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  1. Sorry about that. I did a quick look and thought I saw the "change" link next to it but you are correct. Very strange as that is the logical place. Might have to contact one of the administrators to ask. Have peaked my curiosity now...
  2. Under account settings there is a field called display name. You should be able to update.
  3. My favorite is the time a few years ago with I got the call from the IRS. After about 5min of playing with them, they told me I had to give them my credit card number right now or they would send the police to my house. This was in the dead of winter while living in MA. I said, perfect, i'll make a pot of coffee so they have something warm to drink when they arrive. I asked the scammers to ask the police how many would be arriving to take me to jail so that I made sure I made enough. I eventually had to get back to work so I had to let them go.
  4. I would not attach to tower. Swim platform might be your only option - or go inflatable route.
  5. I was able to get out today. I started the engine and the noise was gone. I let it idle for 5 or so minutes and still nothing. Decided to take her out, about 10 minutes running ~30 mph and nothing. So adding in the time to get in and out of the no wake area the engine was running a good 20 - 25 min. Will try and get back to the marina tomorrow as I know I was not hearing things.
  6. Thank you! Will give it a try.
  7. If the sounds goes away and comes back am I correct to assume that it may be a misaligned pulley? If yes, is using a straight edge the next logical step to check alignment? The weather here turned a little chilly (for TX ) so I probably won't get to verify until this weekend.
  8. I recently replaced the circulation pump & impeller and now a few hours later I have this noise. It's definitely coming from the front of the engine. At first I thought it might be a rocker arm or valve but because of the "location" I'm thinking something else. I've checked and nothing is loose, there's no water leaking. Also, the belt looks to be in good shape but I noticed what appears to be some belt dust. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Engine is the VP V8-300-C-A. I've attached an audio file - could not get video due to size. The noise does change with RPM. This is at idle. My Movie3.mp3
  9. Mine was listed on the sales paperwork as well as the registration. However, those are dealer reported numbers so if you are not sure if the dealer is correct that probably wouldn't be much help. Here is a link to VP engine page. I'm sure if you contact them they can assist. https://www.volvopenta.us/marineleisure/en-us/for-owners/your-engine.html
  10. Are there certain areas of the lake that are better than others if we were to look for a home?
  11. My wife has been looking at Lake Norman and seems to have fallen for it without us ever visiting. At some point we'll go see it in person.
  12. Here is the picture they sent me of the broken one...
  13. Marina. Yes, I have been thinking about the drilling out...
  14. Well, that is the funny (ironic) thing. Each time we have had an issue with the plugs it has nothing to do with being winterized. The first time was June/July timeframe last year, then one in late spring this year and now again Oct timeframe. Here in Austin while we will have a couple days a year get cold enough we have been using an engine compartment heater so the plugs are not being removed/installed - except for these repairs.
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