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  1. Update 2: Took the boat back from the dealer, tried it on the lake and found it still leaks. I noticed that it doesn't leak when the engine is running, but after I stop the boat and shut off the engine, it starts to leak. I took the boat back to the dealer, they promised they will look deeper into it this time. I hope they will fix that.
  2. Update: The dealer just called me to pick up the boat, they said the brass fuel fittings going into the engine loosed and they took it off, cleaned it, put it back, ran the engine till it hot, and didn't see the leakage anymore. I will keep watching that area in the future. Thanks for all comments.
  3. Thanks. I left the boat to the dealer this morning.
  4. I suspect it's electricity issue since you just had transducer installed. Did you check your fuses or circuit breakers? They might disconnect your water pump cable or caused water pump doesn't have enough power to drive.
  5. I picked up my 2018 19 H2O a week ago, tried it at the lake three times. From the first time, I smelled gas whenever I stop the engine and thought the smell is just temporary. Till yesterday's trip, I opened the engine hood, found the fuel at the bottom the hull and found the hose connected to the engine leaks. Took the boat back to the dealer this morning, they checked and said it's not loosed. So it should the installation issue or defective part was installed. Does Chaparral do QC after the engine is installed?
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