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  1. Georgia Girl

    To Forward Face or not, that is the question...

    Thank you Cleaver. That is most helpful. Much appreciated!
  2. Georgia Girl

    To Forward Face or not, that is the question...

    Thanks, I read that. It was informative and helpful.
  3. I will be a first time boat owner, hopefully soon, and cannot decide whether or not to go with a traditional stern drive or the new Volvo Forward Facing drive on the Chaparral Surf gate edition. Love the idea of being able to wake surf but it's not the only thing I'd want to use the boat for. I know the Volvo Penta FFD was announced in 2015 on the Chaparrals and from what I've read it's gotten a lot of good press, but I'm wondering if the risk outweighs the benefits. Does anyone know of scenarios where the prop is damaged getting in out of the water on a boat ramp, or running over something / shallow water, etc. Being a first time boat owner I don't know how likely it is that a FFD would be damaged. I'm sure like anything else, if you're careful you can avoid trouble but being a first time boat owner - you don't know what you don't know. Would love input from anyone who has a FFD or knows much about them. Thanks!