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  1. Thank you for your replies. I've concluded location 2 is not going to work because the drive will then block the side-view radar and the transponder is further back in the disturbed water. My issue with #1 is the existing tach sensor - see pic. I'm wondering if I go to either side of it, if it will disrupt the side-view radar - or if it is negligible. Any thoughts?
  2. Forum Friends, The sun is out and it's fishing season in the PNW... We enjoyed our 'new to us' ss210 last season, but to expand it's use, I'm installing a Hummingbird Helix 5 (Chirp, SI & GPS) to find those little Trout. I've installed transducers on a couple of fishing skiffs - aluminum and fiberglass - so the process and instructions I'm familiar with... but it is always debated about the location. There are several good threads here, but all I've found do not show speedometer cables or discuss possible interference. There is a good forum post with pics below, but no speedo unit to contend with. I'm considering the same locations and utilizing the hole in the upper transom from the speedo, if not sealed. I would like your experience and opinions. Thank you. CigarXO
  3. Forum, I'm starting diagnosis of inaccurate gauge readings across most of my instrument panel. Most noticeable is the Speedometer which bounces around before stabilizing, but I also have inaccurate Tach readings above WOT ranges w/o engine rev, Trim (indicates accurately until full down position pops back to full up), and others which I know aren't accurately depicting the engine/system ops. The panel, nor any gauge, is ever fully inop. But because it is more than one gauge, I am hoping you can help me start my diagnosis with a common connection, joint or point of known weakness. Thanks!
  4. CigarXO

    Stowing bimini top - '04 210ssi

    Bahaha... Let's close this topic - Silly me, Newbie! I'd looked at the top multiple times for hinges or joints in the frame after dark after work, but somehow missed that all three support bars have detent buttons to release the poles and thereby breakdown into 3 subgroups: 2xlegs & top. DUH! The swing, support bar remains attached, but fits in the storage well. The legs can be stowed through the gunrail to the rear storage. The top stores nicely under the smaller sunpad of this configuration, though the thickness requires a bit of manipulation to lie flat. Problem solved. Thanks for trying to help! Enjoy the remainder of the Summer boating season. CigarXO
  5. CigarXO

    Stowing bimini top - '04 210ssi

    jd50i - certainly an option, and it will get used, but boy, it would be nice if it stowed. It appears the rail behind the cowling with oval holes on the outside are for this purpose. Do you know if Chaparral made their own biminis and I just happen to land a boat with an aftermarket, or did Chap outsource these and you also have a Taylormade?
  6. CigarXO

    Stowing bimini top - '04 210ssi

    I recently bought a 210ssi. We are having a lot of fun. The bimini which came with the boat is a Taylormade Product. It does not appear the legs of the bimini will fit into the storage area behind the engine cowling and it doesn't lie down on the windshield or reach beyond the two rear seats if left mounted. So, I'm not sure it will ever come along on a boating trip unless I am missing something on how to stow. Any advice? Thanks, CigarXO
  7. CigarXO

    Prop advice? VP 5.0L GL & SX-M1 drive on '04 210ssi

    tomnjo - Thanks for the reply. Research & thread crawling leads me to the same conclusion. Any recommendation on prop brand or model? I had a near miss with a CL listing for $150. That would have been a nice hook-up. Also interested in any other suggestions from the forum... Thanks, CigarXO
  8. CigarXO

    Newbie in Tacoma - 210 ssi

    Futzin - After a few days on the water, loaded with crew and toys, I'm realizing I may need a wakeboard tower. Your tower looks great with the lines of the boat. What model? How do you like it? Any recommendations? Thanks, CigarXO
  9. New to me 210ssi with 5.0L GL Volvo SX. It has 14.5 x 19, 3 blade aluminum prop. 3850301 Mostly to be used for water sports: tubing, keyboard and skiing, but don't want to sacrifice too much top-end. Spec WOT is 4800. I was 43mph at 5100 with 7pax & half tank of gas (Boat wt: 3200lbs, testing heavy at 4500lbs.) Thanks, CigaXO
  10. CigarXO

    Newbie in Tacoma - 210 ssi

    New to me '04 210 ssi in like new shape and 130hrs. Thrilled to join the Chap club. Most of our boating will be American Lake, Lakewood, WA.