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  1. chap204

    Winter Storage Options

    Took your advice, got a cover from cover anything.com, it fits like a glove, thanks for the tip.
  2. chap204

    Winter Storage Options

    It never crossed my mind to cover the platform until I started looking for covers online, one of the options was *with or without swim platform*, I guess you're right, no need to cover it...
  3. chap204

    Winter Storage Options

    I need suggestions on finding a good boat cover, I have always stored my boat in a large building with controlled environment (no winterizing necessary), the building was sold recently so that's a no go now. I have considered shrink wrap and storing it under my carport, but now I am leaning towards purchasing a decently priced cover. I have a 2008 204 SSI with swim platform, that I'd like for it to cover as well. I do have the snap on covers, but I want more coverage... I've heard about Fisher, but I am open to other suggestions. Found one on Amazon for $229 made by SBU, not sure about the quality though. Oh, I live in middle Tennessee, if that matters. What say you?
  4. chap204

    Need a Prop for my 204 ssi

    I have a 204ssi, I tried several different prop pitches, settled with a Solas 4 blade aluminum 19p, it's perfect, great holeshot and it tops out at around 50mph. The prop is only $130
  5. chap204

    Is an Optima battery worth it?

    I've always had good luck with Walmart batteries, you can get a starting & deep cycle for around $200, my current set has lasted 5 years with zero issues
  6. chap204

    Boat and Dog

    My ex gf always wanted to bring her dogs, problem was that they were 2 full grown Great Danes, not ideal for a 20' bow rider. So imagine 2 horses all up in your face for hours, and they couldn't swim worth a flip. I did say something about it one time, small complaint if you will, well, one of several reasons she's referred to as an ex now lol.
  7. chap204

    Newbie needs help

    2002 Ford Windstar 3.8L has the same IAC, got mine at Napa, only difference is it will be missing a coat of black paint.
  8. chap204

    5.0 MPI misfire

    I've had several conversations with the previous owner, he always said the boat ran flawless with no issues, Mmm hmm. Lol. The boat currently has 163 hours on it. I don't recall seeing any hoses in or around the IAC, I have taken it off and cleaned the mesh screen, which was filthy I might add.
  9. chap204

    5.0 MPI misfire

    It has done all 3 of the above, most noticeably from forward to neutral. It's an Alpha one drive
  10. chap204

    5.0 MPI misfire

    Yes, forward into neutral, it stalls, dies, but cranks right back up, and idles. It idles around 750-850 rpms Maybe the shift interruptor switch needs adjusting?
  11. chap204

    5.0 MPI misfire

    Ran the boat all day yesterday, with a *muffler*, it did seem to idle much better, although I know it probably has nothing to do with it. It goes dead coming out of gear, other than that, idling is normal. And it seems like it's worse with a warm engine.
  12. chap204

    5.0 MPI misfire

    Will do, thanks. Just noticed the marine shop took my *new* IAC muffler/filter out, it's gone, I guess that's why it was hissing so loudly. A missing filter wouldn't cause an idling issue would it?
  13. chap204

    5.0 MPI misfire

    Update, the problem was either the crankshaft sensor or the camshaft sensor, I went and got the boat, stopped by Napa, put the parts on and bam, problem solved. Only issue now is that the boat struggles to idle, and it goes dead putting it in gear. I have already replaced the IAC, any ideas?
  14. chap204

    5.0 MPI misfire

    Another update, mechanic was stumped, contacted Mercury support, they said to replace the camshaft position sensor, and the crankshaft sensor, he said they felt confident that this would fix the problem. Not sure why he didn't do this sooner, was very rude when I asked if I would have it back by July 4th....geez. I need a 2nd (backup) boat :-/
  15. chap204

    5.0 MPI misfire

    Talked to the mechanic, no codes, no faults, the alarm is going off because of a short. And it does it more frequently while turning the boat to the left, very odd. He said it runs way too good for it to be anything fuel/ignition related, other than the hiccup, as you can see in the video I posted above....sigh