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    Can this vinyl be cleaned or not?

    Bleach does get rid of it. It also does kill the mold, but it won't restore the vinyl that the mold/mildew has already destroyed. I think that's what Wingnut meant. However, as others have said, any concentration of bleach will absolutely destroy the seam stitching (I can attest to this myself, unfortunately) so you have to be very careful with the application. DO NOT spray the entire seats down with it, be very careful to only hit the isolated spots. Yes, you need to let it sit for several minutes, maybe even until it dries and then add a little more before rinse and cleanup.
  2. JimSchuuz

    Dead speaker

    My experience with the wiring is that the wires are zip-tied to others inside the cable looms, so using the old wire as a pull string will not work. If you have a broken wire causing the drop in levels, most of the time you will hear the volume levels go in and out spontaneously. It's also usually at one end or the other instead of in the middle, so fixing it wouldn't require a new wire pulled. As someone else mentioned, I would guess the problem is with the amp - whether it's combined with the receiver together in a radio/amp, or if it's a separate device - and testing this should be simple: run a wire outside of the loom directly between the amp and speaker and see if the volume level is correct. If, in fact, it IS a bad wire, you should use a cable fish tape to either push or pull the new wiring inside the enclosed container. You don't need to go back inside the corrugated loom, just loosely tie the new wire back to the exterior of it.
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    Anyone have these?

    A "mussel" car is a boat. A "muscle" car would be a 'Stang, etc.
  4. JimSchuuz

    Anyone have these?

    When my wife and son were learning to dock, they could easily find a spot where there was no dock bumper and point the bow right at it. Therefore, I would want the entire dock lined with them. It's not much different than having several fenders up and down the side of the boat.
  5. JimSchuuz

    Here we go again! Boat off trailer!

    The impact knocked the Bimini top into its full-open position too! Check out the pictures before the tow truck got there.
  6. JimSchuuz


    I have to admit that I laughed at the last line. You have a legitimate complaint, but I don't think you have the proper forum in which you've aired your grievances. If you complain in an owner's forum but you didn't buy the boat, it's the wrong place to state your case. If you DID buy the boat, then expect people to criticize you for buying without knowing its features. It's just like Pelosi saying "you have to buy the boat before you can know what's in it." Yes, if I went boat shopping and saw some models that omitted some features that I thought were important, I would walk away shaking my head in disbelief. But, unless I was trying to "troll" other owners online, I wouldn't do it in their own forum. If I did, I would expect some backlash.
  7. JimSchuuz

    The Lighting Thread

    Up in Michigan, you can't go to bed at 8:00 unless you're wearing a blindfold because it's still too bright everywhere. Further south in SC and FL, the mosquitoes are too horrendous to try and hit the sack at that time on the water unless you have a blue bug light running, so I presume the lights wouldn't bother me too much. (Not that I have a cabin or berth anyway.) Music and partying, on the other hand, should follow the same restrictions as on land - to each his own if you aren't bothering anyone, but be respectful if you're in a neighborhood/dock setting.
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    Bravo 3, replace 26P with 28P prop?

    Boat was involved in an accident while being trailered. I currently have (2) 26P props on my Bravo 3 outboard (attached to a 5.7 L Mercruiser) and the rear 3-blade had 2 of the 3 blades virtually destroyed. A local seller has a 28P rear prop for a good price but I'm not sure about mixing a 28P rear with the 26P front prop. Will that even work, or will the 2 different pitches cause problems? If I replace both props (hard to do when the front is still good) is it too much pitch for the 5.7L?
  9. JimSchuuz

    Bravo 3, replace 26P with 28P prop?

    Thanks @Wingnut for the advice, I'd hate to burn out some bearings or cause even more damage because the shaft is also bent. Thanks to everyone else for their advice also, y'all are good people!
  10. JimSchuuz

    Bravo 3, replace 26P with 28P prop?

    It was the local prop shop who was trying to sell me a single 28 P in the first place, and they're the only one in my general area so I'm not going to use them for much of anything at this point. I mentioned this thread to my service shop this morning and they tried to distance themselves from the prop shop a bit, or at least from the one guy who tried to sell me the prop.
  11. JimSchuuz

    Bravo 3, replace 26P with 28P prop?

    Oh, and my WOT was ~5100 RPM previously on the 26 P's. I suspected that mixing pitches was likely a bad idea, but I just wanted to make sure. This is my first experience with a Bravo 3, or anything with counter-rotating props for that matter.
  12. JimSchuuz

    Bravo 3, replace 26P with 28P prop?

    I ordered a matched set from eBay because I can't really afford a new set after the repairs to the trailer, etc.* Someone rear-ended me while in transit, and he somehow managed to convince the cop that the distance between the trailer lights and the end of the props/outboard was too great, so I was deemed to be at fault. No difference between mine and @brick's in his photo above, but here in SC it's all up to whatever idiot responds first to write up the accident report. I did intend on sending it to the shop to have it checked out, but they already told me there was no way it would get looked at until late September at the earliest, so I plan on breaking it down and checking it myself first if I get some spare time. I already know I need the prop(s) anyway, so there was no reason to put off that purchase. etc.* - I just had an anniversary and spent over $2,000 for some diamond earrings for my wife before the accident, so that didn't help the financial situation.
  13. JimSchuuz

    Bravo 3, replace 26P with 28P prop?

    thanks, I appreciate it!
  14. JimSchuuz

    2017 H2O hunting while at low speed

    I noticed that too, today.
  15. JimSchuuz

    Bravo 3, replace 26P with 28P prop?

    Thanks, I appreciate the response. But, is it to changing the pitch on just one prop, or is it to changing out both props to 28P? Absent anyone else making a REALLY good case, I'll trust your judgment on this because you sound as if you have experience with it.
  16. JimSchuuz


    Please, tell me how exactly they're supposed to respond to the questions "why didn't you put in a glove box?" or "why didn't you make storage to fit MY fishing poles?" What answer would be acceptable to you? You can call us Chaparral employees all you like, but we aren't. However, it sounds more like you're a Bayliner employee... are you? Be honest.
  17. JimSchuuz

    CRAParral Never buy!

    I agree with the last paragraph, but you're wrong about Firestone. According to the final analysis from the NHTSA regarding the scandal 4 years later, Ford was ultimately responsible because Bridgestone furnished ample evidence that they TOLD FORD to stop putting the soft-compound tires on cars destined for warmer states, and to increase the tire pressure instead of lowering it. Ford was deliberately trying to soften the ride on the Explorer's chassis to compete better with Chrysler at the time, and that's why the decision was made in relation to the tires. Ultimately, Ford was found to be at fault, but not until after Bridgestone settled most of the claims. Since the entire tire debacle, most OEM tire manufacturers will no longer sell tires to individual automakers in bulk - they assemble the tires onto the rims and then the axles themselves, then ship them back to the assembly plants. No, I don't work for any tire company or auto company, I'm in IT at an independent company. However, both a (very) large European tire mfr. and a (very) large European automaker are clients of mine, so I'm privy to a little bit more of that information than the general public.
  18. JimSchuuz

    CRAParral Never buy!

    You came in with some legitimate complaints and then proceeded to discredit yourself by using the term "CRAParral" many times over. Initially, I was going to call your post out as just another drive-by hit piece, but after I continued reading and saw that your subsequent replies seemed more genuine I began feeling sympathetic to you and I wish you well. It isn't just Chaparral, every brand has its own loyal base, and I agree that throwing the hand grenade isn't a great way to get genuine help or advice. But I also understand your frustration, and I don't consider you as vile and vicious as you initially came off.
  19. JimSchuuz

    CRAParral Never buy!

    I'm on my 2nd Chap in 30 years and never experienced anything like you have, but I'm genuinely sorry for your experience. That said, if ANY dealer (car, boat, RV, etc.) EVER told me to contact the manufacturer for warranty problems instead of being the conduit to them for me, I wouldn't hesitate to call them out publicly. If I know what model and features I want, ANY dealer can sell it to me, so I expect the one I choose to act like they want my business. If they wouldn't take a boat back and eat $1,000-2,000 of their own (or split the loss with the factory) then they would end up regretting their mistake by losing A LOT more than that from the bad publicity they're about to get. To the ones who said they hold car manufacturers responsible for a car's tires - you aren't in the majority. I should only need to reference Firestone tires to make that point. They sucked up 75% of the costs involved in that huge scandal 20 years ago, even though Ford was the guilty party - not Bridgestone (Firestone). Ford basically came out unscathed, while Bridgestone saw the value of their Firestone brand drop to zero and almost bankrupted the company.
  20. JimSchuuz

    Lake Marion

    I realize this is a few months old, but here is my $.02. I've never been on that lake personally, but I know people who have and I asked one about it this week. He says that the lake is generally very shallow, averaging 10-15' with a lot of submerged trees/stumps. He didn't particularly care for that, and he had an 18-24" draft. Personally, I'll stick to Lake Murray, the Intracoastal, and Cooper River instead if I want to be in that area. Else, I'm at Lake Hartwell or Lake Norman when I'm not near the coast. I would be at Lake Bowen normally, but they limit the HP to only 190.
  21. I've downloaded the owners manual, but it is severely lacking in information. I have a 1995 Chaparral 2330 Anniversary Edition, and I'm looking for some information on a couple of things that are not discussed in any detail in that manual. Is there a fuse box located somewhere? I have not been able to find one, and I accidentally shorted the 12v Accessory Outlet while removing that dash panel to work on the ignition switch. The hot wire connected to the circuit breaker came loose and grounded to the accessory outlet, causing an arc, and now it doesn't work. I've punched every circuit breaker I can find, so I assume there is an additional fuse block somewhere.(?) How is the fresh water pump activated? The holding tank is full, but I can't seem to find a switch anywhere to turn the pump on. Again, the manual simply says "some models have a fresh water pump. Use the switch to pump water." but there are no switches labeled for the pump on the dash, and I don't see any switches near the pump, unless I'm overlooking it somewhere. What's the correct way to release a fuel line "vapor lock"? I assume that's what I have because when I try to add fuel, it accepts all of about 1 gallon before it starts pouring out the air vent(?) Any help is greatly appreciated.
  22. So, I had no power to the pump at all and I tested it with every switch in the ON position, so I guess I'll be running new wire to it and testing it after that. :/
  23. Ahh, ok, now I understand. Now I know what to look at tomorrow. If there is power at the pump and there is no pressure, I'll need a new pump. If there is no power, it's either a connection problem or it goes through another switch. Thanks for the help!
  24. Thanks, @Wingnut . I placed my mouth over the vent and blew until I saw it venting back up through the fuel inlet and out into the atmosphere. It's accepting gas with no problems now, and I added fuel on 2 separate occasions this past weekend. Also, I must not have pushed the "main" breaker hard enough to properly reset it the first time around because I punched it again and this time the accessory outlet does indeed work again. Now, if anyone has any information as to how the fresh water pump works I would be very appreciative.