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  1. SeanK

    Mood Lighting Addition

    Yes, thanks
  2. SeanK

    Thru Hull Exhaust Water Leak...help pls

    Is it a slow leak to whereas you could apply plumber’s puddy, RTV or Plastiseal to eliminate the leak?
  3. SeanK

    Mood Lighting Addition

    My 2012 216 SSI has 3 nice blue interior “mood” LED lights, but I would like to add 1 more in the back, and 2 in the front. Anybody know where to buy these so they match the Chap ones? They are about 1.5” in diameter.
  4. SeanK

    Bow Cooler

    I had some standing water in my bow cooler and thought it was plugged. I took off the side panel and noticed the drain hose to the hull penetration looped about 3” above the drain. Therefore, until level gets above 3” in cooler, it won’t drain. Is that the design intent? If so, why have a plug? Does that bow cooler actually keep ice? With no insulation, I can’t imagine drinks staying cold - especially in Southern Louisiana. Plus, IMO, why add an unnecessary hole in the hull!!! Anyway, if this is not supposed to be this way, I plan on shortening the hose so it is below the drain, so it drains! By the way, first time boat owner with a used, mint, 2012 216 SSi. Love the boat and the great info in this forum.
  5. SeanK

    Sailboat Tow

    I had bought a 30' vehicle tow strap from Harbor Freight for $17. It is 2" and rated for 6000#. They also make a 3" and rated for 9000# for $35.
  6. SeanK

    Repair Gelcoat Chips

    I have two small chips in my gelcoat. I have a 2012 216 SSi that is white and blue. Do you have any suggestions on where to buy the repair kit so it matches my colors? Any recommendations on high quality kits? Thanks
  7. SeanK

    Trimmed Up or Trimmed Down?

    I use my sterndrive boat on weekends (2012 SSI - Mercruiser 4.3 MPI) and store it indoors during the week. I put it in trailering mode when I drive it to the storage location, and leave it in that mode until I put it back in the water. While in storage, should I trim it all the way back down, or leave it in the trailering position (all the way up)? Thanks
  8. SeanK

    Jacking up a LoadMaster trailer

    I have just purchased a used 2012 216 SSI and so far, it is a great boat. However, just to be ready in the event of a blowout, where are the safe areas to jack up the boat on a LoadMaster trailer. I have heard either cross member just before or after the wheel covers, or on the axle tube itself. Is that correct? Also, a Load D ST2015/75R14 tire is only $5 more than a Load C at Tire Rack. It seems to me that it is worth having the higher load rating for such an insignificant cost. Am I missing something? Thanks