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  1. crc_3839

    Chaparral's quality going downhill

    It's a combination of poor quality control from the factory and poor handling on the dealer's part. I mean how does a boat leave the factory with the port and stbd start buttons reversed? How does it pass through the dealer to the consumer with the same issue? I can understand a few small issues that would only be noticed after being used but the issues we have with our Vortex are numerous and keep adding up. It takes on water from the hole underneath the now eye. I guess whoever installed it let their drill get away from them. Granted it's not a lot of water but how did it leave the factory that way? The dash/windshield on the starboard side is barely attached. The bimini is a terrible, terrible design. We will be working with a local canvas repair company to redesign it. Found out there is a breaker that pops four or five times a day that will leave you stranded unless you know it's there (found out about this the hard way). Talked to my dealer about this and all he said was popping breakers is more common than you think. Well 25 years of boating and I've found that a breaker pops for a reason and should be fixed. My dealer also informed me that gauges just don't work so the fact that my full gauge only reads 3/4 full is just to the way it is. Yes, my dealer sucks but it's 4 1/2 hours away and the closest one. Needless to say I won't be buying another boat through them and after the bad quality of this boat I may not be purchasing another Chaparral. Same on Chaparral for producing such crap.
  2. Just purchased a 2018 vortex. Waited 16 weeks to receive a product I would be ashamed to have put my brand name on. The start buttons were hooked up incorrectly, the stereo control on the swimplatform wasn't hooked up at all, the fuel gauge doesn't work, there are missing seat cushions, and a visible hole under the bow eye. Decals are already peeling off. Bolts were missing in the grates. How this boat passed quality control is beyond me. There are numerous other problems. I am embarrassed to show off the new boat. Now my 2006 220 SSI, that boat is in better shape. Come on Chaparral's what happened to your standards?