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  1. I appreciate all well-intentioned thoughts and well-considered support. Many thanks for that! Please consider that there are places on the globe where even 25ft RIBs are equipped with at least 100ft anchor chain. Just my 2c on the subject of "Deter..."
  2. Thx to JPFunk and Iggy for their thoughts on my question! This will help on our consideration.
  3. a plasma cutter is well thought out, thx! I will put this - high priorized - on our list. But, to be honest, not earlier than I know whether there is room for the new chain or not.
  4. Machine polished stainless chains run and lie down way smoother and more compact compared to any galvanized steel chain. Let me repeat: Will there be enough room on a Sig290 for 175-200ft of stainless 5/16" chain at the anchor locker?
  5. It'll be 164 or 188 lb for the new stainless minus aprox 55 for the existing gear. 109 to 133lb extra weight on the bow.
  6. it's not just cubic feet... and yes, swivels have to be first grade quality. Any Sig290 owners out there experienced on the amount of chain fitting to the locker?
  7. I recently bought a Signature 290 of 2008. I will do some changes before starting the boating season. We decided to change the regular setting of 30ft anchor chain plus rope to 175-200ft of 5/16" polished stainless chain. Will there be enough room for the chain at the locker?