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  1. willbaker13

    Arch Tower Locking Knob

    I am having an issue with locating the pictured part. It is a locking knob for the arch tower - factory installed. My local dealer is stumped, even though the boat was originally sold by them, and I can't seem to find anything when doing an online search. I'm hoping someone might be able to direct me to where I can locate a part #. Thank you in advance.
  2. willbaker13

    GPS Speed vs. Speedo

    Thanks all! Never thought about how the trim angle could change the reading.
  3. willbaker13

    GPS Speed vs. Speedo

    We never use the GPS unit that was already installed on the boat when we acquired it used but I thought I would play around with it the other day. I noticed that the GPS speed and speed on the speedometer were off anywhere from 3mph to 5mph with the GPS speed always "slower". While in reality this is not a big deal, however, I am just curious if this variance is normal?
  4. willbaker13

    Oil Change VP V8-300-C-A

    Thanks everyone! Appreciate the feedback.
  5. willbaker13

    Oil Change VP V8-300-C-A

    Due to some family challenges I was not able to get the oil changed before winter hit. As the weather here in TX is hopefully starting to stay on the warmer side (60's - hopefully ) I need to get it done. I'd like to do it myself but am wondering how difficult/best method. I don't have an engine manual but am assuming getting access to the sump drain may take a contortionist. Has anyone used a manual pump connected to the dipstick? if so, how well does that work? I have the VP V8-300-C-A engine. I saw this one and am thinking about trying it but would welcome any feedback. https://www.westmarine.com/buy/west-marine--manual-oil-changer-6-9-quart--11047123?recordNum=1 Thanks,
  6. willbaker13

    Winterize in TX or??

    Thank you everybody. Appreciate the feedback/thoughts. My wife keeps saying that we will use the boat in the winter but realistically...
  7. willbaker13

    Winterize in TX or??

    This is our first year of owning a boat in TX (Austin). We've heard varying opinions on whether to winterize our boat or purchase an engine heater to handle the few days a year where the temp drops into the 30's. Wanted to get peoples thoughts who aren't directly related to the marina or dealer. The boat will be on a hydrohoist lift in a slip. Any and all thoughts appreciated.
  8. willbaker13

    Coyote Trailer Fender

    I'm sure you already saw this but I found this on their website. Contact Us 541 Hazel Ave. Nashville, Ga 31639 229-494-9158 coyotemfgco@gmail.com
  9. willbaker13

    Bottom Cleaning in the water

    Love it.
  10. willbaker13

    Can this vinyl be cleaned or not?

    Thanks. Going to give this a try tomorrow.
  11. willbaker13

    Can this vinyl be cleaned or not?

    We use dry stack services and when we had the boat put in the water last weekend and pulled back the cover we had what appeared to be rust spots on one of the seats. I assume this occurred because there was a short rain burst a couple weeks ago and water came through the tin roof and down on the boat. We've tried a couple different cleaners, CLR, diluted muriatic acid and nothing is working. Are we totally screwed or is there something else we have not thought of?
  12. willbaker13

    Fuel Pump Replacement - DIY or Mechanic

    Due to work and some family stuff I am just now getting back to this project. I was all set to order the pump from Volvo and came across it listed at Cecil Marine for ~400 deer less. The listing says it's an OEM pump. Anybody have experience with Cecil Marine? While still expensive, that's a pretty big difference...
  13. willbaker13

    Magnetic Head Door Latch Issue

    Quick update. The latch is designed to not open to the internal workings (i.e springs, etc.) so we had to bite the bullet and replace the whole assembly. UGH. But at least the door does not come flying open every 30 seconds now and no more stuffed towels between the door and seat.
  14. willbaker13

    Towing Survey/Question

  15. willbaker13

    Towing Survey/Question

    They are different but as my wife says "they have the same color water". I grew up in Southern Calif. and we spent many a summer at Lake Havasu. Travis is also a lot deeper than Havasu and most people "float" instead of throwing the anchor over (except in a couple party coves). If you will be tubing/skiing/wake boarding, the other item to note is no one in TX uses the red flag to designate someone in the water so you'll always need to be on the lookout. Let me know if you need thoughts on a marina in the area.