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  1. Ernie330

    Drain fresh water tank?

    can I ask a dumb question? where do you fill the fresh water tank from?
  2. Ernie330

    pumping waste tank

    on a 2016 330 signature, can a pump out be done with DC power? my only option for pump out is a dock without electricity, and my generator is not working. LOL yes I know fix the generator however, getting service where I have moved the boat on an inland river isn't as available as it was in Florida.
  3. Good Morning,

    Two questions, where is the water tank filled from? when I bought the boat, a 2016 330 signature, I had the dealer do it but this summer I moved the boat north and am in a marina without service.  Second question, my generator runs but it doesn't produce power?  I can only turn it on in the engine compartment not on the circuit panel.  I have a pamphlet that came with the boat but I can't figure out if I'm missing a step? 


  4. Ernie330


    Where is the flagpole stored on a 2016 330 Signature?