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  1. Curt

    What Cruiser Would You Buy?

    Might just be the angle that you looked at it. Those 425’s sure are enormous.
  2. Curt

    What Cruiser Would You Buy?

    Hatem, our 307 has the same support poles on the front. They’re actually very helpful. The best appearance feature of our boat, in my opinion, is the substantial fixed arch. Love it. (Like you, I’m not a fan of the newer ones.) Boy oh boy those 425’s are huge. Wow.
  3. Curt

    Purchased 1st chaparral 226ssi

    Congratulations. Great boat. A suggestion that will help ensure a trouble free season and avoid costly repairs. Change or have changed engine oil and filter; outdrive gear lube; fuel/water separator (filter) if equipped with one; impeller; and pull the outdrive to lube gimbal and align. Around $500 to $750 if completed by a dealer (or about $150 and 4 or 5 hours if completed by you). By completing the above, you’ll have a great season, avoid many of the maintenance related issues posted on this blog and be a happy boat owner (not a disgruntled one). Yes you have a warranty, but the warranty doesn’t cover failure to maintain. Enjoy the boat. Enjoy the season. And, be safe out there.
  4. Curt

    2018 267 SSX - Transducer?

    That’s neat. Please keep us posted on what you can see. Perhaps a new thread.
  5. Curt

    mooring cover lining replacement

    Any chance you could post a picture? I’m not able to visualize what you’ve written.
  6. Best post ever. Thank you for the insight, and helpful tips to winterize a tree. Proud to say you really, really know your audience. On behalf of all of the fine arborists on this forum please accept our bark given gratitude and we offer a long leafy branch so you can thoroughly pat yourself on the back for a root well done.
  7. Curt

    Uncle Chuck Schumer reponds to Ethanol

    Love the DC10. Comfortable ride. If I recall correctly, it’s not that the engines fell off but rather had that nasty tendancy to grenade.
  8. Curt

    Uncle Chuck Schumer reponds to Ethanol

    Those L1011’s made a lot of noise and smoke. The 07’s and ‘27’s did as well. Very different than today’s technology for sure.
  9. Curt

    Power for 227 SSX

    More torque earlier in the curve and a flatter profile. One’s got to wonder if longevity is reduced because the motor is working harder. Time will tell. They sure pack a punch though.
  10. Curt

    2018 267 SSX - Transducer?

    That’s the best place for it, and right where the center of gravity is. It’s the most turbulent free part of the hull (for most water and load conditions). We should recall that a valid reading is multiple near instantaneous soundings with the same reading and no anomaly (said differently, it’s not a single shot). It’s a built-in validation, a “check and balance” if you will. Any anomaly (diasagreement from the PLC’s perspective) is an error, and the result is the flash/blink to alert the operator (“caution”).
  11. Curt

    2018 267 SSX - Transducer?

    I don’t believe that’s the case given the current description of the problem.
  12. Curt

    2018 267 SSX - Transducer?

    I know, and for sure wasn’t trying to be disrespectful. And, like I also know you know, the answer to that important question helps reduce the “gun slinging”.
  13. Curt

    2018 267 SSX - Transducer?

    Suggest a few alternative considerations. Blinking/flashing is a warning, an FYI if you will, and almost always normal. Typically caused by intermittent turbulent water flow, air under the boat, etc. Water conditions, speed, weight and balance all play a part. The readout returns to normal when these interuptions are no longer present and valid soundings occur. If a depth never displays or that part of the HMI (gauge and/or Garmin) is always blank, then it’s time to look elsewhere and deeper. Example, transducer, wiring, growth, damage, etc. Depending on your configuration and user entered values (lower unit offset, depth limits, etc.), it can also be a warning that you’re getting close to exceeding the low level set-point. This is system dependent of course. Is the depth gauge or Garmin flashing/blinking? Many boats, even those with dual HMI’s, have two depth systems, each with a transducer. One provides input to the “analog”, albet digitally displayed depth gauge or “electronic gauge cluster”. The other to the digital side, a.k.a. Garmin. Need to know your exact configuration to help narrow where and what to look at. Picture and model number for the Garmin, along with how you have each side configured. Right is offen the “electronic gauge cluster”, left is often navigation.
  14. Curt

    Replacing the fuel water separator

    Those tend to work better, at least for me. Another trick. Put a cut piece of sandpaper between the wrench and filter. Often this gives that extra bite needed to break the filter loose. They tend to get stuck when the gasket isn’t lubricated, over torqued or when on longer than about a year.
  15. Curt

    Moving the water pump - 330 sig

    Another way to reduce noise, assuming the other things that have been suggested are ruled out and we’re talking about the common “whirl”, get a length of insulation, sew it into a cylindrical shape and slide it over the pump. A pair of long wire ties to “grip/cinch” it in-place works well. Suggest a U.S. made marine or aerospace grade vinyl with an anti-fungal and flame retardant as the cover that the insulation is sewn into. A less expensive vinyl is one marketed for awning/tent use. Provided U.S. made, these should also have an anti-fungal and a flame retardant. Look for NFPA-701, E-84, etc. These are the common flame standards. A yard or so should do it. For about $20 to $30 you’ve accomplished less noise (again, assuming the other stuff is ruled out or corrected as needed).
  16. Curt

    Moving the water pump - 330 sig

    The vibration/noise could be because it’s trapped between the hull and fridge, the water line is loose and slaps when pressurized water is pushed through or cavitation (air in the system). It’s not a piston pump, rather a centrifugal (impeller). If mounted tight, with isolation bushings, they don’t make much noise or vibration. Even when failing they don’t tend to make much (abnormal) noise or vibration. Noise and vibration are subjective though. And, you do know it’s on when it cycles. So...
  17. Curt

    Moving the water pump - 330 sig

    If you want to relocate it, it’s helpful to determine if your pump will work in the new location first. Suggest that you determine if it’s self priming or, if not, whether the new location is lower than the water source and always wet; whether the motor is rated for service in an engine compartment (flammable/explosive environment); and whether the unit has enough head and flow capacity to push the water wherever it has to go (head is vertical displacement; flow is GPM and pressure). In your documentation the pump manufacturer and model number should be identified. If not, it’s on the pump. Some internet research on the manufacturer’s site will answer these questions. Splicing water lines is easy. Good luck.
  18. Curt

    Who owns a 2018 247 SSX or 2019 257 SSX?

    For Volvo Penta, the statement is only accurate for a small handful of Generation-V engines. Said differently, it’s not an available OEM upgrade for each and every engine Volvo Penta makes/made. I don’t know if Mercury offers something similar/identical. There are, though, non-OEM tunner options. Could be a dangerous path to follow unless confimed that the engine and drive are robust enough.
  19. Looks great. Very nice work. Now for some Elton John, the Doobies, Clapton and Bob Seger. Or, some yacht rock... Paul Davis, etc. Rip away. My wife does every time I connect the Bluetooth.
  20. Curt

    Can a TACO pull my 244 Sunesta?

    Agree with your comments when first introduced, but the Altima today is a great car. Cheap, solid, safe, reliable and great fuel economy. Don’t tow with it, and please no wing or painted calipers. If you’re just going to rack up highway miles, a real good option.
  21. Glad she’s repaired. I’m curious, was the coupling replaced? Was this the source of the rubber you found?
  22. Curt

    2017 Signature 310 Trailer

    They are helpful, but can also cause a lot of damage if not used properly. It’s best to drive the boat gently to the stop. Over-winching a heavy boat on a bunk trailer can tear the eyelet out of the fiberglass. While repairable, it’s expensive.
  23. Do you mean water in the outdrive? There’s supposed to be gear oil in there. Also, what specific outdrive do you have? GXI is a motor suffix for certain Volvo Penta engines.
  24. Curt

    2017 Signature 310 Trailer

    He’s right.
  25. Totally agree. Would add less than about $20 to the OE build to include a pair of ports and plugs on each side. Just like scoping a turbine, just dirtier.