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  1. Nokomis

    Fresh water pump

    Thanks to all. It was the hose connection in the transom. I plugged the connection and all was good.
  2. Nokomis

    Fresh water pump

    Thanks for the reply. I've tried leaving with a faucet open and let the pump run for about a minute. I didn't want to let it run longer for fear of damaging the pump. Where should the pump be located? The parts guide seems to show it under the V berth but the sound seems to come from the starboard side cabinetry below th TV. I would like to have a look at the pump.
  3. Nokomis

    Fresh water pump

    I've just had my 2012 330 Signature delivered to my dock. I filled the fresh water reservoir and turned flipped the breaker. The pump is coming on but I can't seem to get any water other than spots and spurts. I'm not sure if I need to prime the pump anad am trying to locate it. I've looked at the pictures in the parts guide but can't seem to find any access to the pump.