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  1. batsper

    Signature 240 inverter?

    I have a 240 as well that has an inverter. I can take some pictures of where it is located this weekend when we are back out there but it is a cobra 2500 watt (it was already installed when we purchased it though).
  2. batsper

    New to Chaps

    Awesome! Will keep an eye out for your boat out there. Would be nice to meet a few fellow boaters as it is just my wife and I.
  3. batsper

    V Berth on 01 Signature 240

    We are looking for a comforter/ sheet set for the V Berth on our 240 Signature and unsure if a queen or king is needed. The previous owner said a queen is too small but I think it will be right. Can anyone confirm which size will fit better (just don't want to purchase something only to find out it's too small). Thank you.
  4. batsper

    New to Chaps

    Thank you all! We will be keeping it on Lake Conroe in dry storage. We took it out yesterday for a bit to get familiar with all the extra switches (quite a bit more than our existing 18' bowrider) and are extremely happy with the new purchase.
  5. batsper

    New to Chaps

    New member here and wanted to say hi. I've been lurking for a few months trying to decide on which boat and think we finally decided on an 02 Chaparral 240 Signature which we pick up tomorrow. This will be our first cabin cruiser (I was against them initially until riding in one). We had the survey done yesterday and it all looks good. Anyway glad to be here and it looks like there is a lot of useful information on here.