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  1. SeanK

    Ski compartment drainage issue

    I have a 2012 216 SSI and it drains to the bilge. Mine was draining slowly and I used electical “fish tape” to push out the blockage. Seemed to work fine.
  2. SeanK

    Clarion CMD7 question

    I fixex the loose fuse issue, but still have the head unit turning off at 23/24 volume. I need to find out how to get my large $^& under the port cubby to find a spot to put a voltmeter while cranking up the volume. I might try disconnect the remote consoles to see if the current removed driving these allow more volume to the speakers.
  3. SeanK

    Here we go again! Boat off trailer!

    My Loadmaster trailer also has a chain in addition to the winch strap for the bow, so I can’t ever see it coming loose.
  4. SeanK

    Sea Deck

    It looks just as good as factory cut from the photo.
  5. SeanK

    Smell Gas When Starting

    My routine us always to open the hatch to smell and see what is going on. Then run the blower while I start and idle. Better safe than sorry.
  6. SeanK

    Clarion CMD7 question

    As a follow up, I isolated each speaker using balance and fader and I could get the volume up to 33 before it would turn off. When I powered only 2 of 4 speakers, it would turn off around 27-29. It seems there are 2 fuses to the head unit. I would turn the volume to 8 or 9 and barely touch the fuse and it would turn off. Therefore, I believe the fuse is loose and with the increased resistance across the fuse, the voltage drop due to increase current with increased volume is the culprit. I’ll fix the fuse and let you know.
  7. SeanK

    Clarion CMD7 question

    The manual states the volume goes from 0-40, but when I turn mine to 23 or 24, it turns off and comes back on like it “re-initializes”. I am going to check the power and ground connections for tightness and cleanliness, but do you have any other suggestions? From volume 0-22, it works and sounds great.
  8. SeanK

    Alarm 2 Beeps

    Mine did that too after my boat was in a large rain storm. Took it out the next day and it beeped twice all day, but the oil press and water temp was perfect. Motor ran fine all day with the beeps. Kept it in storage for two weeks, assume it dried off, and it hasn’t done it since. Did any of your dash components get wet? Does your manual show that alarm pattern?
  9. I have a 2012 SSI, and thought the windows were a polycarbonate, but noticed the markings say: “Taylor Made Tempered Glass”. Therefore, asking the obvious, you can clean the windows using standard window cleaner and apply Rain-X, correct?
  10. SeanK

    Bimini Wobble

    Mine wobbled and made noise on my 2012 216 ssi, but i bought some nylon washers to eliminate the gaps which cause rattling. A side effect was it removed most of the wobble. I also had two mounts that I had to secure better under the gunwhale.
  11. SeanK

    Salt water usage

    Thanks for all the advice. I always lock the hitch “closed” - even in the fully enclosed storage. I figure I will make them work for it. I was thinking also about getting one of those police boots for the wheel if ever I need to disconnect to go somewhere and leave boat at the resort. Those only run $50-$100. Figured that plus the hitch lock would be the best I can do. Again, thanks for the advice.
  12. SeanK

    Salt water usage

    I know there are alot of threads on this but I am still unclear on how often to flush after salt water boating. If I go to San Destin, FL for the week, do I need to flush everyday after I use the boat, or after a week, do a thorough flushing at home? Also, when you boat out of town, do you rent a slip or trailer every day? Are most slips in areas like San Destin FL secure? If you trailer at a resort, you need to worry about the prop, cushions, speakers, etc but it is better than getting your whole boat stolen. I bought a mint 2012 216 SSI with only 60 hours and it runs like a champ, so I don’t want to screw it up. Thanks
  13. I take my plug out and jack it up as far as it will go. That will get all water out.
  14. I want to add reverse lights to my trailer and was wondering is it easily accessible under the hydraulic assembly by the hitch? It looks like the cover needs to be removed to access it, so before I do, I want to make sure it is worth the effort. Thanks
  15. SeanK

    Glove Box Lock Mechanism

    FYI - I had an issue this weekend where my wife was putting something in the glove box and she turned the locking mechanism to the left. As you would expect, when it doesn't go left, what do you do - you turn it harder to the left till you back the nut out the back and the mechanism no longer opens the glove box. Most people would try to the right. Anyway, the next day, when I tried to open the glove box, the mechanism worked and it opened. I tightened the screw and all is good. The only thing I can imagine that caused it to open is that it was in direct sunlight (in Louisiana at 95 degF) and hot as #$^% so possibly the mechanism expanded enough to allow the lock to work. Anyway, just thought I would pass that on.