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  1. JoeGreenville

    Hours on engine

    I want to thank everyone for these very insightful remarks and comments. All good stuff, very much appreciated. Looks like the over-all consensus is to drop back and punt and search for a vessel with lower hours. Perhaps not so much for the engine as for other mechanical components related to the out-drive. Seems manufacturing practices changed significantly after 2002. Thanks again and happy boating
  2. JoeGreenville

    Hours on engine

    Considering purchasing a 1998 Chap 2330 5.7 Mercruiser Bravo 3 outdrive. Owner says 1100 hours on engine. Good, bad, neither? Thanks.
  3. JoeGreenville

    PER-OWNED 1999 2330 SSI CHAP

    Considering purchasing a pre-owned 1999 2330 SSI. Current owner says he thinks gimble bearing needs to be replaced as he feels something in the out drive when he turns to the right. Any other items I should be concerned about or ask about? thanks, Joe 1998 Chaparral 2330 SS bowrider (24’) with a 5.7 L Mercruiser with Bravo 3 dual prop outdrive.