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  1. Great! A referral is always best! Thanks a bunch!
  2. Well, sounds like the kill switch lives up to it's name. BWAHAHAHAA! But seriously, it may be that the switch has become corroded and the spring isn't in the proper place to let the engine run. Flipping the switch a few times may loosen it up. If not, then a new switch because that one may be.... (wait for it...) dead...! BAAAAHAHAHAAA!
  3. Oooh! I live on a river off the Patapsco! Who is your canvas guy?
  4. Um... I know I'm not an expert, and I pour over these forum threads to learn, but if your old thermostat was "holding steady at 155*", then what was the problem that the replacement one fixed? Asking for a friend, haha!
  5. Thank you for posting these pictures! I haven't been there in years. I was born in Rochester and lived in Alfred until I graduated from college. I spent more time in Stony Brook park, but this one was nice also. Thank you for the pictures. I miss the NY autumn.
  6. I know I could have googled it myself. I'd rather have experienced people point in the right direction than go to the wrong one, so thank you for the link. I appreciate it.
  7. They are both the same battery type (below is a pic of one of my batteries), so I don't believe one is cranking while the other is deep cycle. I like the idea of having a switch for House and Crank though. Maybe I'll look into that because as @Hatem and @cyclops2 have mentioned, having larger House will allow me to sit and drift with my fridge and stereo and water pump and fish finder and... because now, I can only last on one of the batteries about 2-3 hours. Maybe I'll look into adding a cranking battery and dedicate these two to the House?
  8. Where is Blackstone Labs located? I've had my boat for 2 seasons, so I should get a test for a baseline. Thanks!
  9. I appreciate all of the discussion. When I stop, I ALWAYS turn it to 1 and leave one of the ribbons out to remind me ;-). Then, to start up again, I turn it to 2 and then to ALL once I pull up the anchor and get ready to cruise. I'm hoping I'm not hurting anything while running on ALL when cruising. I can't tell you what those are. One is marked Windlass, which I don't have. And, not to start/contribute to an argument, but it is my understanding that both batteries get charged no matter what battery the switch is on (1/2 or ALL). I could be wrong, since I didn't wire the boat. Am I doing something wrong by running on ALL while cruising? Is that wearing down both batteries sooner?
  10. Thanks for reading my post! Well, I thought that is what you do when cruising. Is there a reason I shouldn't? I'm open to hearing other perspectives. It's my understanding that both batteries get recharged no matter where the switch is (except OFF, of course), so I'm guessing it doesn't matter where the switch is while cruising, or does it? Both of my batteries are the same (24s, I believe) so I don't see a need to use one vs another while underway, unless I should get in the habit of using just one at a time? What do you suggest?
  11. This is how I tell myself how my battery switch is set. I tied a ribbon around a cable and hang it out the battery door. When I start the boat, I pull out the 2 ribbons. If I drift for a while, I'll turn the switch to only one battery (with one ribbon out), then I'll set it to the OTHER battery when I'm ready to start up the motor again. Then I put the switch to ALL (and both ribbons out) after the motor starts. This way, I see the ribbon as the last thing when I get off my boat or when I am putting on the cover. It reminds me to turn off the batteries. Not that I've ever forgotten to do that...... Low-tech, I know, but it works for me. Maybe someone else will find this useful.
  12. Sorry. I thought I wrote the date in my earlier reply. They are 2016. I can post a pic if needed.
  13. Wow! I can't imagine 10 people on a boat that size. My 24 SAYS I can have 12, but I've never had more than 3 so far. I can't imagine having 6! Glad everyone is safe.
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