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  1. Anyone have any experience with Chevron Techron Marine Fuel System Treatment? Historically used Sta-Bil but was wondering if anybody has tried the Chevron product?
  2. I picked up an Xtreme 450 a couple years ago for <$200. Now you can't find them for less than $350. Crazy!
  3. Is there a way to increase the attachment quota size? Mine says 500KB. If not, how do you delete an attachment? I tried selecting, right clicking, etc. Thanks,
  4. Cecil Marine has them for $111. http://www.cecilmarineonline.com/ignition-switch-2008-to-2020-sterndrive-without-dts-only/ Check your dealer as mine quoted me $57 when I thought my keys were stolen and I was going to replace.
  5. I have a 2013 246 SSI with a Garmin 530 GPS that sits right in the middle of the dashboard.
  6. We wanted a bow rider and seriously looked at Regal and Monterey as well as Chap. A side entrance was a must so that eliminated the Regal as all they have are center. We were leaning toward the M5 Monterey but got a better deal on our 246SSi so we purchased. As others have mentioned, a couple minor issues but we've been happy with the purchase overall and no regrets.
  7. I actually had the the starboard foam (I believe that is what it is called) break in half in the middle of the bolster of my 246 ssi. Chap told the dealer to repair vs. replace. The repair lasted about 30 seconds until I sat on it. After arguing with dealer they finally ordered and replaced with a new bolster. Not sure if Chap approved or if the dealer got tired of dealing with me...
  8. I've got a 246 SSI with the V8-300 DP. We've had 5 adults and two teenagers on board and no issue getting on plane. I would not go lower...
  9. Been trying to talk the Admiral into a drone purchase... Have family who live up your way and boat on McClure all the time.
  10. Ok all you bourbon drinkers out there. Help me with a long standing discussion. Bourbon (no jack, no cheap crap), do you add a cube or neat?
  11. I wonder if you contact IMCI if they could assist? https://www.imci.org/
  12. We are thinking about doing our swim platform and have heard some say that the logo on the platform will show through unless it's filled in. Anybody have that experience?
  13. Our marina has signs saying no swimming but that does not seem to deter a few people...Other marina's in our area actually encourage it as a social event/selling point to hang out and get to know your fellow boaters (well, at least before Covid).
  14. My son's favorite burger is bison. Orders it every-time he sees it on a menu.
  15. Thanks Phillbo, we ended up cutting about 3" total off. Side question - anyone have any experience with a Digger anchor https://www.diggeranchor.com/summer-line? The place we bought the replacement also had those and the concept seemed good but the price was a little high $100.
  16. If you want a super lean burger, I had a Reindeer burger in AK last year.
  17. I've found a couple anchors that will fit in the anchor locker, shank length, but the stock is too wide. I know you can cut some off but how much is too much before it has an impact?
  18. Thought we would head out today before it got too busy. We tried a cove that we have never been to before but there were ~20 boats so we motored in and dropped anchor. After a few hours it started to get pretty packed so we decided to leave. Went to pull up anchor and could not break it loose. We tried for 30 minutes and nada. There was a 36 footer not to far from us with the electric anchor motor and as we were struggling we watched him struggle as well. Finally, he was able to pull up his anchor with a large tree branch attached...At that point I decided that there was no way we were g
  19. willbaker13


    Chaparral has a online store. https://www.costore.com/chaparralboats/welcome.asp
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