, but the BT and App are hinky. We've had the same experience with a primary device like Playmaker17 describes. The only solution we've found is to forget the connection and pair new. If moving through the App quickly, it almost always freezes. If you forget to disconnect the BT connection before powering down, it usually won't subsequently reconnect until paired new. The only solution we've had success with is to disable BT on all devices with a stored pairing except the device that will be used to stream before powering up the head unit. Upgrading the stereo is on the winter to-do list for this, and a few other unrelated reasons. If you find a solution, please post it. This unit has been installed widely and others will benefit. Best.
  5. Curt

    Windless anchor for a 276 ssx

    I’ve never jacked a boat up, so can’t comment. Regarding the winch, the cog can be cleaned with a Dremel if you’d like or greased and left alone. As to the spacer, it’s asking for a little love. Perhaps sand it clean, or pull and replace. If mine, and I’m replacing/repairing the ratchet like you are, I’d replace. Probably overkill, but I’m there already so why not.
  6. Curt

    Portlight 2001 300 signature

    I’ve never had this problem, but it seems the first step is to determine where the water is getting through. Is it the outside edge of the window/hull interface or through the glass/frame seal? If outside edge, pull the widow and seal/reseal with a good all-weather caulk. If the glass/frame seal, either a new window, replace the seal using a similar rubber profile or flat gasket material (rolls and sheets can be purchased at most industrial distributors); or if not severe, perhaps caulk.
  7. IDK. But, you’ll for sure feel better if you let the conspiracy demons go. If, at some future date, we find he/she is Richard, so be it. Double ignore.
  8. Man, thinking that’s Richard and there’s some conspiracy is out there. Even if it’s Richard, why even care at all? He/she’s taken a tough guy pseudonym, and is using it for cover. While he/she made a good point in this thread, and other threads along the way, bodily harm or worse was wished on you. That crossed the line. A constructive rebuke and difference of opinion is healthy and good dialogue. This wasn’t and they’ve earned an ignore going forward.
  9. Unless I missed it, he didn’t suggest using it on the holding tank or gasoline tank. Your suggestion to do so coupled with your assertion means he will blow himself up. He may or may not be in a mood, but that’s not right or cool.
  10. Thank you. Acetone and MEK are excellent solvents, but highly flammable. I use a battery powered drill and impact wrench a lot in the engine bay. Not to remove water, but to remove this, install that, etc. Never thought about these as an ignition source. I’ll do a bit of checking with DeWalt and Milwaukee.
  11. Never thought about this hazard, and have never used a shop vac in the bilge. Now I won’t - thank you. Wonder if my cordless drill is a hazard.
  12. Curt

    Winterizing a 496 closed system

    And certainly very high IQ?
  13. Curt

    Grilling at the dock?

    Funny. Oddly well written SPAM though. Still don’t get why the site attracts it or intentions.
  14. Curt

    Grilling at the dock?

    Funny. Oddly well written SPAM though. Still don’t get why the site attracts it or intentions.
  15. Curt


    Echo that.