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  1. Next step: my authorized Volvo Penta service guy guesses the bb throttle control lever needs to replacement (without seeing any damage on the outside). It blocks backward after moving the lever forwards or it blocks forward after moving the lever backward.
  2. The Chaparral dealer explained to me that there is no electronic "logic" for blocking the throttle control. This has to be a VolvoPenta issue.
  3. I was confused about the bb throttle control being blocked when going from idle gear into more power. My VolvoPenta dealer checked the control lever and found it blocking sometimes forward another time backwards. It can be surpassed by pushing the bb small mechanic lever after removing the throttle control casing. Everything normal on the stb side. I realized the blower switch is showing the stb red LED indication but no bb LED. Both blowers do run. The green fire surpression led on the bottle is lightening. Any idea? (2x 4.3 GXi-J with DPS-A / 2008)
  4. Two mechanics from a shipyard solved the challenge. When the cleat was removed, the second stud bolt was also torn off. Yesterday they reinstalled the cleat with new stud bolts. No cutting of the boat or the inner lining. Easy assembly in the engine compartment by an articulated specialist with the right tools.
  5. May be I have to remove nothing more than this cushion and that's it? How is the cushion in the corner fixed to the hull?
  6. The question is technical: How do I get to the inside fastening of the cleat?
  7. I don't agree plus it's OT. Having that kind of minor fault on a 12y old boat doesn't scare me at all. I definitely do not complain the overall quality of my '08 Signature 290.
  8. I found the rear stb cleat loose after a heavy weather. It wasn't sitting perfect before but I found no way to get to the inside fixing point. Now I have to! Any hints?
  9. My Signature 290 has on the port side of the bow dinette a light switch below the port hole. It broke because of total corrosion (see pics). We solved the leakage butI I didn't find such a switch at West Marine. Any recommendations where to get a new switch?
  10. Thanks for the advise and giving the hint about the risers and gen! Joe
  11. How often do you flush the engines when having the boat moored in sea water? What is the best handling for this process using those blue hose connectors while in the sea?
  12. Approx 5hours = E at 3050-3200 RPM with the 4.3 Volvo's. That's quiet a short run ;-) Having 35 gallons in the tank after E is good to know. I definitely won't calculate the extra 2h on routing...
  13. I filled the gas tank of my Sig 290/2008 three times after the fuel gauge showed "E'" (like empty or like "E-ven less than before"). I was able to top up with max 78gls each time. It's a 115gls fuel tank or a 85? The specs show 115.
  14. Got it! Thx for helping. The breaker under the helm...
  15. Attached photo of my electrical box
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