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  1. skim

    Garmin 541s -- Don't install 2017 maps

    thanks for this info. I spoke to two different customer service reps at Garmin, and I was directed to either buy a new unit (the echomap chirp was recommended) or find a pre-2016 map from a retailer that kept a stock somewhere. I guess they must have changed their tone about reconfiguring their downloads to let people get the 2016 maps from them directly.
  2. skim

    Old versions of Garmin LakeVu HD

    Hey, thanks for the pointers. I did update all the software, but the maps are unavailable for download from Garmin. The support group at Garmin told me directly that I would need to find an old version (pre-2016) map.
  3. Trying to locate a 2016 and earlier version of the Garmin LakeVu HD map software. These maps can be loaded on to the Garmin GPSMAP 541s that came on my Chaparral sig boat, but only 2016 and earlier versions are compatible. Since the GPSMAP 541s AND the earlier versions of the LakeVu HD maps are discontinued, Garmin support suggested I ask around forums and what not to try and locate a copy. Can anyone help?
  4. skim

    240 Sig Air Conditioner

    Thanks for your help guys. I got the system to work. The seacock to the pump inlet was inexplicably partially closed for whatever reason, so I opened that up. But that wasn't enough. I had to clean out the strainer that was gunked up. Again, not enough to get it going. Finally, I had to burp the system by unscrewing the strainer for a couple seconds while the water was flowing. This did the trick. Now the cabin feels like what an airconditioned car would feel like in the Texas heat. It's definitely going to make the summer out at the lake more bearable for the family. I'm actually quite surprised at how efficient at cooling the system is, given how small it is.
  5. skim

    240 Sig Air Conditioner

    Now that I think about it, I don't think I saw any water coming out of the side when I was running it for about 20 minutes yesterday. Cleaning the strainer should be straightforward, but is there a good way to test the cooling water pump?
  6. skim

    240 Sig Air Conditioner

    Wow, thanks for the guidance. I’ll check out the system myself, but it sounds like I’ll have to find a marine AC specialist for refills. Would a dirty/clogged strainer cause the system to blow not so cold air?
  7. skim

    240 Sig Air Conditioner

    I have a 2003 240 Signature with AC that I can’t get cold air from. How do I troubleshoot this system? If this was a car AC system, I would say the system just needed a recharge. Is that something I can do myself on the boat?