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  1. Pride Lake of Bays Has anyone had dealings with this dealership? I bought my 224 there, purchase was ok , delivery was not bad, few issues, but just got it out of storage this spring , and had some serious issues with cleanliness scuffs and even tear in my seat cushion. I must admit tho i called the service manager and lost my mind, but he states they ll fix issues so im not sure if this was a isolated incident or happens a lot. I will be talking to him some more tho because im supposed to store boat there again in fall.
  2. Anyone on this forum boating in area, I usually am out , looking for some suggestions not just running to island for the day? i can trailer to just about anywhere, thanks
  3. Jayhud

    Sunesta 224

    Thanks to all , to my first question , I live in Niagara Falls, doing a lot of boating in the Niagara River as well as Welland River, both having significant currents. Hence just want to be safe than sorry and not be on the news!!! Secondly , my sunesta has a garmin navigation system with all the digital readouts , and to this date have not had any issues with depth finder
  4. Jayhud

    First Aid Kit

    Just wondering what to purchase as a first aid kit on the boat, mostly doing day boating , but still would like to have something on board.
  5. Jayhud

    Sunesta 224

    Hi , I just bought a 2016 Sunesta 224 with 5.7 merc in it and I want to put in dual batteries, the marina wants almost 1300 bucks and I figure someone can help me would be greatly appreciated and a hek of a lot cheaper!!!
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