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  1. Shoot that makes sense! Where on your boat were those instruction in the head i assume? thanks!
  2. Yes sir we have been out just about every 3-4 days. Our favorite isto go out into the bay around 5 pm when everyone else is heading in and we enjoy calm waters and sunsets with relatively no one around us. We actually live on the marina so we can walk onto our sunesta and have it cruising within minutes so we are not locked into any particular schedule. next year i hope to add fishing to the mix. I got one of the those ez cast nets which i throw into an open slip and can get all the peanut bunker i need but i cant keep them alive more than an hour or so inside my cooler/live-well. I wanna put in rod holders like u have in my gunwalls that looked sweet. How is ur summer going? Still taking ur boat way out off shore? hey question for ya when you get your sunesta pumped out is there any valve you have to open in the boat? I tried pumping out recently and nothing was coming out.
  3. Oh and thanks again to everyone who chimed in with help along the way!
  4. Ok we can consider this thread resolved. I purchased a new clarion CMS20 stereo and my problem went away. 300 hundred deer out of my pocket stings but now the wife is happy so there you go.
  5. When volume goes above 15 the sound cuts off and then the display says “wiring error” for about a second and then the display goes dark and everything shuts down.
  6. I do have a volt meter but there is no easy place to connect the meter probes as i dont really have exposed terminals at the receiver. Its all molex and covered wires. Please see page 20 of the attached pdf for the stereo it shows the wiring layout. I guess i could use those quick splice self tapping wire connectors onto the red and black wires as a workaround right? https://www.clarion.com/us/en/pdf/CMS2 ENG IM Y 140418.pdf
  7. Update - i was unable to find an exact replacement CMS2 so i just kept doing research and observing how stereo acts more closely. What i have found out is that the stereo will only shut down at higher volumes. If i stay in the 10-15 range (which is quite low of course cant really even hear it with the motor running) the unit never shuts down. Once i put the volume to the 16-18 range and higher it goes kaput. Like several people on here i am thinking the issue more than likely has to with my ground connection. I an going to run a wire from the unit directly to the negative battery terminal and see what happens.
  8. I had a similar problem and changing the impeller cured it.
  9. Thanks for this whole series for newbies dude this is awesome of you!
  10. I have kinda given up on troubleshooting now just trying to find a replacement of the same CMS2 model but thanks everyone! I will update again when i have the new stereo installed.
  11. Thanks curt i will try to find the inline fuse and the reset button.
  12. Update - i watched the head unit display as it was shutting itself off and before it went off it said “wiring error”. The plot thickens.
  13. Update - i tried disconnecting the remote one at a time and problem still persists. Next step i am trying is to upload the latest firmware for the CMS2. all wiring connections seem to be ok and there is nothing surrounding or on the hideaway receiver unit that would make it overheat. voltage output from batteries is 13.6. I guess i will also try running it with only one speaker connected at a time as well. i notice that the pattern seems to be it runs fine for about 20 mins then shuts down, then i turn it right back on again and it will shut down again in about 10 seconds and will keep doing that over and over.
  14. i will try disconnecting the remotes of which i have 2 thanks guys.
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