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  1. SeanK

    Bunk Replacement

    Changed my bunks today with no issues. Thank God. The cost to purchase and ship two carpeted 3” x 10” x 10’ cypress bunks with 20 deg bevel from Loadmaster was over $400. Bought me a Dewalt table saw and sandwiched two 2” x 10” x 10’ pressure treated (ground contact) boards with 3” SS lag screws for both sides. Cost me about $100 more but ended up with a table saw. Just got to make sure you get straight boards. Used 1/2” SS staples and replaced my bolts with eight 1/2” x 5” SS bolts, washers, and wisk nuts. Bolts were ok, but figured while I was changing the boards, use all stainless. I also put pipe guards for studs where the boards rested on the bolts to prevent the gouging of the boards with the weight of the boat. Probably overkill but dont ever want to change boards or hardware again. Just thought I’d update ya’ll if you ever needed to get this done.
  2. I am starting to be very cautious on what I buy from amazon. It needs to have a ton of great reviews. Also, sometimes the prices aren’t that great compared to retail stores.
  3. I hate shelling out $200 per month for a 15’x30’ storage unit, but in the end, my boat stays super clean, wax lasts forever, seats and windows always nice, no musty smell, etc. Plus, being my storage unit is 5 min away, it is quick to bring home to run weekly in my driveway. If you can afford it, go indoors.
  4. I sent my Clarion CMD7 to Ford & Garland in Des Moines, IA and they repaired it for $150. You can also look on ebay. Before doing that, I would look to where the reset button is and press that. Also, disconnect the remote just to remove that from the equation.
  5. I bought these from Amazon and they are identical to the ones in my 2012 216 SSI. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00IE5S9VK?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title There is a 3/4” nut that screws from the back. I added two of these to my helm and front and the hue and brightness match perfectly.
  6. Look for a nice used SSI from around 2010-2013.
  7. I bought a 14’ rope to go from ski hoop to ski hoop, and a 20’ tow line to attach to that. Distributes load and is someone springy. A couple questions: 1) does every one on the boat being towed sit in the helm area or the rear to keep their bow up? 2) in the boat that is towing, should most sit in bow, helm, or rear?
  8. It won’t - being it is low frequency it will penetrate walls fine. Compartments will be ideal since subs work best in corners. If I recall correctly, you want to face the tube to the wall or corner about 4”-6” away. If you want tight bass to enhance rock, classic rock, jazz, adult contemporary, etc, 6-1/2” is perfect. 8” would be good too but you may need to turn the gain down if overpowering. If you want boom-boom for rap and other bass heavy music, go with the 8” or 10”. bazookas are compact and really ported well for their size. There may be new products on the market, but I recommend taking a listen at the audio shop. Maybe some youtube reviews as well.
  9. Personally, I would get an amp’d marine bazooka due to being compact, bulletproof, and “tight”. I had a Bazooka in my car for 11 years and sold it with my suv still working after being in the back throwing every thing on the top of it. I am not sure what is the minimum marine size, but the 6-1/2” was perfect, unless you want to rattle your boat apart with an 8” or 10”. I would bet the regular Bazooka would hold up as long as it was not in the direct elements. It has been since 1996, but I believe it had a built in crossover.
  10. I love my used 2012 216 SSI. Mint. Can’t believe last year I almost bought a H2O last year for $10K more based on the comments. Everyone I meet says its a gorgeous boat. Chaparral is foolish to give into profits over reputation.
  11. I would bet it is the radio power supply as this is the exact thing that was happening to my CMD7. Call David at Ford & Gardner in Iowa as he fixed mine. He may provide you with guidance.
  12. I would systematically start isolating components one at a time and play the stereo normally to see if it turns off. If that doesn’t work, reconnect and try another component: 1) disconnect remotes 2) remove RCA’s into amp 3) pull fuse in amp or isolate upstream breaker 4) disconnect from sub 5) pull fuse in sub amp or isolate upstream 6) measure voltage at head unit etc
  13. I have a Clarion CMD7 and I could not turn the volume above 22 (max is 40) without it turning off and restarting. I adjusted balance and fade so only 1 speaker was on and I could then get it to about 27 before it would turn off. Also, my remotes were dim. I recently bought a CMD7 off ebay that was in perfect condition and installed it this weekend. Everything works perfect now. I believe it must have been a weak or failing power supply on the old one. Iggy has responded with what I thought was wrong with mine, but since you are saying it is stock, it probably isn't the wiring. My recommendation is to send it to a repair shop to look at it. The guy I bought the CMD7 from was David at Ford & Garland in Des Moines, IA. I plan to send the CMD7 I removed to him for repair. He stated repairs are typically $95-$135. Do you still have the plastic over the unit to prevent water intrusion? I took my off because where mine is located it will never get wet. If you have it on, it could be trapping heat.
  14. I also keep a spare drain plug that is one of those rubber compression type plugs just in case and a spare 12V DC bilge pump with a long cord and plug. I also have a manual bilge pump. What can I say, this was my first boat and wanted to account for the worst - also if someone else was in a bind, I could help out. No, I haven't swapped one out or had to put one in the water.
  15. Very easy with all the help from the forum members.
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