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  1. Thanks Phillbo, we ended up cutting about 3" total off. Side question - anyone have any experience with a Digger anchor https://www.diggeranchor.com/summer-line? The place we bought the replacement also had those and the concept seemed good but the price was a little high $100.
  2. If you want a super lean burger, I had a Reindeer burger in AK last year.
  3. I've found a couple anchors that will fit in the anchor locker, shank length, but the stock is too wide. I know you can cut some off but how much is too much before it has an impact?
  4. Thought we would head out today before it got too busy. We tried a cove that we have never been to before but there were ~20 boats so we motored in and dropped anchor. After a few hours it started to get pretty packed so we decided to leave. Went to pull up anchor and could not break it loose. We tried for 30 minutes and nada. There was a 36 footer not to far from us with the electric anchor motor and as we were struggling we watched him struggle as well. Finally, he was able to pull up his anchor with a large tree branch attached...At that point I decided that there was no way we were going to get the anchor loose and it was time to cut the rope. Went to grab my bag of tools and they weren't there. Now what to do. Yelled over to a couple boats asking if they had a knife, scissors, anything sharp. Nope. I didn't want to just dump all (125 ft) of the anchor rope into the water so I proceeded to start cutting the rope with my car key. 35 min & 2 large blisters on my finger later we were free. Lesson learned to double check the boat before leaving the dock. Oh, and when your wife says spray this on the blisters it won't hurt, don't believe her!
  5. willbaker13


    Chaparral has a online store. https://www.costore.com/chaparralboats/welcome.asp
  6. willbaker13

    New deck

    For what it's worth, take a look at Timbertech decking. Comparable to Trex and a little cheaper - we are wrapping up a deck project and saved a few hundred...
  7. I believe the closest to you is Action Boat Center in Kemah.
  8. I would recommend always getting a survey when buying a used boat.
  9. I bought a manual pump from West Marine and did mine for the first time this year. Very easy and straight forward as SM Sophie mentions.
  10. I called Cecil late yesterday afternoon. They have a new assembly that comes with 2 keys for ~120 or they can sell me replacement keys for ~30/ea. The chances of the thieves finding out where we keep the boat, and which boat it is are pretty slim, but for piece of mind I'm thinking of doing the full replacement otherwise it will always be in the back of my mind...
  11. I had my truck broken into last night and they stole the boat keys (along with other items) - no way for them to know which marina we keep it at. We kept the keys in the center console so we would not forget them. Anyway, is it cheaper to replace the switch or call a locksmith to rekey? I called my local dealer and they could not tell me a price or how long it would take to order one. If replace, how easy is it to access?
  12. We have a 2013 246 ssi with the 5.7 300HP V8 DP and have not had any issues with up to 7 people on board.
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