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  1. summerpenguin

    Amp connection with dual batteries.

    Sorry. I thought I wrote the date in my earlier reply. They are 2016. I can post a pic if needed.
  2. summerpenguin

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    Wow! I can't imagine 10 people on a boat that size. My 24 SAYS I can have 12, but I've never had more than 3 so far. I can't imagine having 6! Glad everyone is safe.
  3. summerpenguin

    Amp connection with dual batteries.

    Batteries were installed by PO and they are sealed (as far as I know), so I have not ever added any water to them.
  4. summerpenguin

    Amp connection with dual batteries.

    I *don't* want to hijack this thread, but I've been wondering about a similar problem. I have the 1/2/All switch and two batteries. When I stop to fish, I switch to Battery 1 and I have the fridge, stereo, GPS, and sometimes the water pump to wash off my hands and the boat as the fish just fly onboard! Anyway, after only 2-3 hours, the GPS starts to flicker, and I know I have to use the 2nd battery to start. My question is, is that normal for a battery to run down that much after only 2-3 hours of just fridge, stereo and GPS? There's no way I'd be able to anchor overnight using one battery as House.
  5. summerpenguin

    This is for Hatem

    Wow! I would NOT want to dehook that! It looks like a snakehead, which we are supposed to kill if we catch any in the bay. Yeah.... THAT is why I don't swim in the river any more....!
  6. summerpenguin

    First Boat, First Car

    My first car was a 72 Plymouth Fury. It was my parent's hand-me down, so I wasn't going to complain. It had a bench front seat where my girlfriend(s) could actually sit right next to me. Because it was a big bench, there was no need to get in the back seat ;-) I kept breaking the motor mounts on it. But it really handled the NY snow very well. The first boat I owned was a 22' Grady White cuddy walkaround that I bought off my then father-in-law around 2005 or so. That boat was like a pickup truck - fish, ski, anchor, and just hose it down at the end of the day. Had to sell it because the 175 Yamaha OB blew a piston, so I had the top half rebuilt and 2 years later, it blew another one and I didn't have the money to fix it again. The mechanic thinks it was because I was using engine oil from the 55 gallon drum my father-in-law had for over 20 years. He thought the oil (or its additives) broke down over time and didn't work right in the motor. I thought oil lasted forever? I know #Wingnut would know the answer. Anyway, now I have the 240 Signature and love it.
  7. summerpenguin

    This is for Hatem

    I have some pics. I'll upload one or two when I can get them off my phone. Wingnut is on the Eastern Shore of the bay. Maybe an hour and a half, or just an hour on a calm day. Sorry to hear about the drone attack. Hope you are okay. No need to post pics of that! I've been thoroughly enjoying my "new" boat now that the steering is working the way it is supposed to work. Turning in both directions at any speed is a treat! And the micro-adjustments I have to make to keep it straight while going slow are night and day from the 2 1/2 revolutions I was doing before. What a difference! I took it out last night because during the week there is no speed limit, so running around in the river was just a great time! And why not use a boat if I have one, right? What good is it if it just sits on my lift. But I digress...
  8. summerpenguin

    reverse only (even with throttle in Forward)

    When I had an old Grady White with a Yamaha OB, I was trying to dock it one evening, and found all I had was Forward. Turned out to be a cable that had rusted through. I replaced both cables and the boat worked fine after that.
  9. summerpenguin

    This is for Hatem

    When I come out of Stoney Creek I hit the Patapsco river and if I go Left, I go into Baltimore. If I go Right, I go into the Chesapeake. The world is my oyster, haha. So, it looks like we survived Dorian. Such a shame about the Bahamas. The before and after satellite pictures are horrendous to see. Such destruction! I pray for everyone impacted by the storms.
  10. summerpenguin

    This is for Hatem

    Good luck up there! I'm leaving my boat on my lift for now. Hope Dorian goes east of all of us!
  11. summerpenguin

    ignition swtich gone bad-what to do next

    Wait... What about the brunette at the bar???
  12. summerpenguin

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    Honestly, it looks like it was tied to that tree. Maybe it wasn't tied there originally, I don't know.
  13. summerpenguin

    Something is wrong with my steering

    The marina is only a mile or two from my house, so it wasn't that bad of a trip. Besides, I could turn left with 3 rights, haha! But, I am amazed at the difference in how the boat handles now. It must have been very bad before. That may have been why the previous owner sold it. I'll never know. Anyway, it is my boat now and I have to use it more to get used to how it handles. A good problem to have! I plan to take it out tonight and do some fishing since I'm not sure the weather will allow me too many fishing trips this week. Everyone be safe!
  14. Yes, my transom assembly was replaced. I just posted pics and an update to the other thread. Now I can focus on other stuff like downloading the latest maps!
  15. summerpenguin

    Something is wrong with my steering

    Here is the update to my steering issue. After replacing the transom assembly, my boat can steer both left and right and it doesn't wander like before! It was utterly fascinating to watch my motor being hauled out and hang 6 feet in the air. I was able to ask questions and pointed out that one of the blue plastic valves was leaking and the mechanic found it didn't have an O ring, so that was a bonus. I never would have found that without hauling the engine. And, while the engine was out, I removed the rusted hot water heater and I had the mechanics replace the trim pump and my raw water pump and I kept the old as a spare. There is more to this story, (it was put back together, ran on hose and worked fine, splashed, and it leaked, so we hauled it out, took out the motor AGAIN to find a mercathode wire pinched in the Y pipe, moved that, put it all back together again, splashed and no leaks) and it works great now! It is such a pleasure to be able to steer! In both directions! At any speed! AND I am very happy with my decision to get the whole transom assembly replaced and not just attack the steering pin. It was completely rusted out. I could move the steering arm side to side. The mechanic also said I was maybe 1 year away from Bravotitis (see the pic). With a new assembly, I got new shift cables, new gimbal, new bell housing, new trim pump, (my rams were leaking into the old one), ALL new bellows, coupler and U joints looked fine and greased, I got to look at my motor while it was out, and the transom is solid as a rock, etc. All good things, and now a lot of my boat parts are baselined. I would highly recommend the mechanics. I'm not sure of the forum rules, if I can give them props (see what I did there?) or not. Also, since I now had a shiny new transom, it made my drive look bad, so I worked on that and repainted it. The mechanic said I did a good job and asked me if I wanted a part-time job! Thanks to everyone here who gave me their advice on what to look for and what to inspect. I really appreciate everyone's experience and wisdom!