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  1. My Signature 290 has on the port side of the bow dinette a light switch below the port hole. It broke because of total corrosion (see pics). We solved the leakage butI I didn't find such a switch at West Marine. Any recommendations where to get a new switch?
  2. Thanks for the advise and giving the hint about the risers and gen! Joe
  3. How often do you flush the engines when having the boat moored in sea water? What is the best handling for this process using those blue hose connectors while in the sea?
  4. Approx 5hours = E at 3050-3200 RPM with the 4.3 Volvo's. That's quiet a short run ;-) Having 35 gallons in the tank after E is good to know. I definitely won't calculate the extra 2h on routing...
  5. I filled the gas tank of my Sig 290/2008 three times after the fuel gauge showed "E'" (like empty or like "E-ven less than before"). I was able to top up with max 78gls each time. It's a 115gls fuel tank or a 85? The specs show 115.
  6. Got it! Thx for helping. The breaker under the helm...
  7. Attached photo of my electrical box
  8. Sorry... it's a 2008. There is none at the battery switch box at the entrance of the cockpit. A detailed wiring layout would be helpful. I checked the owners manual. Nothing mentioned.
  9. The bilge pump of the sumpbox is dead. After removing the pump I realized that there is a power failure as well. The pump is dead and blocked. This may have burned a fuse. I don't find any. Any suggestions?
  10. Ist there a chance of getting photos how the sea water pump / the sea water filter are mounted and the a/c outlet in the aft cabin?
  11. Correct, that's my specific question for the Signature 290: Is there just one a/c-outlet next to the TV (above the a/c-unit) or one more up-front plus one at the aft cabin? = 3 outlets in total?
  12. Is there just one chilled air outlet at the 2008 Signature 290 with factory opted A/C? I can't find the air handling in any PDF... Where do the cold air hoses run to?
  13. I appreciate all well-intentioned thoughts and well-considered support. Many thanks for that! Please consider that there are places on the globe where even 25ft RIBs are equipped with at least 100ft anchor chain. Just my 2c on the subject of "Deter..."
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