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  1. dhamlin

    SSi 246 Transom Shower

    Confirmed USB not in the glove box. I will check for water valve this weekend.
  2. dhamlin

    SSi 246 Transom Shower

    Thanks Ron R. I thought I checked glove box but will check again and report what I find.
  3. dhamlin

    SSi 246 Transom Shower

    I recently received my new 2018 SSi 246 and have a few questions after my first weekend with it. 1) It has the Head Upgrade including sink, Pressure water system and Transom Shower. The sink works fine, but when pushing/holding the button on the Transom Shower it seems to do a single spurt of water and then nothing. Pushing a second time doesn't even generate the single spurt as if there is no water pressure. Is there a trick to getting the transom shower to work or do I need to return to the dealer (already) for service? 2) i have the Clarion radio installed with Wetsounds upgrade. I'm looking for the USB pigtail referred to in the manual but cannot find it. I'm hoping its not in the mass of bundled wires in the Console storage behind the helm. Can anyone provide info on the location of the USB input? 3) Owner manuals -- I'm disappointed to discover that only online PDFs are provided by Chaparral and Garmin (for the 742XS GPS Map) for owners manuals. While I've printed them both out and have them on the boat, it sure would be nice to have a bound booklet printed on paper that would be more compact and resistant to wet conditions. Does anyone know if either of the manuals are available for purchase from Chaparral and/or Garmin? Thanks