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    Lake Marion

    I realize this is a few months old, but here is my $.02. I've never been on that lake personally, but I know people who have and I asked one about it this week. He says that the lake is generally very shallow, averaging 10-15' with a lot of submerged trees/stumps. He didn't particularly care for that, and he had an 18-24" draft. Personally, I'll stick to Lake Murray, the Intracoastal, and Cooper River instead if I want to be in that area. Else, I'm at Lake Hartwell or Lake Norman when I'm not near the coast. I would be at Lake Bowen normally, but they limit the HP to only 190.
  2. So, I had no power to the pump at all and I tested it with every switch in the ON position, so I guess I'll be running new wire to it and testing it after that. :/
  3. Ahh, ok, now I understand. Now I know what to look at tomorrow. If there is power at the pump and there is no pressure, I'll need a new pump. If there is no power, it's either a connection problem or it goes through another switch. Thanks for the help!
  4. Thanks, @Wingnut . I placed my mouth over the vent and blew until I saw it venting back up through the fuel inlet and out into the atmosphere. It's accepting gas with no problems now, and I added fuel on 2 separate occasions this past weekend. Also, I must not have pushed the "main" breaker hard enough to properly reset it the first time around because I punched it again and this time the accessory outlet does indeed work again. Now, if anyone has any information as to how the fresh water pump works I would be very appreciative.
  5. I've downloaded the owners manual, but it is severely lacking in information. I have a 1995 Chaparral 2330 Anniversary Edition, and I'm looking for some information on a couple of things that are not discussed in any detail in that manual. Is there a fuse box located somewhere? I have not been able to find one, and I accidentally shorted the 12v Accessory Outlet while removing that dash panel to work on the ignition switch. The hot wire connected to the circuit breaker came loose and grounded to the accessory outlet, causing an arc, and now it doesn't work. I've punched every circuit breaker I can find, so I assume there is an additional fuse block somewhere.(?) How is the fresh water pump activated? The holding tank is full, but I can't seem to find a switch anywhere to turn the pump on. Again, the manual simply says "some models have a fresh water pump. Use the switch to pump water." but there are no switches labeled for the pump on the dash, and I don't see any switches near the pump, unless I'm overlooking it somewhere. What's the correct way to release a fuel line "vapor lock"? I assume that's what I have because when I try to add fuel, it accepts all of about 1 gallon before it starts pouring out the air vent(?) Any help is greatly appreciated.