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  1. Sacandaga

    Space under dash

    Welcome to the boating world. I sold our 99 1830 SS this year after 17 years of ownership. Great boat! Seems to me I looked once and saw some ugly unfinished area with wires etc; It may provide some support as well. Mostly I think it is there to tidy up the cockpit. But most things on boats are there for a specific purpose so my .02 is be careful with any cutting. For it's size, the 1830 SS has features you don't usually find in an 18 ft boat - like an anchor locker in the bow. Great hull, planes quickly and rides nicely. In all those years we owned ours it never gave us a single problem. Good luck with yours.
  2. Sacandaga

    Should I Winterize

    Going through the same process here. New 4.5L Mercruiser and need to winterize. We can't fog the engine like we used to with the old carbs. Don't want the fogging oil in the intake. Merc manual recommends making up a mix of gas, two cycle oil and fuel stabilizer in a separate tank and feeding it to the engine. You would need to disconnect the fuel line from the tank etc. The idea seems to be to run this mix through the fuel system and the cylinders. There must be an easier way. How about putting fuel stabilizer in the tank, running the engine for awhile and then changing the fuel filter and placing a little two cycle oil and stabilizer in the filter housing and then running the engine for a few minutes? What do others with the MPI system do to "fog the engine"
  3. Sacandaga

    H2O 19 200 hp or H2O 21 250 hp can't decide?

    We have the 21 H2O with the 250 hp motor and it flies. Much better seating and space than the 19 which we cross shopped. The 200 hp and 250 motors are identical except for the ECM. I bet the 21 H2O 200 hp version with a SS prop would perform almost identical to the 250 motor with the std. AL prop. My dealer was able to get a 21H2O with the 250 hp non-cat motor. This was a no brainer since it was less than a $1000 over the 200 hp cat motor. We REALLY like the extra room in the 21. My .02.
  4. Sacandaga

    New Trailer Tires. What PSI?

    Thanks for the reply. Yes, Goodyear Endurance. Very hopeful. And I have had WAY better luck since I started storing the tires in the basement during the long winter up here, with the trailer up on blocks. Same with the boat trailer. Discount Tire Direct had a very good Labor Day sale, free mounting and balancing and received the tires in a couple of days, free shipping. Hard to beat!
  5. Sacandaga

    New Trailer Tires. What PSI?

    My steel deck car hauler is a 7000 lb. trailer that came with ST205/75-15R load range C tires. They are no name Chinese tires and wheels and have given me 4 years of good service. Always inflated to 50 psi and stored indoors, clean and partially inflated during the winter. I tow a 14 Mustang to various racetracks around the northeast, some 400 miles away. The total weight of the trailer, car and gear is about 6000 lbs. so there was about 1000 lbs. of safety factor. I am replacing the load range C tires with new Goodyear Load range D tires with new wheels, same size.. The total load capacity of the C tires was just 7000 lbs. The load range D tires will have have a total capacity of 8600 lbs. inflated to 65 psi. I always inflate trailer tires to the max load capacity. Why not inflate the new tires to something less than 65 psi? Say, 55 Orr 60 psi. Give the tires a break and have a softer ride? According to Tire Rack, a load range D tire has the same capacity as t load range C tire if they are inflated to the same 50 psi. Any thoughts or experience doing this?
  6. Sacandaga

    Hydrolocked Engine

    Sorry to hear this tale. Lots of thoughtful and knowledgeable comments here, but I'll add my .02 for what it's worth. First, no. one would guess the motor was hydro locked and all of us would have probably ended up in the same position. My guess is the motor is not damaged. Hopefully just the starter motor is damaged and the teeth on the flywheel are OK. Then a compression test is the perfect next step since with all the spark plugs out, any remaining water will be cycled through and pushed out the spark plug holes. And of course it will confirm the condition of the motor. I bet this turns out far better than the worst case scenario. My previous 1830SS had a leak right over the distributor cap, causing the obvious problems during heavy rains. Once I figured this out, an old shower curtain placed over that area under the canvas solved that. Good luck and let us know what the outcome is.
  7. Sacandaga

    Newb with a few questions

    Sounds like you got a great deal so be happy about that! Too bad it goes with a dealer discontinuing Chap. My vent line does go up from the fitting but only a few inches. But I don't think I have any water in the line or carbon canister. However, it does fill slowly, at least at first , and our marina is aware of the issue. Apparently it is a common problem now days because the attendant was explaining how he lets it go slowly at first and then once the air is moving, he speeds up etc. etc. Agreed, the glove box is a joke - why not make it a real one, lots of room back there! But I knew that when I bought it. Our new 18 21 H20 had a couple of minor issues that needed resolving but all in all, we love our boat. Perfect for our lake setting, not too big, but big enough. A nice improvement over our former 1999 1830SS which was a great boat for an 18 footer. Be patient, things will get sorted out and celebrate your great deal! I looked all over the northeast and there were no great deals to be had.
  8. Sacandaga

    SS Prop on 21 H2O?

    Shepard 1, Thanks for the input. I suspect that a good SS prop would make a world of difference on this boat. Haven't tried a full throttle hole shot yet - motor still pretty new, but a 3/4 throttle shot with 6 people on board and it feels as though the prop is spinning but not hooking up.
  9. Sacandaga

    SS Prop on 21 H2O?

    I believe the drive ratio is 1.6:1 and I have the 4.5 250 hp motor. Sorry, should have included that.
  10. Sacandaga

    SS Prop on 21 H2O?

    21 H2Os with either the 220 hp 4.3 or 250 hp 4.5 Mercruiser came standard with a 14.25 X 21 pitch AL prop, Black Max I assume. Anyone replace this with a 19 pitch SS? Or any other SS prop. Results? The 200 hp Merc came with a 14.5 X 19 pitch (I think) and is actually quicker 0- 30 but only turns 27 mph at 3000 rpm vs 30 mph for the 21 pitch props. Existing prop works very well for our general use. Limited waterspouts, mostly cruising. Usually room for improvement though. Thoughts on this? Would a 19 pitch SS still get me 30 mph at 3000 rpm? WOT currently gets 4900 rpm and 50 mph. Motor is rated at 4800 - 5200 rpm at WOT.
  11. Sacandaga

    Merc 4.5 L 200 hp vs 250 hp

    So the lower HP versions must be pretty close to bullet proof.
  12. Sacandaga

    Merc 4.5 L 200 hp vs 250 hp

    I was thrilled to find a non cat motor.
  13. Sacandaga

    Merc 4.5 L 200 hp vs 250 hp

    If this is common knowledge and covered before, I apologize, In researching motors for our new 21 H2O I wondered what the difference is between the 200 and 250 hp 4.5 Merc engines. I supposed that the 250 would have HD crank, rods etc. In checking part numbers I found that everything I checked; rods, crank, heads, intake etc.etc. had the same part numbers for both motors. THE only difference I was able to find was the ECM. This part numbers were different and the price was something like $1500 for the 200 hp motor and $3500 for the 250 hp motor. I never would have guessed but it apparently makes sense from the business perspective. The 200 hp motor comes with a 19 pitch prop and the 250 comes with a 21 pitch prop. In performance tests I read, the 200 boat was quicker to 30 mph, turned 27 mph at 3000 rpm and topped out at 48 mph. The 250 turned 30 mph at 3000 rpm and toped out at 50 mph. I chose the 250 non cat motor for only about an additional $800 mainly because I like the extra 3 mph at 3000 rpm. The 250 version is VERY responsive to the throttle and I am very happy with it overall. But the 200 is a bargain and no slouch. Maybe even underrated in hp. Rainy day, sitting on the porch just thinking.
  14. Sacandaga

    2016 Chaparral H20 Interior Issues

    Agree with Phillbo. Looks like something red or pink rubbed on the seat. I did mold investigations for insurance companies and saw lots of mold. This does not look like mold.
  15. Sacandaga

    H20 Fuel Vent Fix/Problem

    OK, checked my 1 month old 2018 21 H2O and found that the separate vent line going to the vent on the side of the hull just forward of the fill line, does go up from the vent. But, it only goes 2-3 inches at an angle and there is no loop. So if water was blasted against the hull, I can see some of it making it's way down towards the canister. Hopefully the vent itself is made to block the water but a slightly longer hose with a little more elevation would ease my mind.