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  1. This was a simple fix. Just remove the bow cushion to the left of this light and there is a panel u can unscrew and remove and then fit ur hand around and voila.
  2. Hi, hope everyone is having a great boating season. The cock pit light at the bow of my sunesta 264 went dead so i was trying to figure out how to replace it. I tried unscrewing it which go it out part of the way but the must be a nut on the other side of the fiberglass that i cant seem to get access too. I just want to replace the bulb with an exact replacement nothing fancy. Cant figure out how to do this. Any ideas?
  3. what kind of a pervert are you?? Heheheh just kiddin. Yeah sure once i cut and buff that section and wax her up ill post.
  4. Update- my marina had some mary kate on/off that they used and it helped but just not enough. So next step i ordered the starbrite on/off product because people swore by it in the amazon reviews. I use starbrite for all my other boat cleaning needs so figured why not. I applied the starbrite on/off with a paint brush and kept reapplying and letting it sit and voila it worked like magic. With some light scrubbing with one of those green scrubbing pads from my kitchen and just dabbing the spots over and over with the acid and it all came off. I also would hose down the whole area every
  5. Good point. I am going to use on/off before bottom painting happens.
  6. Thanks i am going to try this product.
  7. Good point about the water line but whats weird is that this is my 3rd season. The other two seasons i never growth above the top of the bottom paint line. And to make things weirder this past year growth i had was only on the one side not the other. Anyway thanks for the feedback.
  8. Acid is ok on gel coat? There are no shells btw They have been power washed off. Now i just have that left over crusty residue.
  9. Hello everyone. Hope everyone is safe and well in these crazy times. Luckily boating season is upon us and its one of the few things corona cant take away from us. So i had a question. I had some barnacles that attached to my hull above the line where the bottom paint stops so it attached to the fiberglass. Power washing on haulout removed all the barnacles buy i have little husk residue leftover. Whats the best way to remove this residue? I heard a calcium or lime remover will work? I def dont want to scrape or sand or anything. see picture below. Any help is appreciated
  10. Shoot that makes sense! Where on your boat were those instruction in the head i assume? thanks!
  11. Yes sir we have been out just about every 3-4 days. Our favorite isto go out into the bay around 5 pm when everyone else is heading in and we enjoy calm waters and sunsets with relatively no one around us. We actually live on the marina so we can walk onto our sunesta and have it cruising within minutes so we are not locked into any particular schedule. next year i hope to add fishing to the mix. I got one of the those ez cast nets which i throw into an open slip and can get all the peanut bunker i need but i cant keep them alive more than an hour or so inside my cooler/live-well. I wanna
  12. Oh and thanks again to everyone who chimed in with help along the way!
  13. Ok we can consider this thread resolved. I purchased a new clarion CMS20 stereo and my problem went away. 300 hundred deer out of my pocket stings but now the wife is happy so there you go.
  14. When volume goes above 15 the sound cuts off and then the display says “wiring error” for about a second and then the display goes dark and everything shuts down.
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