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  1. LaurenVR

    255 SSI

    Still new but still love my new to me 255. Are there not a lot of the 255? Did I buy an unpopular boat? I don't know of any other owners of the 255. I know that Cuddies are not in but it seems to be perfect for my family I was just wondering why there seems to not be a lot of them out there?
  2. LaurenVR

    Clarion Remote Issue

    How have something to fix this if I send it to you? I don’t have anything like this to repair it... nor honestly the knowledge. But I am getting sick of a toss it and replace it society. Could you help?
  3. LaurenVR

    Clarion Remote Issue

    I think this is the same issue I have. I pulled both remotes and the one in the console looks like the culprit. Would you agree? This is on my 08 255 SSi.
  4. LaurenVR

    She’s buying her first boat...

    Well she’s here. We bought and got her home safe. Total hours on the engine was 38 not 100! Took it out on the sound in 2-4 seas. Took it through it’s paces. It’s sublime. I know it was just that first day but dang it was fun. Lots of space perfect for the littles to get out of the rough waves over the bow and fun enough for the older kids including hubby to get wet! Took it into the creek and did a little swimming in the calmer waters. Now just dreaming of changes to do. And waiting for the weather to get better. Thanks for all your advice.
  5. LaurenVR

    She’s buying her first boat...

    2 owners and saw the boat today. Doing sea trial this week. It’s in good shape and I think we are getting a good deal. It’s loaded with everything. It’s been maintained by the same dealer since he sold it the first time. The second owners wife didn’t care for boating. So he just kept adding stuff then decided to sell it. It’s been in storage since sept 17. But all the service regularly since new. Anything a newbie should look for during trial?
  6. LaurenVR

    She’s buying her first boat...

    Thank you kindly.
  7. LaurenVR

    She’s buying her first boat...

    Very nice 2008 255 SSI by Chaparral. Right at 100 hours of use. Radar arch, camper package, cockpit cover, and more. Just out fitted with new electronics last year•HDS-9 Gen3 Insight Chartplotter w/B60 Bronze 600 W Thru Hull 50/200 Khz Depth/Temp (20° tilt), Lowrance 3G Radar (US),Link-5 VHF Radio, Link-2 VHF Hand Held Radio, NMEA 2000 network backbone with Wifi, and Point-1 GPS antenna with built-in compass. volvo penta gxi 5.7
  8. LaurenVR

    She’s buying her first boat...

    Interested in my first boat besides an aluminum rowboat from childhood. ‘Looking at a 2008 255 SSI. 100 hours on the engine. It’s for my family of six. Kids aged 2-10. We live in the Outer Banks and have a cabin on Lake James. Want a boat to run in both. Thoughts? we would be interested in day trips, running in shore, out on the lake, water sports. Hanging out at the islands in the lake.