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  1. Tuglife

    Sunesta raw water intake screen location

    Makes sense thanks.
  2. Tuglife

    Sunesta raw water intake screen location

    Update - when my engine overheated and i opened the hatch i noticed i my engine flush port cap was open. I never put it back on after the last flush. I guess when that is open it sucks in air which must screw up the flow of water? Open flush port cap was listed in the troubleshooting guide as something to check when engine overheats. Also as far as where the raw water intakes are... i know on wn outdrive motor the intakes for raw water would be on the bottom of the outdrive like where the ear muffs would go when running the engine out of the water. But on a stern drive is it the same? Raw water intakes are in the lower unit? So i could tilt up the lower unit all the way when in the water and the engine is off and actually reach with my hand the intakes to deat away any blockages like a plastic bag or seaweed etc if need be?
  3. So i was driving out of the marina and went over something that i believe got stuck in my raw water intake because a few seconds later my engine temp light came on. Its a volvo penta 320 hp motor on a 2015 sunesta 264. I think my engine must have shut itself down before i had to chance to shut it off my self. Once the alarm happened i put the engine into idle but didnt immediately shut the engine off (rookie mistake). I waited about 20 seconds and i think it shut off automatically. So i waited a few minutes and turned her over and she ran fine with normal temps the rest of the day. so my question is does anyone know where the raw water intakes are so that one could check them for clogs when on the water? I traces the hoses from the impeller housing and it seems like maybe the intakes are in the bottom of the boat is that possible? Seems like poor design as id never be able to check them when on the water.
  4. I have similar problems with my 2015 sunesta 264. Fiirst the fresh water gauge stopped working it reads empty no matter what. Then the other day i was cruising when suddenly my fuel and trim gauge needles both dropped down. When i shut the engine off and then back on the fuel and trim gauges started working again. Did anyone ever find a solution?
  5. Tuglife

    Reading a volvo penta oil dip stick

    Thanks much.
  6. Tuglife

    Reading a volvo penta oil dip stick

    I looked at that area earlier today when i took thag pic but didnt see anything. It must be there though so i will give it another look thanks!
  7. I must be crazy but i am looking to check my oil level but when i take the dip stick out it doesnt say min max or anything there is no obvious marking to tell what the oil level is. I habe attached a pic. This is out of a volvo penta 5.7. Any help is appreciated.
  8. Tuglife

    Water level guage not working

    Hi all, so i filled up my fresh water tank all the way and everything works well except the guage that shows water level on the dash isnt working. It always reads empty. This is one of those 3 in one style gauges. The other 2 gauges in the cluster work fine. Is there maybe some kind of pick up tube that might have fallen out or do you think the sensor itself is just shot? 2015 sunesta 264 320 hp volvo penta 5.7 with sx drive
  9. So i have some chips in my powder coated aluminum radar arch. Very small i touched them up with black nail polish believe it or not and it came out great. My question is can i use a rubbing compound on the powder coat finish with a microfiber towel? I need to just smooth out the chips as the nail polish sticks up just a little bit as i slightly overfilled the chip. Also what product does everyone to maintain their arch? Do you wax it? Maybe something like a finishing polish?
  10. Tuglife

    Air pump cigarette lighter?

    The lighter outler was on the dash right in front of my eyes. Its right under the rocked switches to the right of the steering wheel.
  11. Tuglife

    Question about transom shower

    Im such a goof there was a button on the spray its just it was stuck so once i pressed extra hard it was good to go!
  12. Tuglife

    Question about transom shower

    Thanks as always wing. What about the shower sprayer itself. There is no button to push in like say on the retractable spray hose on your kitchen sink? My stainless shower sprayer doesnt seem to have a button to depress for making water come out. I must be losing my mind right i mean it has to i would think but when i hold the thing in my hand i swear there is nothing to depress. Its your basis plain jane transom shower on a sunesta 264.
  13. Tuglife

    2015 sunesta 264 owners?

    Great looking boats! I gotta get my own pic loaded up too! Wow wish my dock had a lift that so cool. And my marina isnt cheap. 5,000 deer a year for me. Ugh. Anyway nice to meet you guys im john. Have a great summer!
  14. Tuglife

    Question about transom shower

    So i filled my fresh water tank and put my water pump on in my sunesta 264 and tried to use the transom shower and nothing happens. I ddint eve hear a pump come on. The boat just came out of winter storage do they typically close off valves or otherwise disable the pump typically during winter storage? I know the system wss winterized. To save some deer i figured i could dewinterize it myself. also i notice on my transome shower the spray hose itself doesnt have like a trigger or means of alowing the water to flow. Am i missing something? Is this normal for transom showers?
  15. Tuglife

    Digital gauge only reading battery 1

    I pulled both bartteries and had them tested at auto zone. Battery 2 as i suspected was not holding a charge. Both my betteries were deka marine master starting batteries 840 cca. So i bought a new 800 cca deep cycle starting battery from deka to use as the house battery rather than keep two starting batteries like the previous owner. This way my battery #2 can have deep cycle benefits but also chip in and give me a start if needed in an emergency. It seemed like the best compramise. thanks to everyone!