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  1. Hey Mike, I own a 2005 256 as well. I plan on being on the boat this weekend and I'll do my best on getting you measurements along with pics of the top. Nick
  2. Nick2878

    Need Advice

    Thanks for the reply, Wingnut. Boat was used in salt water and I’ll be using in salt water too. The boat had one owner and bought and serviced from the dealer selling it so he has all the service records. Dealer will also prep and detail the boat for the season and include bottom paint. I like the idea of getting the warranty language written out to include potential refund; thanks! If this doesn’t work out as planned I’ll get in touch with you about your boat.
  3. Nick2878

    Need Advice

    Hi Everyone, I’m new to boating and came across this forum while searching for Chaparral’s; very useful and informative. I found a dealer selling a 2005 256 SSI with 300 hrs on a MerCruiser 496 Mag Bravo 3 in South Central NJ and was satisfied enough to move forward with getting a survey conducted however the dealer said he was unable to bring the boat an area to have a water test done (he’s about 30 mins away from bay) and i won’t be able to test drive it. He did offer a 30 day warranty on the engine and boat itself. In speaking with the surveyor, he will not do the survey if a water test can not be done. The dealership is reputable and been around for many years so I’m unsure if I should find another surveyor who will do the survey on a dry boat or continue my search. Thanks in advanced for your input.