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  1. Hi Everyone I am wondering where I can find touchup paint for the waketower on my 2016 227SSX? The tower on mine is white and has a few scratches that I am would like to touch up. A brush on style of touchup paint would probably, sort of like nail polish, as spray paint would probably be tough to mask off for
  2. Thanks Dan, everything visually looked OK as far as my limited knowledge goes, connections seemed good, didn't see any melted wires, etc.
  3. We were out on our 2016 Chap 227 SSX yesterday, we have the VP 300-V8 engine. After a few mins, we got an alarm, the first we have ever gotten. Gauge shows the following: Service Engine SPX 4237. I quickly googled and found the code means "Adaptive learn gasoline bank1 low" but am not able to find any info beyond that. Anyone know what the diagnostics are or what it means/likely culprit??? Engine temp when alarm was sounding as 163F and oil pressure was around 37-39 which I think are both within range but not really sure on the normal operating conditions there either... Also, while on t
  4. How do you attach the grill to the pedestal/leg?
  5. Of course, my luck, I had to travel for work until this morning and they sold the 226 on Wednesday. There is another 226 with even lower hours about the same distance away, opposite direction but it only has the 270HP engine vs the 300 in the one that sold. Thoughts on how the 270HP would do compared to the 300?
  6. Really dumb/newb question...how do you support the boat to paint the bottom? How do you paint where the supports or straps are holding the boat. Had the same question about waxing/polishing. Do you do what can and then reposition and finish?
  7. Really appreciate all the replies and advice, some really good info and thoughts you all shared! Leaning towards the 226 SSI. Is there a service manual available for Volvo engines and drives? I have alwsys had Mercury (outboards) and liked having the service manual to trouble shoot and do own maintenance, torque values, etc.
  8. Very good feedback and totally agree. Challenge for us is that both boats are about 4 hours drive one way away which makes going back for multiple tripa an issue. I dont mind so much for mt boss does Models themselves aside, thoughts on a traditional drive vs jet drive? Do the new boats with the lateral thrust jet system really solve the slow speed challenges?
  9. Hi Everyone Getting back into the boating world and looking for our first family boat in awhile. Come from bass boats and Fish/Ski type boats with outboards so this is unfamiliar territory for me. We are a family of 4, 2 kids age 4 and 6, will be used on freshwater/inland lakes only. Narrowed my brand preference down to Chaparral but have two choices. A 2014 226 SSI with the Volvo 5.7/300HP or a 2015 243VRX with the twin 200HP rotax engines. The VRX has a tower so while we are young for wakeboarding or skiing, we could grow into it. The 226 doesnt have a tower. We also envisio
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