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  1. We have Progressive through USAA and rates are good and the couple times I called with questions customer service was good as well. Never had a file a claim so...
  2. will baker, I believe I need to replace circulation pump as well as I can jiggle the shaft a bit.  Did you have any issues removing pulley?  ....just pry back dn forth to wiggle it off?

    1. willbaker13


      Sorry for the delay in responding...Yes, I wiggled it off and did not have any issues.  I kept waiting for the "gotcha" but it went on and off easy.

      I ended up painting mine to match the engine as it would drive me crazy being a different color every time I opened the hatch. LOL

  3. Sounds like mine did when the tensioner pulley was bad. I went through the same thing and replaced a couple other pulleys and nothing. I finally did the tensioner and all was solved.
  4. That is to bad to hear about Geico. We've had Progressive since we bought our boat, and while we have been lucky not to have had to use them, it's good to hear someone with a positive experience.
  5. Sorry to hear. Curious what the insurance company will say. We always use an engine compartment heater but were worried if the marina lost power. Luckily they did not - or at least said they didn't. Haven't had time to take the boat out but ran it for about 10min last weekend and didn't see any leaks and started right up. Fingers still crossed nothing pops up on the first outing.
  6. Anyone have any experience with Chevron Techron Marine Fuel System Treatment? Historically used Sta-Bil but was wondering if anybody has tried the Chevron product?
  7. I picked up an Xtreme 450 a couple years ago for <$200. Now you can't find them for less than $350. Crazy!
  8. Is there a way to increase the attachment quota size? Mine says 500KB. If not, how do you delete an attachment? I tried selecting, right clicking, etc. Thanks,
  9. Cecil Marine has them for $111. http://www.cecilmarineonline.com/ignition-switch-2008-to-2020-sterndrive-without-dts-only/ Check your dealer as mine quoted me $57 when I thought my keys were stolen and I was going to replace.
  10. I have a 2013 246 SSI with a Garmin 530 GPS that sits right in the middle of the dashboard.
  11. We wanted a bow rider and seriously looked at Regal and Monterey as well as Chap. A side entrance was a must so that eliminated the Regal as all they have are center. We were leaning toward the M5 Monterey but got a better deal on our 246SSi so we purchased. As others have mentioned, a couple minor issues but we've been happy with the purchase overall and no regrets.
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