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  1. CigarXO

    Prop advice? VP 5.0L GL & SX-M1 drive on '04 210ssi

    tomnjo - Thanks for the reply. Research & thread crawling leads me to the same conclusion. Any recommendation on prop brand or model? I had a near miss with a CL listing for $150. That would have been a nice hook-up. Also interested in any other suggestions from the forum... Thanks, CigarXO
  2. CigarXO

    Newbie in Tacoma - 210 ssi

    Futzin - After a few days on the water, loaded with crew and toys, I'm realizing I may need a wakeboard tower. Your tower looks great with the lines of the boat. What model? How do you like it? Any recommendations? Thanks, CigarXO
  3. New to me 210ssi with 5.0L GL Volvo SX. It has 14.5 x 19, 3 blade aluminum prop. 3850301 Mostly to be used for water sports: tubing, keyboard and skiing, but don't want to sacrifice too much top-end. Spec WOT is 4800. I was 43mph at 5100 with 7pax & half tank of gas (Boat wt: 3200lbs, testing heavy at 4500lbs.) Thanks, CigaXO
  4. CigarXO

    Newbie in Tacoma - 210 ssi

    New to me '04 210 ssi in like new shape and 130hrs. Thrilled to join the Chap club. Most of our boating will be American Lake, Lakewood, WA.