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  1. Sacandaga

    Chaparral's quality going downhill

    Thanks, I will crawl under and have a look.
  2. Sacandaga

    Chaparral's quality going downhill

    Well, first day on the water yesterday and did discover a glitch. Tach seems to read about 800 rpm high as described in my Post NEW 21 H2O. Boat works great and engine is very strong, but running a brand new engine at an indicated 3800- 4000 rpm requires some critical thinking. It's not really on plane at 3000 and 3500 is a very lazy plane at about 24 mph as indicated by WAZE GPS. Tach reads 900 rpm at idle so dealer would not have suspected a problem. So this needs to get sorted out, but at this point I'm convinced it's a gage problem. Alarmed at first though, when it would not get on plane at an indicated 3000 rpm, my first thought was the drain plug!
  3. Sacandaga

    New 21 H2O

    Help, Something is weird! Got the boat in the water for the first time yesterday. For break in, trying to keep the rpms between 1500 and 3500 and the boat felt like it was filled with water. I had that horrible thought and actually stopped and looked in the bilge. No water. At an indicated 3000 rpm this boat will not really hold a lazy plane. Really need at least 3500 and at that engine speed it is moving at about 23-25 mph - by GPS WAZE. Even at nearly 4000 rpm the boat is only approaching 30 mph by WAZE (speedometer says 32-33). Two light people, full tank of gas and 50 lbs. gear. Indicated idle speed 900 rpm. All other gages A OK. Boat runs strong and at 3500 rpm, advancing the throttle firmly brings instant response and acceleration. And at 4000 the boat is cruising very nicely but it should be flying. This has to be a very inaccurate tach, right? Only have 3 hrs. on the motor so can't check WOT. Wrong prop? Even the 14.5 in. X 19 pitch from the base 200 hp motor gets 27 mph at 3000 rpm. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Boat is at a lake in upper NY and dealer is in RI. Dealer is great but would prefer to keep the boat here until I take it out in September.
  4. Sacandaga

    Chaparral's quality going downhill

    Just picked up our new 21 H20 and I couldn't be more pleased. The fit and finish throughout is excellent and the dealer, Twin City Marine in Central Falls RI, did a great job with the prep. They went over each feature, gauge, light etc. and demonstrated that everything worked as it should. They even included a complete Coast Guard package at no extra charge which included, life jackets (4), fenders and lines (4), flares, anchor with chain and rope tied off, a paddle/boat hook combo and some other lines etc. that I am forgetting. I was treated as though I was buying a $200K boat even though the 21 H20 is a so called entry level boat. I did go over it with a fine tooth comb as FutzIn" suggested and the only area that I saw that did not look perfect was the canvas. A couple of snaps were not perfectly located, but it fits well overall and will do it's job. I also spotted one of the bunks hitting the chine and the dealer corrected that immediately, apologized and said that shop was supposed to have corrected that but forgot. Fair enough. We got the navy blue with the SX graphic on the side and I think the boat looks really sharp. Plus the 21 H20 has a few features that we thought were above and beyond the competition. For example, the anchor locker has an overboard drain instead of going into the bilge. Important to us side we moor the boat for months at the lake. The walkways on both sides is great for the gas dock and our dock. The ladder on the rear is under a cover rather than exposed like some. The depth finder has a toggle switch so you can turn it off at the dock etc. etc. So overall, my opinion of Chaparral is still very high and my dealer is great. Now, if it runs as good as it looks.....
  5. Just picked up our new 21 H20 from Twin City Marine in Central Falls, RI. and wanted to recognize this Marina for their exceptional customer service. They are family owned and operated and everyone went out of their way to help us with our questions etc. The boat was carefully prepped and they even threw in a complete Coast Guard package as part of the deal so the boat was all set to hit the water. Central Falls is just north of Providence and east to get to off I95. Highly recommended for anyone in this area. Quite a drive for me, but well worth it. See Rudy for sales.
  6. Sacandaga

    Chaparral's quality going downhill

    Sorry to see this post! Our new 21 H2O is due to arrive any day now. I looked at numerous H2Os at various dealerships and the Hartford boat show and they all looked top notch. The fit and finish and quality of materials looked better than the competition, excellent in fact. The dealer said that the demand for H2Os has been huge and the factory has had to gear up for it. Hope our new one looks as good as the ones in the showroom.
  7. Sacandaga

    Prop advice? VP 5.0L GL & SX-M1 drive on '04 210ssi

    The OE prop on a new 21 H2O is the 3 blade aluminum 14.5 X 19 pitch with the 200 hp V6 and it comes with a 14 X 21 pitch with the 220 hp or 250 hp V6 engines. Seems as though the 14 X 21 would bring the rpms down and give a top speed closer to 50 with a lighter load. My guess is that someone swapped out to the 19 pitch for a better hole shot with skiers and passengers.
  8. Sacandaga

    New Trailer Tires - Recommendations Needed

    After numerous blowouts with various brands, I finally purchased Goodyear HMG 2020 tires from my local Goodyear store. They are only available in size 205/75-14 and are D rated bias ply. They say Property of U Haul on the side so I always kept the receipt in the glove box. These tires are bullet proof and have very tough sidewalls and tread. They ride a little hard as a consequence. I used them on why single axle trailer for my 1830SS with great results. They were made in Canada; bought them 5 years ago and not sure if they are still available.. It's a nuisance but I now jack up the trailer in the fall and take off the tires for storage in the basement. Cool, dry and let some of the air out and my tires seem to last forever now.
  9. Sacandaga

    New 21 H2O

    Thanks, glad to hear that. I'm looking forward to the new motor and hopeful it is as reliable as our old 4.3.
  10. Sacandaga

    New 21 H2O

    My understanding is that there are some non-cat engines available, sort of like the CAFE situation with cars. The average must meet emission standards. Glad to hear you like your boat. Usually just my wife and I in the boat and hope to cruise at 30 mph with good fuel economy.
  11. Sacandaga

    New 21 H2O

    HI all, new to the forum. After 18 years with our 1830SS we finally decided decided to buy a new 21 H20. Loved our 1830 but really wanted the same thing but just a little larger. Our lake (The Great Sacadaga Lake) gets a little rough in the afternoon and the 18 footer was a little tough at times. After looking at 19 - 21 ft bowrlders of various brands we came back to Chaparral. Our 1830 never gave us ANY trouble in all those years and it was Lexus like on the interior. Lots of the new boats looked cheap, had plastic parts etc etc. Finding a used 21 H2O was impossible so we went new. Engine choice was interesting. Friends of ours have a 21 H2O with the 4.3 220hp and it runs the same as our old boat. 3000 rpm = 30 mph. Test show the new 4.5 200 hp to run 27 mph at 3000 rpm and the 4.5 250hp to run 30 mph at 3000 rpm. The 200 hp engine comes with the 19 pitch prop and the other two come with a 21 pitch. Top speed 48 mph for the 200, 49 for the 220 and 50 for the 250. Hardly any difference. BTW, the 4.5L 200 hp is the exact same engine as the 4.5L 250 hp. I checked parts numbers. The only difference is the PCM which is $1500 for the 200 hp and $3500 for the 250 hp. Wow! Pretty clever on Merc's part. So my exceptional dealer, Twin Cities Marine in RI , ordered me a 4.5L 250 hp without cats for only $800 more than the base 200 hp engine. I thought this was a good deal since I will not have to worry about the cats and possibly it will run slightly better. Plus got a couple of options like docking lights and the bulkhead door to block the wind that are not usually available. Anyone have experience with the 4.5L 250 hp without cats? Our boat will be in shortly and I am looking forward to getting out on the lake. Thoughts?