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  1. Tuglife

    5.7 Volvo RPM Warning

    I had a similar problem and changing the impeller cured it.
  2. Tuglife

    Newbies, do you use your GPS to its fullest?

    Thanks for this whole series for newbies dude this is awesome of you!
  3. Tuglife

    Weird problem with sunesta radio shutting off

    I have kinda given up on troubleshooting now just trying to find a replacement of the same CMS2 model but thanks everyone! I will update again when i have the new stereo installed.
  4. Tuglife

    Weird problem with sunesta radio shutting off

    Thanks curt i will try to find the inline fuse and the reset button.
  5. Tuglife

    Weird problem with sunesta radio shutting off

    Update - i watched the head unit display as it was shutting itself off and before it went off it said “wiring error”. The plot thickens.
  6. Tuglife

    Weird problem with sunesta radio shutting off

    Update - i tried disconnecting the remote one at a time and problem still persists. Next step i am trying is to upload the latest firmware for the CMS2. all wiring connections seem to be ok and there is nothing surrounding or on the hideaway receiver unit that would make it overheat. voltage output from batteries is 13.6. I guess i will also try running it with only one speaker connected at a time as well. i notice that the pattern seems to be it runs fine for about 20 mins then shuts down, then i turn it right back on again and it will shut down again in about 10 seconds and will keep doing that over and over.
  7. Tuglife

    Weird problem with sunesta radio shutting off

    i will try disconnecting the remotes of which i have 2 thanks guys.
  8. Hello all happy boating season! 2015 sunest 264 i have a weird problem where my radio shuts off and back on for no apparent reason. Radio will run fine for 30 mins then start shutting off and then turn it self on a few minutes later. After the first shut down something even more unique happens during subsequent shutdowns - right before it shuts off the volume goes considerably higher for about 3 seconds then it shuts down. this issue happens whether im at the dock and engine is off or if i am in gear at any speed. The batteries are brand new and fully charged. The same problem happened with last years batteries too. it definitely seems like the head unit is shutting itself off to protect itself. I have made no modifications to the stock sound system. i have read of this problem happening to cars and boats and many people say the unit is not properly grounded. I have not checked any wiring as of yet as i havent been able to figure out how to even get access to the wiring behind the head unit. The storage area in front of the helm seat is so small i cant crawl in there so not sure how this is serviced. Any thoughts?
  9. Tuglife

    Spectrum gelcoat patch can it be rolled on?

    Cool thanks so much hatem!
  10. Tuglife

    Spectrum gelcoat patch can it be rolled on?

    The spectrum kit only has two ingredients. The vaseline like paste and the hardening agent. Also it will really help if i showed a picture of what it currently looks like. Unfortunately i cant do that until the shrink wrap comes off in a few weeks.
  11. Tuglife

    Spectrum gelcoat patch can it be rolled on?

    I used the dremel because just about every youtube video i watched recommended it. Oops. Lol. I hope using a brush will work ok i am skeptical because the spectrum paste is like a vaseline rather than a paint. Hope i can some how apply it somewhat evenly. Thanks guys for the advice!
  12. When i bought my boat the bow had some mashed up gelcoat as shown in picture. So i used the spectrum kit and it worked pretty well except one problem. As i was sanding down in a couple areas i sanded a bit too much. Not enough to get to the fiberglass but just enough so that you can see some of the color of the fiberglass so it looks like i have these riddish little strips in a couple spots. So i grabbed my dremel and etched out those spots and applied more gelcoat and got to sanding again and the sane thing happens in other areas. Ive tried 3 times and just as i have sanded to make everything smoothe i always go a ting bit too far. I am chasing my tail at this point. I am sanding with the utmost care using a sanding block by hand starting with 220 then moving to higher grits. It doesnt matter how i do it i always eventually start making some of that red fiberglass color show through. The original damaga and me etching out the cracks has resulted in to much of tye original gelcoat to be removed i guess. All i need to do i think really is just brush or roll on the gelcoat and just put a super thin layer or two on it so i dont have to see those faint red marks and i would be happy. The question is has anyone ever tried brushing or using a high density foam roller to just apply a coat of this stuff to a small area? The pic below is the before picture. You can see it kind of a tricky area. Unfortunately i dont have the after pic to show the red marks but in sure you can imagine. Thanks in advance!
  13. Tuglife

    Cleaning engine compartment on a bow rider

    Thanks guy. Curt u dont by chance have a pic of your home made articulated scrub brush do ya?
  14. Hey all, i have lots of info on how to clean a bilge and how to clean an egine compartment that is big enough to crawl down into but not much on how to get that fiberglass in your engine compartment clean on a bow rider. No way to really effective scrub under and behind the engine unless i could have the engine removed so how do ya get all that fiberglass nice and new looking again? I was thinking about using a power washer but was afraid about overspray landing on the engine and electronics. I read about an idea of filling your bilge up with water and turning off the pump and mixing in some bilge cleaner than driving the boat around and letting the sloshing do the cleaning which sounds great but that wont really go up high enough on the walls of the compartment. any thoughts?
  15. Tuglife

    Volvo penta dps transom shield anode replacement

    Wow bro your outdrive is looking gorgeous and i know you take that thing off shore and its at last a few years old whats ur secret?